Enneagram Type 4w5: The Bohemian (A Comprehensive Guide)

This article will help the audience develop an understanding of the enneagram type 4w5 which is also known as the ‘Bohemian’ by highlighting its fear, desire and major personality traits. It will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this enneagram type.

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What Is The Enneagram Type 4w5?

This enneagram is a combination of two other enneagram types; it predominantly has the traits of enneagram type 4 but also shares some traits of enneagram type 5. These individuals are emotionally in touch with themselves, sometimes moody and also sensitive.

This enneagram type is emotionally honest, creative and quite personal. They do not mind engaging with others and can easily pick up on what thoughts or feelings they have because they truly understand the world of emotions. 

People who fall under this category are driven by the need to develop a unique personality and understand themselves. Hence, they may seem distant at times and self absorbed but they are very much aware about themselves.

The Personality Of The Bohemian!

In this section we will look at the basic fear and desire of the enneagram type 4w5 after which we will shine light on their major personality traits. Compared to the enneagram type 4, these hybrids are less concerned with their public image and have more focus on understanding their place in the world.

Basic Fear.

The enneagram type under discussion has the fear of having no identity and being a nobody. They are afraid they will not understand their place in this world nor will they realize what significance they have. They are scared they hold no significance to this world and compensate for this fear by perceiving themselves as quite different from others. 

Bohemians fear they will always be in the shadows while other people enjoy their lives; they feel it is necessary to embark on a journey of self discovery and find their place before they can fully enjoy life. They fear they will not be able to live an ordinary life because they don’t deserve to as they hold no importance and are a nobody. They feel as if they are invisible and greatly fear that this feeling will last. 

This fear drives them to be more curious about themselves and find out who they truly are and what skills and capabilities they possess and where they can be used.

Basic Desire.

Yes their desire is pretty obvious by now. The type 4w5 enneagram wants to be part of life; they want to be significant, hold an identity by which they are fully known and form the relationships they have always craved. They focus on providing an answer to themself rather than others. This is what differentiates them from the typical enneagram, type 4.

Although it may take them quite some time to fulfill this desire of their own, they will fantasize about themselves in their imagination embodying the perfect self they want to become.

These enneagrams also desire to be unique from others hence they will sometimes try to justify this either by adjusting their own self or others. They may become very creative not just mentally but physically to show they are different or try to point out how ordinary others are.

The Major Personality Traits Of The Bohemian – Type 4w5

The major personality traits these types exhibit include the following:

  • Intellectual
  • Reserved
  • Self Focused
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Creative


Compared to type 4 enneagrams, this type is more intellectual and will try to understand the world without their feelings blurring their view or understanding of it. They like to think over things and ponder to develop a deeper understanding; they may use this knowledge to help themselves become more creative. 

They do not just rely on what others tell them or how they feel but they prefer to accept things if they are backed up by facts because that is what their intellect demands. They will enjoy reading through fact based readings rather than empty theories that have not been tested or tried. They are the thinkers who actually see if something makes sense rather than just getting excited and accepting it as it is and not asking questions.


People who have this enneagram are reserved. They do not mingle so openly with others nor do they tend to initiate talks too often. They like to spend time alone to think over things they have seen or learnt and lean towards introversion because of their behaviors.

It is possible they retreat into themselves in order to assess their internal state and understand what is going on. Also, they may need some alone time to determine how they must improve themself so that they can attain that ideal self. After all, they want to create an identity they can be proud of and discover who they truly are!

Self Focused.

Type 4w5 enneagrams are focused on their own selves. Unlike other types who may be observant of how other people behave, they like to reflect on their own internal and external state probably because they are so adamant on determining their true personal identity.

They want to determine how they can use their own self to create an impact in the world so they can have a sense of meaning in their lives. This will help them feel significant and as if they actually have a purpose.

Thirst For Knowledge.

People with this enneagram are very thirsty for knowledge. They never seem to have enough and want to learn more and more about their surroundings and the world because it will allow them opportunities to discover themself in the process.

They like to take any opportunity where they can learn about a concept, skill or tool or even a certain phenomena that occurs in the world. Bohemians will be the type of people who will keep on asking questions if the topic under discussion means anything to them!

Next time when you are with a type 4w5 don’t get irritated with how many questions they ask. Be thankful they are taking an interest in something and actually interacting with you!


These individuals are gifted with being creative! They like to do things differently and can come up with a surprisingly interesting number of ideas that appeal to the human intellect! The main driver behind this is that they want to stand out and be unique or different when compared to others to reinforce their deeply held belief of being special or unique. 

People with this enneagram type can bring much color into the professions they work in due to their thinking skills. They can help bring better solutions to the table, differentiate the company they work for from other competitors and create an appeal in their products or services so don’t take them for granted!

Strengths & Weaknesses Of The Bohemian.

Problem Solving Skills.

These individuals are able to use their intellect and focus to understand problems and provide solutions to them. Also, their creative thinking skills allows them to pose unique answers to problems that are way better than typical answers someone would have; they like to add creativity into how they look at things.


They are honest to themselves and others. They have embarked on a journey to discover themselves and lying at this point makes no sense at all. In fact it harms the purpose! So don’t be afraid to trust a bohemian because they are honest creatures.

Self Absorbed.

Yes, sometimes the type 4w5 enneagram can get carried away in their thinking because they have a habit of thinking about themself too much and this can distract them from their external environment!

Dislike Boundaries.

How can you expect someone to discover anything with all the rules they have in place nowadays! It is like they are actually hiding something! Bohemians do not like going by the rules because it restricts their exploring habits.


This article took a look at the major personality traits of the enneagram type 4w5 and also highlighted their basic fear and desire. Furthermore, the article discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the enneagram to help the audience develop a more comprehensive understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 4w5: The Aristocrat.

What does type 4w5 mean?

It defines the combination of the enneagram type 4 and type 5.

Who is enneagram type 4?

Enneagram type 4 is someone who is self aware, introspective, emotionally honest but sometimes withdrawn from others.

What type of person should enneagram type 4 marry?

The enneagram type 4 should marry someone who is honest and authentic.




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