Enneagram Type 3w2: The Enchanter (An Introduction)

The following article will discuss the type 2w3 enneagram which is also known as the ‘Enchanter’ by highlighting what personality traits, strengths and weaknesses these individuals have!

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What Is The Enneagram Type 2w3?

The enneagram type 2w3 is one of the types of the enneagram system which represents the human psyche. It is also known as the ‘Charmer’ and possesses traits mostly belonging to type 3 but some from type 2 enneagram as well! 

These individuals are very flexible in that they easily adapt to their environment. They are very energetic and ambitious and driven; they like to put a lot of effort in their work and often fall into the trap of workaholism! 

Furthermore, these individuals are extremely careful in what they say and think and are hence described as diplomatic and quite poised but at the same time they are very concerned about how others think about them so they are self conscious.

Now that we have a basic idea of what an enneagram type 3w2 is we will look at their basic fears and desires. 

The Basic Fear Of Enneagram Type 2w3.

The basic fear of this enneagram type is to be worthless. They do not want to be one that has no purpose in life and is not worth anything at all. This is what really scares them and can cause them to go into much stress or anxiety. Being one who is left behind and unable to catch up with others can become a nightmare for them. 

Type 3w2 enneagrams fear that they might turn out to be unsuccessful in life because they have not proven their worth either by starting a business, securing a great job, getting the perfect house or education. They want to be worth something and usually this worth is determined by materialistic standards.

The Desire Of Enneagram Type 3w2.

Like other types, their desire also stems from their fear or overcoming it. This enneagram type wants to be worth something; they want to be admired by others, recognized and celebrated but how? They realize that the only way this can be done if they increase their worth in the eyes of others hence people with this type are often competitive and very hard working. They will work day and night to prove themselves and be considered worthy. They do not want to get left behind in life in any way and want to be able to compete with others/

The Personality Traits Of Type 3w2.

  • Goal Oriented.
  • Self Conscious
  • Encouraging
  • Success driven
  • Adaptable

Goal Oriented.

In order to achieve some worth in their lives, type 3w2 enneagrams set very ambitious goals because they want to out do the best. They believe in setting targets they can work hard towards in order to achieve the success that they want.

People with this enneagram type have the habit of motivating themselves to work by setting goals. They will hence have a sense of direction and something to measure their performance. This inculcates a sense of achievement in them when they move closer and closer to their objective.

Self Conscious.

These individuals are extremely self conscious. They will worry about their public image and how people think of them hence they will avoid behaviors that may bring too much attention, be disapproving or offensive. They don’t care if they are missing out on the fun or feel too uncomfortable; they will always try to behave in a civilized manner which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, they might put themselves at much discomfort.

They will follow cultural values and norms to ensure what they do, how they speak or express themselves and how they behave with others is in line with how people view acceptable behavior. The person with this enneagram type will strive to impress others so they can maintain a likeable image.


Type 3w2 enneagrams believe in achieving goals and this belief impacts how they view others, especially people who work hard. They have the habit of encouraging others to achieve what they want in life. They will push them towards success by talking to them in a motivational way, showing them future benefits and appreciating their efforts. They know how it feels to be working towards a goal and sometimes it can get tough. Hence they want to help others who are also working towards their own goals!

Success Driven.

What motivates these people is the success they will achieve once they perform their work and accomplish their goals. It is not the journey that they enjoy but the destination. They will put themselves through hardship and difficult experiences but they will not turn back from their end goal because that is where their success lies. What is unfortunate is that their ‘success’ is not actually theirs! They consider success whatever people around them consider it to be because their end goal is to be accepted and recognized and the only way they can do that is be successful in the eyes of people.


Type 3w2 enneagrams are very adaptable because they know one has to change themselves constantly to work in the right direction and achieve their goals. They are not stubborn nor are they reluctant to accept change. They know change is for the better and it brings many benefits with it hence they accept it with open arms! They will adapt to new situations in an easy manner and also help others to do the same.



Whatever these personality types do they do it with dedication especially if it is a goal they want to achieve. They will not turn back even if times get tough and they will ensure they complete what they started.

Self Confident & Aware.

They need to impress others with their outlook and they do believe they have the ability to pursue tough dreams or ambitions hence they are naturally self confident and also aware of how they appear to others. If they are not satisfied they will quickly adapt themselves to take on a more appropriate image that is suitable to the situation.

Connect Well.

These individuals are able to connect easily and well with others. They are usually extroverts who like being around people and interacting with them. This allows them to learn more about the people around them and what they value. They also take this interaction as an opportunity to learn more from people so they can improve themselves.

Care Deeply For Community.

While in the pursuit of success, these people do not forget about the people around them! They are deeply concerned about the well being of others and will inquire about them as well as help them whenever they can. They will even expend some of their efforts towards the greater good of society!


People with this personality type are very efficient and make good workers. They will set appreciable goals and achieve them in the best manner not only bringing results to the table but setting an example for others. They will strive to do work in the best and most efficient way possible using minimum resources to get maximum output.


Too Competitive.

Sometimes type 3w2 enneagrams get lost in the game and will focus too much on winning rather than learning. They have a streak of competition in them that will drive them to put in their all to not only win but impress others and prove their worth.

Unintentionally Manipulative.

Sometimes these individuals can become manipulative and try to use people to get what they need done! So be careful and watch out for these enneagram types.

Heavily Focused On Social Image.

These types are very worried about what people will think! They will invest a lot on how they appear to others regardless of how they actually are! They may be suffering badly but in the eyes of others they are doing great. It’s okay to let your walls down sometimes and be vulnerable.


This article studied the enneagram type 3w2 by highlighting and discussing its personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. The article also attempted to create a deeper understanding of this type by discussing its basic fear and desire.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 3w2: The Enchanter.

What is the enneagram type 3w2?

The enneagram type 3w2 is a combination of mostly traits from type 3 enneagram and some traits from type 2 enneagram.

What causes enneagram type 3w2 to go into depression?

The enneagram type 3w2 can go into depression as a result of failure in their educational degrees or career. They have an innate desire to impress others.

Is enneagram type 3w2 manipulative?

The enneagram type 3w2 can be manipulative if they need someone to get them something so they can be successful.




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