Enneagram Type 4w3 Careers: (+7 best Fields)

This article will look at what careers suit the type 4w3 enneagram! Furthermore, this article will also introduce the enneagram under discussion and outline its strengths, weaknesses, fear and desire.

Enneagram Type 4w3 Careers: Best Jobs 

Here is a list of the careers that suit the enneagram type 4w3:

  • Performer
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Personal Trainer
  • Photographer
  • Journalist
  • Music Teacher
  • Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Dance Instructor

Before we look at the reasons as to why some of these jobs suit a type 4w3 enneagram, let us introduce you to this interesting personality type!

What Is The Enneagram Type 4w3?

The enneagram type 4w3 is known as the ‘Aristocrat’ and even sometimes as the ‘Enthusiast’. They are one of the enneagram types that are known for their sensitivity and introspection. 

These individuals like to keep some distance between themselves and others not because of the reason that they dislike people but because they realize they are sensitive and vulnerable. As a result they may seem aloof or self centered but can be very expressive at times. Sometimes they may even seem dramatic or moody! However, they are usually very careful in their dealings with others and prefer to maintain a safe distance.

These enneagram types like to spend time in their head; they are pretty creative and come up with many unique and interesting ideas that can encourage new things or help solve problems. The aristocrat is also emotionally honest and realizes what they feel; they will be expressive but can sometimes be considered moody. However, the same enneagram type can engage in self pity and persistent feelings of sadness. They are also too indulged in their own selves and may not notice what is going on around them.

The Personality Of The Aristocrat!

In this section we will look at the basic fear and desire of the enneagram type 4w3 after which we will shine light on their major personality traits.

Basic Fear.

The basic fear of this enneagram is that they will have no identity and hence not be known by others, instead they will remain in the shadows where they are a ‘nobody’. They want to be somebody hence they perceive themselves as someone who is special or different from others and this compensates for their fear of being without an identity.

The aristocrat personality is scared they will be meaningless; this means they won’t have any purpose or identity with which they can define themselves. Their thoughts become so negative that they feel they will never live the life other people live because they have no importance in life; they look down upon themselves. Enneagrams of this type describe this feeling as if they are invisible and feel this feeling will always last.

Basic Desire.

It is now obvious what the desire is of the typical aristocrat personality; they want to possess an identity that they can be known or recognized by so that they hold some meaning in life. This will help them achieve what it is in life whether it is their dream job, the relationships they have always wanted or the lifestyle they wanted to adopt.

It is important to note that this enneagram type also wants to be unique and not just like everybody else. This is somewhat contradictory to the entire issue they face; they want to be like others to enjoy what they have but at the same time be different enough to be known individually. They will try to change their own selves or point out others for their mistakes. The aristocrat may also incorporate changes in their appearance to stand out.

What Are The Traits Of An Enthusiast?

  • Paradoxical Nature
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Self aware
  • Emotional

The Best Careers: Type 4w3 Enneagram

In this section, we will look at all the jobs that are a best fit for the type 4w3 enneagram and why!


As we mentioned before, this enneagram type is very creative and can have a lot of energy and hence appear to be very enthusiastic and merry! They will then of course love to be around others and share the happiness or joy they experience!

A performer is someone who likes to entertain people. They can do this by engaging in comedy discussions, showing off a certain talent they have or arranging a show that captures the interest of an audience. Nonetheless, their main motivation is to entertain others and make them laugh or feel happy! It is a job that is only possible for those who have the energy to entertain others. Furthermore, such a person needs to have a creative mind so they can come up with unique and interesting ideas! Lastly, the person who has such an occupation needs to be energetic! The enneagram type 4w3 has all these traits!

Motivational Speaker

One of the reasons why an ‘Aristocrat’ should become a motivational speaker is because this occupation will allow them to develop a certain identity that makes them stand out. Furthermore, this is a field that requires someone to be very energetic and creative as well because they need to capture a large audience who may be going through various types of experiences.

A motivational speaker is someone who captivates their audience with their words. The main purpose they want to achieve is to inspire the people who listen to them with their words. They want to motivate the audience to do something. That something could be a goal identified by the speaker himself, a dream the audience wants to achieve or a general behaviour or task. 

Personal Trainer

You need to be very energetic in order to be a personal trainer! Why? Well not only do you need the energy yourself but you need to have that energy to motivate the person you are training! Of course the type 4w3 possesses this energy and hence we recommend this occupation for them!

A personal trainer is someone who provides one to one classes or coaching to a certain individual usually in the field or personal fitness and health. It requires not only understanding the individuals physical health but their diet and daily routine too!


This enneagram type is a creative one! This is why they can be very good photographers because not only do they possess the creativity to take that award winning picture in the best manner possible but they have the energy to actually make an effort to get the best shot possible.


This is another great occupation for enneagram types 4w3! The journalist is someone who takes the story seriously! They want to communicate the facts to the masses and hence put in the effort and energy required to get the right one – the true one of course! It is a risky job but it allows one to develop a greater sense of self and they may actually embark on a greater purpose.

Music Teacher

Music is one way the type 4w3 enneagram can be creative! They have the ability to express themselves through this medium and this can actually be a healthy activity for them considering they sometimes become moody and need to express themselves in order to feel better!


Becoming an artist is of course a great way to express the creativity present inside the type 4w3 enneagram! The artist finds a way to communicate their inner self to the world and they also capture the world’s beauty in what they create!

Hair Stylist

Styling people’s hair is not only an art but a fun activity that requires a lot of creativity and of course caution! This is one occupation that suits the enneagram type under discussion! Hair stylists are able to develop their own identity in that they become known for their skill of being able to determine if a certain style will suit someone or not. They are also tested on the basis of whether they can give a client what they desire to see on themselves!


The article introduced the type 4w3 enneagram to the audience by outlining its personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, fear and desire! The article then focused on the jobs that are suitable for the enneagram type and why.




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