Enneagram Type 5w6: The Problem Solver (A guide)

This article will help the audience to understand what an enneagram type 5w6 is by commenting on it’s basic fear and desire, major personality traits and finally its strengths and weaknesses.

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What is the Type 5w6 Enneagram?

The type 5w6 enneagram is a combination of traits predominantly from type 5 enneagram and some from the type 6 enneagram; they come together to make up this unique enneagram type which is also known as the ‘Problem Solver’ and can be defined as someone who is good when it comes to solving problems because of their ability to understand complex situations or issues and solve them using creative and analytical skills.

These individuals seem distant at times partly because they get stuck up in their mind; they have a lot going up there and like to think through matters and analyze them there rather than discuss them with people around them! They will reflect a lot on things and try to get to productive solutions that actually work.

Sometimes type 5w6 can become quite distant and stay that way. They may remain cut off from others and isolated. They may experience intense feelings or thoughts and in order to process these they need time alone.

Now that we have a general understanding of this type, let’s take a look at the type 5w6 basic fears and desires!

The Basic Fear Of Problem Solvers.

Yes if they can’t solve a simple problem it is likely to make a type 5w6 upset! The basic fear these individuals have is that they will feel useless for the rest of their lives. The fear that eats up these thinkers from the inside is that of being incompetent. They do not want to be useless to their own self or the world. They fear that they will not be able to gain enough knowledge or learn enough skills to be someone who is considered competent in their field.

Type 5w6 enneagrams are scared that they will get left behind and while others are working hard in their fields, contributing to the world and to it’s progress, these individuals will not be able to achieve that level of success or provide that contribution. They will not be known for their specialized skill or area of expertise like others nor will they be appreciated for what knowledge they have created. They are fearful that they will not be able to make the world a better place.

This fear is also accompanied by the fear that if they are not competent, they may feel helpless at one stage in life where they cannot do anything for themself or other people. They want to feel empowered and useful and thus be in a position to help others. However, before that they must at least be able to help their own self!

The Basic Desire Of Problem Solvers – To Troubleshoot?

What is the basic desire of these troubleshooters? Is it more knowledge? Not really although that also comes in at some point. The basic desire of these problem solvers is to be competent and useful. They want to be able to prove themselves somewhere in life. Be named when a certain field is mentioned due to their research or work in it. They want to be useful so that they can actually be of use to the world they live in!

Their basic desire can be achieved through knowledge and that is how they compensate for their fears that we previously discussed. They want to be competent and they feel one of the ways they can achieve that is to overload themself with much knowledge. 

Also, they do not let the opportunity of learning new skills go! With the popularity of a certain field rising and their chance of being able to gain some place in it or be a source of knowledge or inspiration for others, they will definitely try to learn something related to it.

The Personality Traits Of Problem Solvers.

The type 5w6 enneagram has the following personality traits:

  • Hard Working
  • Practical & Logical Decision Makers
  • Introverts
  • Withdraw
  • Independent

Hard Working.

Yes this type can be defined by the term hard working. They are well aware of the fact that they need to work very hard in order to get themself somewhere; they can only become useful if they put in the effort. Sometimes that effort involves consistent small steps everyday or months long study on a certain topic or skill. Whatever the requirement is, they are willing to put it in.

These are the type of people who will stay back to study or miss an event just to make sure they can stay on schedule and study for that exam they have or a new skill they are learning. You will see them putting in the effort and yes you will see the results too.

Practical & Logical Decision Makers.

Sometimes a decision or idea may be extremely attractive and seems as though all the problems of the world will be solved – a bit exaggerated yes, anyhow – however, they idea will obviously not be practical at all.

Type 5w6 realize they need to think matters through – that too logically. They won’t just use their creative and analytical minds to come up with ideas that will amaze others but they have the desire to make those ideas actually useful! 

When looking into problems or trying to come up with a good solution, they will take into view the surroundings; they will look at the existing constraints, human factors and any other element in the ecosystem that can affect the idea in an adverse or even positive manner. Hence, the result is that they will provide interesting, creative ideas that are not only cool but possible. Their end goal is to be useful and not just look useful!


Most of these types are introverted because they prefer to go over things in their mind rather than discussing them with a group of people in a brainstorming session. This is probably because of their internal strengths; their minds have strong analytical capabilities that allow them to determine the best solution or identify problems others may not see. 

They are more productive when they are working alone and not distracted by others. They can come up with better ideas when they sit alone and reflect on their work or the problems they face. 

Introversion is a trait that enables people the time and focus they need to think deeply over things. The type 5w6 requires that because not only do they like to figure out the rationale in something or the logic behind a certain behavior but they want to twist and turn it over in their mind; they want to study it from every angle and see what creative insights they can get out of it. They do not just want to think in an ordinary way – after all they want to be uniquely useful!


When stressed out, type 5w6 enneagrams will withdraw; they will cut off from others and take the time to get through their problems one by one and clear their mind off things. Learn to give them time when they need it because it can get pretty stressful for them!


These avid problem solvers are pretty much A-okay when it comes to being alone. They don’t mind spending their time in isolation from others because they have a world to explore that is blooming in their minds.

They are, afterall, introverts who need their personal space. They are also independent in the sense that they do not rely much on others and will get through life on their own perfectly well.

What Are The Strengths & Weaknesses Of Problem Solvers?

Here is a list of the strengths and weaknesses these unique and interesting enneagram types have!


  • Good concentration
  • Organized
  • Innovative
  • Good crisis management
  • Passion to learn


  • Reserved
  • Defensive
  • Needs motivation to work
  • Can isolate


This article attempted to create a comprehensive understanding of the type 5w6 enneagram also known as the Problem Solver. It highlighted the fear and desire of this enneagram type and also commented on it’s personality traits while highlighting its strengths and weaknesses at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 5w6: The Problem Solver

What is an enneagram type 5w6?

An enneagram type 5w6 is a combination of traits from enneagrams type 5 and 6. It describes someone who is a good thinker, passionate learner and independent person.

Why does the enneagram type 5w6 go into stress?

The enneagram type 5w6 goes into stress because they might fear they are incompetent or are not able to figure out what they need to do to acquire a certain skill or knowledge.

Is the enneagram type 5w6 an introvert?

The enneagram type 5w6 is usually an introvert because of their habits of spending time alone, being productive in their thoughts and not engaging too much with others.




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