Enneagram Type 4w3: The Aristocrat (A Complete Guide)

This article will look at the personality type of the enneagram type 4w3 by studying its basic fears, desires, personality traits as well as its strengths and weaknesses in order to help the audience develop a deeper understanding of this enneagram!

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What Is The Enneagram Type 4w3?

The enneagram type 4w3 is known as the ‘Aristocrat’ and even sometimes as the ‘Enthusiast’. They are one of the enneagram types that are known for their sensitivity and introspection. 

These individuals may seem self absorbed but they are also expressive, dramatic and temperamental. They often keep a distance from others not because they don’t like them but because they do not want to be vulnerable; they are further drawn away from people because they feel as if there is some fault with them. 

Type 4w3 enneagrams are emotionally honest and personal as well as quite creative and can come up with pretty neat ideas however they can be moody. Also they have problems with self pity, self indulgence and persistent feelings of sadness when they are at their low.

The Personality Of The Aristocrat!

In this section we will look at the basic fear and desire of the enneagram type 4w3 after which we will shine light on their major personality traits.

Basic Fear.

The enneagram type under discussion has the fear of having no identity. They are scared they hold no significance to this world and compensate for this fear by perceiving themselves as quite different from others. 

Aristocrats are scared they will not be known as someone meaningful by others and they will always be in the shadows while other people enjoy their lives. They fear they will not be able to live an ordinary life because they don’t deserve to as they hold no importance and are a nobody. They feel as if they are invisible and greatly fear that this feeling will last. 

Hence, to overcome this fear they imagine themselves as someone who is different and cannot be understood by others. They are to live alone and by their own rules and way of life although secretly they wish they can enjoy the elements of life others enjoy and someone comes and recognizes them for who they are.

Basic Desire.

Yes their desire is pretty obvious by now. The type 4w3 enneagram wants to be part of life; they want to be significant, hold an identity by which they are fully known and form the relationships they have always craved. 

Although it may take them quite some time to fulfill this desire of their own, they will fantasize about themselves in their imagination embodying the perfect self they want to become.

These enneagrams also desire to be unique from others hence they will sometimes try to justify this either by adjusting their own self or others. They may become very creative not just mentally but physically to show they are different or try to point out how ordinary others are.

What Are The Traits Of An Enthusiast?

  • Contradicting Natures
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Self aware
  • Emotional

Let us take a look at each trait in detail.

Contradicting Natures.

These enneagram types know what it means to have an ironic nature. They are able to be two opposite things at the same time like funny and serious. However, what is more concerning or of more importance is that they can be emotionally strong and vulnerable at the same time.

These individuals put up a good fight when it comes to the emotions they are feeling. They are not scared of looking deep inside themselves to see what is wrong nor are they scared of accepting how they feel or think.,They go through a lot of turmoil as they are persistently facing tough times but understand they need to remain strong.

Being in such a state can be quite tiring and this can exhaust an enneagram of this type. However, they are motivated by the thought that they are unique and must persevere through life and whatever it throws at them.


These individuals are gifted with being creative! They like to do things differently and can come up with a surprisingly interesting number of ideas that appeal to the human intellect! The main driver behind this is that they want to stand out and be unique or different when compared to others to reinforce their deeply held belief of being special or unique. 

People with this enneagram type can bring much color into the professions they work in due to their thinking skills. They can help bring better solutions to the table, differentiate the company they work for from other competitors and create an appeal in their products or services so don’t take them for granted!

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Yes these people know they won’t get far if they are lazy couch potatoes! They have a lot of energy inside of them that comes out when they are not moody or sad. They will use it to bring their creativity to life and work on the plans they have been thinking about since forever.

Self Aware.

Aristocrats possess excellent intrapersonal skills which basically means they understand very well what is going on inside of them and what is it that they need! These individuals are aware of their emotional state, what types of thoughts they are having and how their body feels currently. Why? Because they are self aware which means they can understand themselves better. Although this can be scary it is a huge tool that can be used to care for oneself.

If type 4w3 enneagrams can make use of their self awareness, they can empower themselves through their thoughts particularly and harness motivation within themselves to get more tasks done. Being self aware helps one help themself. They can fight off irrational thoughts and understand why they are feeling a certain way hence if they have the will they can fight off any mood swings they feel.


These individuals are quite emotional. They are in touch with their inner selves and let the emotions flow when they have to. They are not scared of what they feel; if they are sad they will feel it and if they are happy they will feel it and both of these states will be apparent.

People who fall under this category give much weightage to how they feel and this may interrupt how they think or prevent them from making rational decisions.


The Type 4w3 enneagram has the following strengths:

  • Authentic
  • High Emotional IQ
  • Inspiring


Because of their deep inner connection, these individuals have formed the habit of being honest and not only with themselves but with others too. They like to say what the truth is and do not want to lie. This is what they choose to do even with themself and it has a good effect on how they interact with others as well.

High Emotional IQ.

These individuals understand not only their own feelings but those of others too and hence they can deal with them in a better way. They are able to determine easily what drives a person and what it is that makes them sad when others don’t even notice.


People with the type of enneagram are inspiring in that they consider themselves unique and special. They want to form an identity they can appreciate and love.


  • Emotionally reactive
  • Self doubt
  • Seeking approval

Emotionally Reactive.

In times of hardship, type 4w3 enneagrams may react hershey due to their emotional instability and this may surprise others. They are not rude or mean but sometimes they can become overwhelmed.

Self Doubt.

They become victims of their thoughts and feelings and may doubt themselves. They may feel they have not completed a task properly or have not met standards; they may feel they are not working hard enough or have done something to hurt another person. 

Seeking Approval.

Yes people with this type of enneagram have the habit of seeking the approval of others to feel reassured and remove any self doubts they have!


This article took a look at the major personality traits of the enneagram type 4w3 and also highlighted their basic fear and desire. Furthermore, the article discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the enneagram to help the audience develop a more comprehensive understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 4w3: The Aristocrat.

What does type 4w3 mean?

It defines the combination of the enneagram type 4 and type 3.

Who is enneagram type 4?

Enneagram type 4 is someone who is self aware, introspective, emotionally honest and intimate in relations.

What type of person should enneagram type 4 marry?

The enneagram type 4 should marry someone who is honest and authentic.