Enneagram Type 2w3: The Host (A Complete Introduction)

This article will investigate the personality of the enneagram type 2w3 which is also called the ‘Host’ due to their caring and people pleasing nature. The article will look at what traits, strengths and weaknesses these enneagrams have.

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Who Is An Enneagram Type 2w3?

An enneagram type 2w3 is a person who can be described as caring, possessive and demonstrative. These individuals are approachable; they are warm, friendly and kind so that people can ask them for help. They want to be there for others and go to the extent that they sacrifice their own needs. 

However, people with this enneagram type are extremely flattering and may be labeled as ‘people pleasers’. They go the extra mile to assist others and sometimes this can irritate people because they become too nosy!

Being genuine helpers, people who have this enneagram type want to be involved in the life of others that too deeply; they want to know the details and what the other person is experiencing so that they can help them more properly. What is it that promotes such a behavior? What is it that creates this powerful drive in helpers to help others? Let us find out in the upcoming section in this article.

The Basic Fear Of Enneagram Type 2w3.

The basic fear of these enneagrams is to be left alone and unloved. They yearn to have someone by their side appreciating them for their efforts and loving them in return. The enneagram type 2w3 wants their behavior to be recognized and appreciated because this is what makes them feel worthwhile. This is the reason why they are so persistent in helping others. 

They think that their value rests on the fact that will they be useful or not to someone. How useful can they be and how much help can they offer? This is how they judge their worth. Furthermore, they strongly believe that if they can be of service to others they will be considered worthy of their love and recognition which is what they truly desire! They do not want to be left alone in this world without any love or company.

The Basic Desire Of Enneagram Type 2w3.

Yes the basic desire of these enneagram types is to be loved and cherished. They want to be worthy in the eyes of those they consider close so they will jump at the opportunity to help them. However, in the process they will sacrifice their own feelings to the extent that will get quite frustrated and eventually have an outburst of anger or nervous breakdown. Despite their needs not being fulfilled, they will bottle up whatever feelings they have and continue to be of help. Why? They have the long term goal of becoming lovable. They think if they try hard and long enough they will be able to secure a promising future where they wont be alone.

What Is The Personality Of Enneagram Type 2w3?

Let’s look at common traits this enneagram type exhibits:

  • Observant
  • Crave Appreciation
  • Sociable
  • Repress emotions
  • The pleaser
  • Emotionally Intelligent


These people have excellent observational skills; not only do they actually see what is going but they understand it’s significance. Because they have the habit of watching people and trying to see how they can get closer to them to either learn how to be in their good books or figure out what is going on in their life, enneagrams of this type are able to pay attention to detail and pick up on the small things.

You may not notice but they see the small things in a picture or any element they observe. They are good at catching small glitches or identifying what could possibly be wrong. They like to focus on the details and believe in the ‘small makes up the big picture’ saying.

Crave Appreciation.

Yes they want to be seen and known for what they do because no one knows how much effort they actually put into helping others. From observing people and spending time on how to get close to them to sacrificing their own feelings, needs and work in order to get their work done or attend to their needs. They simply put in too much effort! Hence they feel they should be rewarded.

What makes their day is if you actually look them in the eyes and say a genuine thank you! They will be extremely happy that they have been recognized and any negative feelings they have from the awful amount of work they put in will go away. However, sometimes their behavior backfires because people don’t like others who are too nosy or observant of their affairs. They need personal space!


Type 2w3 enneagrams are sociable. This means they like to be around people, be part of the party and meet others and engage in conversation. By attending such gatherings they feel refreshed and energetic and at place. You will see that they like to be at the center of the ongoing gathering and do not want to miss out on any of the fun!

Repress Emotions.

Not only are they scared that their own feelings might come in the way of others but these types have the habit of ignoring their own needs and emotions to the extent that they cause the individual to become moody, frustrated and even violent. It seems as if they consider their own emotions as hurdles in helping the other person.

The Pleaser.

Have you ever noticed that one guy who is too good to be true but in an irritating sense? Yes these people are usually type 2w3 enneagrams who just always have it figured out on how they can help someone. It will seem like they have nothing better to do than help others. They will try to be on their best behavior because they don’t want to be the person others dislike. Hence they will try their best to stay relevant, fit into the picture always and be part of the conversation.

Emotionally Intelligent.

As a result of their behaviour, these enneagrams have high emotional intelligence. They are good at reading people’s body language and facial expressions and can easily determine how someone is feeling. Call it evolution but this really serves their purpose! They use this skill to find opportunities when they can approach someone and get into their good books. Nonetheless, type 2w3 enneagrams are the ones who know you feel down and they will happily lend you a shoulder to cry on!



After dealing with so many people who need help, these individuals preach optimism because that is how they get others back onto their feet. They believe in positive thinking or atleast preach that, help others see the good in life and tell people around them to not focus on the negative side of life. They will encourage you to think more positively and will discourage you from negative thinking!

Communicate Effectively.

They have good interpersonal skills that allows them to reach out to those who are in need. They are confident and communicate clearly and understand what the other person is saying before actually chipping in!

Managing Relations.

Enneagrams with this type are very good at building deep and well connected relations because they are good at managing them! They realize the needs of others and ensure they are fulfilled. They won’t let the other person down and keep them satisfied! How they manage their relations with others elicits positive feelings that go a long way especially when they are there in hard times.


Take Criticism Personally.

As much as they want appreciation they hate criticism and maybe it’s because they are angry that people do not realize the hard work they put in to be there for others. After all that work if they are only going to listen to criticism they will surely get annoyed and may become distant or aloof!

Obsessive Tendencies.

These individuals have the tendency to become obsessive in that they will be looking forward to seeking appreciation and may keep checking their emails or phone for someone’s message. The enthusiasm in how they wait for the right moment to talk to someone or how they yearn for recognition and think it will happen any moment is dangerous because it will stick on their mind for the whole day. Such behavior can become obsessive which is dangerous.


The article took a look at the major traits of the type 2w3 enneagram and also highlighted their strengths and weaknesses. The article provided explanations behind the behaviors of these enneagrams and linked it to their basic fear and desire.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 2w3: The Host

What makes an enneagram type 2w3 go into stress?

The type 2w3 enneagram goes into stress when they feel people are criticizing them instead of appreciating their efforts.

What is a type 2 wing 3?

A type 2w3 is a hybrid or combination of two enneagrams that possesses major traits of type 2 but some traits of type 3 enneagrams as well.

Which enneagram is the smartest?

Enneagram type 9 is the smartest.




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