Enneagram 6w5: The Defender (A Complete Overview)

This article will study the personality of the enneagram type 6 with wing 5 which is also known as the ‘Defender’ because of their desire to protect their close ones. The article will highlight the enneagram’s major personality traits, strengths and weaknesses and any differences between their base enneagrams.

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Who Is An Enneagram Type 6 Wing 5?

An Enneagram Type 6 Wing 5 is one of the personality types in the model of the human psyche which is called the Defender because of their desire to protect their close loved ones who provide them with guidance and support.

The enneagram 6w5 shares most of their traits with the type 6 enneagram (The Loyalist)  but also has some traits of the type 5 enneagram (The Investigator). They are smart, work hard and are careful before they act; they like to think out plans or determine the consequences of any step they take well in advance. 

These individuals strongly believe in ties with friends, family and loved ones. They derive their support, love and security from these relations and will do anything to protect their pillars hence they can become very defensive when required. 

The Basic Fear Of Enneagrams 6w5.

Their basic fear of type 6w5 is to lose the support and stability they gain from their loved ones and family. They derive their strength from them and hold the people around them as rays of sunshine who guide these enneagrams through their dark times. Type 6w5 have this innate belief that they do not have the resources or skills to battle the hardships of this world alone so they seek support, security and guidance from those whom they love.

Their fear is hence related to losing these people who act as foundations in the life of 6w5 type enneagrams. Keeping in mind that this type shares traits from type 5 enneagram, it is possible this fear resides in the belief that if they lose their ‘strengths’, they will become incapable and useless.

The Basic Desire Of 6w5 Enneagrams.

Yes their basic desire is to overcome their fear which is losing loved ones that would result in their lack of security and strength. They desire to be secure themselves and also their loved ones hence they hold close and well kept relations with those whom they consider near. They have the habit of projecting their feelings on these significant others which further enhances their distrust of the world.

Overall, the type 6w5 wants to be assured that they will always have the love and support they require and will not be left alone, especially in the face of hardship and challenge.

The Major Personality Traits Of Enneagram 6w5 – The Defender

What are the traits that describe this enneagram type? We have listed a few down below:

  • Logical Thinkers
  • Suspicious
  • Insecure
  • Defensive – projecting fears
  • Protective
  • Loyal
  • Loving and Caring

Let’s look at each trait in more detail!

Logical Thinkers.

Keeping in mind type 6 enneagram’s habit of thinking carefully before doing something and type 5 enneagram’s ability to think deeply regarding different matters, the type 6w5 is considered to be a combination of both that results in a more logical and analytical thinker. They give much weightage to thinking and do not mind taking their time; in the process, they are able to spot many relationships, find solutions to complex problems and identify any consequences or benefits of a certain path.

These individuals are very good when it comes to understanding how things work in the world – they can easily break down things into their parts and study them deeply.


Sometimes this type can become suspicious because they result from a mixture of type 6 and type 5 enneagrams where one is always fearful of what could happen and the other likes to look into matters more deeply before accepting them as they are!

Type 6w5 enneagrams will not trust so easily and they like to trust who they are putting their trust on. However, once they build a relationship with someone, they will do everything to preserve it.


Yes these types are quite insecure and hence they look around for people who will stay by their side at all times. They do not have much confidence in their own abilities and they need someone who will check their steps, further plish their ideas and make sure they are doing the right thing. Not to mention help them get through the challenges of life. 

In most situations, you will see these personalities looking for assurance from others, questioning what they do and seeming unsatisfied until someone double checks what they have done and approves it!

Defensive – Be Careful.

Type 6w5 enneagram become defensive and project their thoughts and feelings onto others. They have many fears and you can easily determine what they are by observing how they judge people. They will often pass comments where they think someone will chicken out, leave their friend or betray them. These are simple examples of how they view other people because inside they are afraid they will be treated this way.

So next time you see this behaviour, try to help them see the positive side in things!


The type 6w5 enneagram is extremely protective. Once they know you are a keeper they will not let their eyes off you and will ensure that no type of hamr reaches you! Why? You are their strength and pillar and the barrier that keeps them protected. They have the confidence to take on things when you are at their side. So don’t take your relationship with them so lightly, they have invested a lot in you mentally even if they haven’t spent much time with you yet.


Individuals who are known as ‘defender’s are very loyal and will stick by their companion’s side; if they are a friend they will make sure to stick with you when others are against you. Similarly if you are their spouse or someone they fancy then they will not show their interest in anyone else because they value you deeply and do not want to lose you because of the strength you give them.

Loving & Caring.

Type 6w5 enneagrams are very loving and caring as they are aware of the support and stability they get from their loved ones which they greatly appreciate as it is affiliated with their basic desire and fear. So feel lucky! You mean a lot to these people and they will love you very much and make sure your needs are fulfilled!

The Strengths & Weaknesses.

Does someone like a Defender have weaknesses or do they just have strengths? We have a few listed below so check them out:

  • Great problem solvers
  • Attention to detail
  • Work well independently
  • Struggle with negative thoughts
  • Difficulty expressing emotions

Great Problem Solvers.

Yes because of their thinking skills and ability to focus their thoughts, the type 6w5 enneagram is great at solving problems! They will discover unique and creative solutions and will do so quickly. Their ideas are usually original and are the workings of their deep mind.

Attention To Detail.

These personality types have the ability to observe things closely and they can pick out the details in things you may not even notice. They notice not only the profound elements of something but the small details others will overlook. However, they are the ones who realize it’s the small things that come together to create the big picture!

Work Well Independently.

Compared to type 6 enneagrams, this hybrid is better off working alone because of the traits they gain from type 5 enneagrams. They are more confident in their abilities and are able to work on the support and energy they have already derived from others.

Struggle With Negative Thoughts.

Unfortunately these enneagrams have a hard time getting away from their fears in their thoughts. They will struggle with thinking patterns that make them feel unconfident and insecure. 

Difficulty Expressing Emotions.

One weakness these types have is that they sometimes find it hard to express themself emotionally and may bottle up whatever it is they feel or think!


The article took a look at the enneagram type 6w5 and highlighted their personality elements such as fears, desires and basic personality traits. The article also talked about this types strengths and weaknesses and pointed out any differences between the type 6 and type 5 enneagram where necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram 6w5: The Defender.

What does 6w5 mean?

6w5 is a term that represents an enneagram type 6 having some characteristics of a type 5 enneagram.

What traits does a type 6w5 have?

The traits a type 6w5 have include being cautious, focused and hard working.

Which enneagram has the most anxiety?

The enneagram that has the most anxiety is the enneagram type 6 known as the loyalist.




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