Enneagram Type 6w7: The Friend (A guide)

This article will explore the personality of the enneagram type 6w7 which is also known as the ‘Confident’, ‘Buddy’ or ‘Friend’ because of how they champion others and provide support to them. The article will talk about their fears, desires and major personality traits.

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What Is The Enneagram Type 6w7?

The enneagram type 6w7 is a combination of traits mostly from type 6 with some traits from type 7 enneagrams. This type of enneagram is thus more similar to the type 6 enneagram but also reflects some traits or behaviours of the other mentioned type. 

These individuals can be defined as engaging in that they believe in harboring good relations and supporting each other; also they can be defiant and rebellious. However, when faced with stress they may become evasive and defensive. 

Type 6w7 enneagrams are excellent when it comes to solving problems. They are able to bring together the necessary resources to solve these complex issues, motivate people to cooperate with each other in order to bring all the required skills to the table and work together in order to get to a good solution.

If it’s anyone then it’s the type 6w7 enneagram you can count on! They are pretty reliable and will not let you down. They are trustworthy and responsible and make sure they fulfill their commitments. Even if it means putting in the hard work they will definitely do that.

What Is A Friend Like?

No matter how your friend is, whether they are very strong or seem pretty unsure about life or even show that they have everything under control, they do have fears and desires. Let’s take a look at what it is that creates these emotions or motivations in type 6w7 enneagrams more commonly known as ‘The Friend’.

The Basic Fear Of Type 6w7 Enneagrams.

One the biggest fears this enneagram has is to lose the support system they have built for themself. It may be in the form of their family, friends or the social circle they rely on when they feel down. It can also refer to their career that gives them support financially, socially and even mentally. Also, it can mean their goals or dreams for which they embarked on a journey but somewhere along the way things began messing up.

They are fearful they will lose whatever guidance, care or love they have in life. They may express this by belittling their own selves in an attempt to get some assurity from those around them.

During this time, they may feel as though things are slipping out of their hands and they have no control over what is happening. This fear is what keeps them working hard so that they can retain what it is that gives them the support they need.

The Desire Of A Friend.

Other than to always remain your best buddy, what does this special friend desire? The type 6w7 enneagram wants to be surrounded by those who can give him or her the security and help they require. They want to feel supported in what they do so as to mitigate any risks they might face. 

One way they express this desire is by being extremely loving, caring and sensitive to the needs of others; you will notice that they want to take care of the people they consider close and will often offer help. They are actually projecting their own feelings onto others. This shows how they want to be treated!

The strength they feel from having the security and support they need is profound and it allows them to embark on the many journeys they have planned for themself in life; all they need is to know they have someone to support and cheer them on.

The Major Personality Traits Of Type 6w7: The Friend.

  • Sociable
  • Honest & Reliable
  • Expressive
  • Require Support & Assurance
  • Problem Solvers.


These people tend to be social, outgoing and engage in conversation with others. They enjoy having people around and mingling with them as it allows them to meet new people and see new opportunities. 

Being around others gives them a sense of security as well because they meet others who may be in the same boat as they are. They will engage in talks with others to learn more about them and will also express quite a lot about themselves especially to get some sort of assurance that they are going in the right direction when it comes to life.

People with this enneagram type like to attend social events, will plan recreational visits or events to relax and let some steam off and not hesitate in meeting new people. They will prefer chilling out with friends rather than sitting home alone doing some work.

Honest & Reliable.

Now that is what you call a true friend! These individuals will have your back in times of need. They will be there for you when you are in trouble or are stuck in some situation where you can’t find a way out. Type 6w7 enneagrams are reliable because they won’t let you face things alone and almost never be the cause of trouble in your life. 

Also, whenever expecting help from one, don’t panic! If they have committed to you then they will ensure they meet your expectations.

People who fall under this category are very honest. They want to keep things simple and clean and they don’t like people who lie to them. Maybe this is because it takes away their sense of security that they have derived from honest relations where they know they can rely on the people they trust. If this sense of security is taken away from them it can greatly upset them!


These people are expressive in good and bad ways. They can become very rebellious and defiant and not be afraid to show it especially if they are mad or very upset. This may be because their trust was broken, they were let down or they are under extreme stress.

At the same time they are very loving and caring and have no concern in being expressive about it. They want to show others they support and care about them. It’s possible they want this same behavior directed towards themselves by others.

At the same time these individuals may give away clues about their internal state. They may adopt self deprecating behaviour where they belittle themselves, act extremely modest or seem insatiable. They may express this in an attempt to cry out for help because they need assurity, support, guidance and love. Don’t ignore these signs!

Require Support & Assurance.

Yes these individuals are not as independent as you think and maybe that is why they are called the ‘friend’. They give support but need it to and yes friendship, being a two sided relation, defines this best.

People who are type 6w7 enneagrams need their loved ones to show them the support and love they need. Unlike others, this expression of love and support towards this special enneagram type is necessary for their growth, mental stability and long term happiness.

They need to feel secure and they require others to help them feel this way either through financial backup when required, mental and emotional support and not to mention actually being there in person. With this type of support, type 6w7 enneagrams will feel very strong in what they do and it will propel them to not only achieve what they want but aim higher.

Another thing you might notice about these enneagrams is that they require assurance. They need approval from others regarding their status in life or how they are as people. This is important to give them the confidence they need to get through things.

Problem Solvers – Just What You Need.

Having a friend is great but one that solves your problems is even better! What more could you ask for? These enneagram type 6w7’s are great with their problem solving skills and can immediately propose ways to get out of a bad situation or solve a complex math problem. 

Why? They use their brain and senses fairly well. They can understand situations or issues better and hence develop a better understanding of the problem and solve it using their thinking skills. So next time you have a problem, don’t hesitate to take a ‘friends’ opinion. They might not just turn out to be your friend only but an enneagram type 6w7 too!


The article helped the audience develop an understanding about the enneagram type 6w7 by highlighting its basic fear and desire. It also discussed what major personality traits they exhibit in their lives so the audience could understand what type of people they are.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Enneagram Type 6w7: The Friend

What does 6w7 mean?

The term 6w7 refers to an enneagram type which defines one’s personality or psyche. It is a combination of traits from the type 6 and 7 enneagrams.

What type of person is a 6w7 enneagram?

The type 6w7 enneagram is a person who is social, caring and expressive and looks for support in loved ones.

Who does the enneagram type 6w7 get along with?

The enneagram type 6w7 gets along with people who are honest, reliable and supportive.




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