Enneagram Type 8w7: The Nonconformist (A guide)

This article will help the audience develop an understanding about the enneagram 8w7 by highlighting its basic fears and desires and major personality traits. The article will also comment on the enneagram’s strengths and weaknesses.

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What Is An Enneagram Type 8w7?

The enneagram type 8w7 carries traits from both the type 8 and type 7 enneagram however most of the traits lie with the former one. This enneagram is also known as the ‘Bear’ or ‘Nonconformist’ and is more comfortable with conflict compared to its counterparts. These individuals are self confident and quite assertive and don’t mind speaking up for others too!

Enneagrams of this type are also quite sociable and engage frequently with others for work and recreation. They like to voice out their opinions and listen to those of others. You will see them as part of that crowd keeping things alive and smooth as they want to make sure their experiences are lively just like other extroverts.

Sometimes these individuals have the tendency to view things only from their angle and will disregard others feelings and thoughts; yes they are egocentric as they forget that it is important to include everyone’s view most often.

These individuals can also be domineering; they will push their views on others or push them to behave in a certain way and this often comes out in an arrogant manner. They do this to exercise control.

Now that we have developed a basic understanding of this enneagram, we will look at some elements of its personality.

What Defines The Nonconformist?

Everyone is motivated by something; this something is usually in the form of their fears or desires and this is what drives them to behave in a certain manner. Let us look at the basic fear and desire of type 8w7 enneagrams.

The Basic Fear Of Type 8w7 Enneagrams.

What causes enneagram type 8w7 to be domineering or egocentric? Their behavior is determined by their fear which is being harmed or controlled by others. They want to make sure they are in control of their own life and safe from the threat others pose.

Everyone wants to be able to take decisions for themselves in life – well maybe there are exceptions, there always are. Just like everybody else, the type 8w7 enneagram wants to control the direction of their life and make sure only they and only they have control over it. Hence they ensure they uphold such an image that people know they should not mess with them!

The assertive, domineering and self confident behavior arises from this necessity that they need to show others they are perfectly able of controlling not only their own selves but those in their environment. They will prove their competence and hence create a secure world for themselves.

They also act strong not only for themselves but also for others! The enneagram type 8w7 wants to be free and others to be free as well hence they make sure that they openly speak up for others. This shows people around them that they are aware of what they want and that they have no issue talking.

In conclusion, the enneagram type 8w7 is scared that they will lose control over their lives and eventually someone will take a hold of the reign and drive them towards harm; this is why they behave in a certain manner.

The Basic Desire Of Enneagram Type 8w7.

It is pretty obvious that the basic desire of these enneagrams is to overcome their fear of being harmed or controlled by others. They want to be in control of their own lives so that they can take the right decisions and be satisfied and content. To achieve this they ensure they seem strong, powerful and dominant. 

This strong desire to protect themselves from the negative influence of others may sometimes result in the enneagram type 8w7 in becoming arrogant, aggressive or pushy. They can get reactive if they feel they are losing control and will do anything to regain it.

What gives the most comfort to this enneagram type is the fact that they can do what they like and no one can take away from them what they value most. They want to be able to take decisions to ensure good for themselves and their loved ones. They want to feel safe and protected by being assured they have control.

How Do Nonconformists Behave?

The enneagram type 8w7 behaves in the following ways:

  • Practical & Creative Thinkers.
  • Resourceful
  • Confrontational
  • Idealists
  • Caring

Practical & Creative Thinkers.

What pushes these individuals to be creative is that they want to find new ways of ensuring they have matters in their hands and they are nearing their goal. They believe in taking practical steps to get to their goals which will undoubtedly give them more security and control in their life.

These individuals will like to approach matters from different angles and will often take part in brainstorming sessions to ensure they agree with others. These sessions can also aim at convincing people what they think is right and hence they might exercise their dominance here.


Yes these enneagrams make sure they have the resources to back themselves up when they need it. They want to make sure they have something to lay down on or retreat to when they need help or support. They desire to be independent and for that they need to be able to take care of themselves in the right way when required.

Whether it is a powerful friend, enough money, important contacts or a secret skill or tool, the enneagram type 8w7 will make sure they have what they need and they will often put in much thinking on what they need and how they should achieve that.

These are the people who will impress you with the tricks they have up their sleeves. You will be impressed at how they have everything figured out. It is not because they want to impress others but because of their desire to be independent and be able to control their own lives – they can only do that when they have proven they can care for themself!


Don’t mess with the nonconformist enneagram. They won’t shy away from talking to you about an uncomfortable or sensitive manner especially if it is related to something important in their lives or they feel threatened by you. 

These enneagrams will confront anyone they think is plotting against them, wants to fool them or take something away. They will be very assertive and speak up their thoughts and make sure the matter is cleared and taken care of. They are not comfortable with anyone even trying to question their control. The type 8w7 enneagram also believes in standing up for others because they want freedom for them too! They will speak up on behalf of them and hence become their advocates.


These people dream big and they want to create the ideal world which obviously involves them as someone who is leading the life they want to without any interference from others. They will strive to make that world a living reality but at the same time ensure they take the practical steps to do so.


These individuals not only want the best for themselves but also for others. They understand the needs of others and want them to be able to pursue their dreams and hence be able to make decisions for themselves. Understanding this desire, the enneagram type 8w7 will also advocate for the rights of others and support them in their matters!

The Strengths & Weaknesses Of The Nonconformist.

Here is a list of the traits these enneagrams have:

  • Dislike Authority
  • Egocentric
  • Logical Decision Making
  • Optimistic
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Open To Sharing – Engages With Others.
  • Self Confident
  • Tendency To Self Indulge
  • Inspiring


This article discussed what the type 8w7 enneagram is and helped the audience to develop an understanding about it by commenting on its desire and fear, highlighting its major personality traits and listing the enneagram’s strengths and weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 8w7: The Nonconformist.

Why is the enneagram type 8w7 called the nonconformist?

The enneagram type 8w7 is called the nonconformist because they want to be in control of their own lives and dislike authority. They usually work in their own way and are domineering and assertive.

What does 8w7 mean?

8w7 is an enneagram type that holds a large number of traits from type 8 and some traits from type 7 enneagrams.

What traits describe enneagram type 8w7?

Traits that describe the enneagram type 8w7 include dominant, confident, sociable, caring, confrontational and logical.




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