Enneagram Type 8w9: The Diplomat(A Complete Guide)

This article will look at the personality of the enneagram type 8w9 which is also known as the ‘Diplomat’ or ‘Bear’. The article will attempt to discuss it’s fears and desires and personality traits as well as its strengths and weaknesses. The article hence aims to develop a comprehensive understanding for the audience about this enneagram type.

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What Is The Enneagram Type 8w9?

The enneagram type 8w9 is a combination of traits mostly from type 8 enneagram with a few from the type 9 one as well. This unique enneagram goes by the name of the ‘Diplomat’ and can be described as one who is confident but careful with their behaviour; they are generally more calm and quiet compared to type 8 enneagrams.

Compared to type 8w7 enneagrams, these individuals are more laid back and casual and do not exercise as much control as they do hence they may not seem as intimidating or domineering as they are. Also they will not seem as loud or arrogant as their counterparts nor will they have much desire to show their competence.

This does not mean these individuals do not like to be in control. They have a strong desire to be in control of their surroundings and prefer positions of leadership where they can show some level of control or power and lead others in the right direction. They have vibrant personalities in the sense that they are energetic and driven by motivation. They are good in communication skills in that they can effectively convey their messages and understand what others want.

The Personality Of The Diplomat.

The above paragraphs developed a basic understanding about the enneagram type 8w9. We will now look at different elements of their personality; the next section will shine light on their fears and desires.

The Basic Fear Of Diplomats.

Other than messing up relations with the neighbors, what could be the fear of these interesting creatures. The biggest fear of these types is to be hurt by others hence they stay away from vulnerable positions. This pain is usually associated with their emotions hence they often build walls around themselves to protect their own selves.

Diplomats want to be in a stable and secure position where they will not be hurt by others hence they often assert independence from a young age. They fear that by interacting too much with others or opening up they will allow themselves to get hurt emotionally. They also fear for their independence and ability to make decisions by themselves hence they try to exert some level of dominance in their surroundings as well.

This is why enneagrams of this type may sometimes seem distant or others may find they are difficult to bond with or open up; they do this when they feel their power of influence is at stake and they want to protect it. However, compared to their previous counterparts especially enneagram type 8, they are more casual and laid back.

The Desire Of Enneagram Type 8w9.

These individuals want to be strong and powerful so that they are not harmed by anyone or their influence. The type 8w9 enneagram also believes that if they are too emotional they will be affected and hence become weak. This is why they usually hold a neutral stance and shape their emotions as such; they do not like to feel too strongly over  matter if unnecessary and thus they are rightfully known as diplomats.

The diplomat knows where to strike balance. They will not be too pushy like their counterparts but at the same time they are wise enough to when to stand up and reinforce their dominance or exert their power on others.

They become alert if they feel someone is trying to transgress the boundaries created by them and they will push back by being somewhat similar to the type 8w7 enneagram; they will be assertive and egocentric to an extent.

The Major Traits Of Type 8w9 Enneagrams: The Diplomat.

Generally, these enneagrams possess the following behaviours:

  • Give Attention To Others Needs
  • Protective
  • Dislike Authority
  • Not Emotionally Expressive
  • Willful

Give Attention To Others Needs.

Unlike world leaders, diplomats are well aware of their neighbors needs and always take them into consideration before planning their next move or making a certain request and they also understand that other’s needs also need attention just like their own needs do.

This enneagram type believes in listening to what others have to say or what they want. Like their counterparts, the type 8s, these individuals want others to also experience the freedom and independence they value so much. They want others to know how it feels like to be in control of your life and be taking the decisions you think are most significant. Hence, they will ensure others’ needs are also heard.

Often, the diplomat will speak on behalf of others, help them raise their voices and ensure they have a strong case to put forward especially when they are making a request. They are the type of person who will notice you have something to say and they will signal others to let you speak up.


Although they are not very emotionally expressive nor do they admit their feelings so easily, the type 8w9 enneagram understands the value of feelings and they also admire and love the intimate relations they have with others. Naturally wanting to be in control and also possessing the qualities of a leader, these people have a strong desire to protect not only themselves but others too.

They do not want other people to be controlled or forced to live a life they do not desire or want. They understand it is difficult to operate optimally when one is influenced strongly by another person and it is not a pleasant feeling at all. This empathy pushes them to protect others and motivate them to make their own decisions. Hence the enneagram type 8w9 is one who believes in the rights of people and will stand up for them.

Dislike Authority.

Although more laid back and casual than the type 8s, this enneagram does understand the importance of being powerful and in a dominant position. They are satisfied when they have control over their life; they can make their own decisions, schedule their own routines, not be answerable to anyone and of course seem like the top alpha! Hence these creatures dislike authority and taking orders from it!

Even if they have to follow someone, they will try their best to act independently while maintaining a level of respect. However, they will ensure they are listened to and their views if logical are propagated. They will also expect that their own space is respected and they are not pushed beyond limits that make them feel uncomfortable or under pressure. If they are, they will be confrontational and start challenging the authority even if it is in a diplomatic way. Why? In the end their interests lie with themselves and not others.They must come first for themselves.

Not Emotionally Expressive.

The type 8w9 enneagram is not very emotionally expressive because they believe in maintaining an appearance that will not give them away or expose their vulnerabilities. They will keep their true feelings to themselves and not let their body language give them away. They will try their best to maintain composure even in difficult times, hence they also reflect the body language of a true leader who tries to stay strong despite the hardships around them. 

This does not mean that the enneagram under discussion doesn’t believe in emotions. They value others and what they feel and they are also driven by their desires and fears that are associated with their emotions but they realize the negative influence emotions can have on them and how they can allow others to take advantage of them. Thus from a young age they train themselves to be strong and wise. This does not hinder them from having meaningful relationships.


Like other type 8 enneagrams, they have the strong will to be in control and this is what drives them to be committed to their work and harbors a sense of determination and power within them. They want to achieve and be secure and this drive will keep them going and standing strong for themselves and others even in hard times.

The Strengths & Weaknesses Of Type 8w9 Enneagrams.

Here is a list of traits that can define these enneagrams:

  • Independent
  • Assertive
  • Good People Skills
  • Value Others Opinions
  • Strong
  • Emotionally Reserved
  • Stubborn
  • Temper Issues


This article discusses the personality of the enneagram type 8w9 by describing its fear and desire, the major personality traits it has and by outlining the strengths and weaknesses this interesting personality possesses.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 8w9: The Diplomat

What is meant by 8w9?

The term 8w9 is a term that is used to describe an enneagram which has traits predominantly from the type 8 enneagram but also some traits from type 9.

What makes an enneagram type 8w9 go into stress?

The type 8w9 enneagram goes into stress when they feel vulnerable or exposed with regards to their dreams, aspirations or feelings.

What is an enneagram type 8w9 good at?

The type 8w9 enneagram is good at making wise decisions, leading people and keeping composure.



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