Enneagram Type 9w8: The Advisor(A Complete Introduction)

This article will help the audience develop an understanding about the enneagram type 9w8 by commenting on its fears and desires, major personality traits and their strengths and weaknesses.

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What Is The Enneagram Type 9w8?

The enneagram type 9w8 associates with the type 9 mostly but also shares traits from the type 8 enneagram. Compared to other type 9 enneagrams, these types are more outspoken and like to take more risks! 

These individuals like to remain out of harm’s way but they have this innate urge to be assertive hence they have conflicting traits due to the fact that they share traits from two different enneagrams. So they tend to avoid conflict but if pushed a lot they will speak up and won’t back down at all! So be careful when you deal with them. They may seem harmless and easy to take advantage of but they will fight back if you exceed the boundaries they have set up!

These individuals like to simplify issues they are facing. If something is very stressful they will like to avoid it completely but in other cases they will try to minimize the magnitude of problems they experience. This may be very soothing in the initial term but as things go along, the problem will start becoming bigger and bigger and eventually the enneagram will have to face the music. They can’t run away from problems forever.

All in all, this enneagram is creative and optimistic. They are supportive and engage well with people because they are sociable. They are comfortable talking to people and enjoy the experience because they get to learn new things, can figure out what is going on around them and what things, if any, they need to be aware of.

Now that we have a general idea of this enneagram, we will take a deeper look at its personality by looking at its fears and desires!

The Basic Fear Of Enneagram Type 9w8.

The ‘Advisor’ is afraid of getting on the wrong side of things or people more appropriately. They do not want to be considered the odd one out or the one who doesnt fit in! So they will try their best to avoid conflict and will try to take a neutral way out or agree with the majority if it does not conflict with their interests. In some cases, they will be bothered by their inner desire to speak up and choose what they actually think is right.

These individuals will typically not take sides and try to avoid falling into a situation where they either need to defend their view or choose a side. If they do fall into a situation like this they will get stuck in the midst of a fight which they greatly dislike! They want to maintain peace and are hence compromising in order to achieve this. Oftentimes they go along with people to a far extent to maintain what peace and stability they have in their life.

Nevertheless, these individuals fear losing what reputation they have and stability in their life. They are scared of being cut off from the crowd and do not want to be the source of conflict.

The Basic Desire Of Enneagram Type 9w8.

The desire these enneagrams have is to maintain peace within themselves. Advisors do not want to face any cognitive dissonance which means their thoughts and actions do not align and there is much contradiction! However, sometimes they need to compromise from their stance in order to maintain peace around them as well.

Generally, individuals with this enneagram type prefer to have peace all around them. They do not want chaos going on around them in their daily lives. They prefer to live in a world that is balanced and smoothly functioning. It becomes stressful if they experience too much conflict around or within them. They want to resist or avoid anything that would upset them and prefer things as they are.

Hence, the advisor will not make much attempt to change how things work but will prefer to work within the existing frame if such an action will cause too much disruption. These are the types of individuals you will see that try to keep everyone happy, make attempts to keep conflict away and want everyone to agree on major things.

How Do Advisors Behave?

The traits and behaviours that define advisors have been listed below:

  • Flexible
  • Avoid Problems
  • Outgoing
  • Balanced Individuals
  • Value Things and People


To avoid conflict and achieve smooth functioning one needs to be flexible in terms of their demands and needs. They have to give and take or participate in negotiations; most of all they must be flexible in the sense that they adopt new plans or the demands of others to achieve some of what they need but most importantly a peaceful settlement.

These individuals are not at all stubborn but very adaptable. They will quickly adopt new skills and learn what is going on in the environment to not only stay in style but also be part of the crowd as they fear separation from others.

If required, they will greatly compromise on their values, beliefs, needs if it leads to a desired settlement which avoids much conflict and pleases the other party. Due to this habit, they oftentime get carried away too far because people never stop demanding more do they?

This trait of the enneagram type 9w8 allows them to be a good diplomat, advisor and team player because they recognize the need for the smooth functioning of a society while catering to their own needs and those of others. They will try their best to find a middle ground which benefits everyone and avoids any clashes.

Avoid Problems.

Yes these types will avoid problems, issues, fights and anything that falls into this category. They just hate friction in any form and greatly desire the smooth functioning of society and their life in it.

They will do anything to avoid conflict; they make efforts to bring peace between rival parties, help in negotiations and also advise people on what they should and should not do. They are very dedicated in maintaining peace and can also be considered peacemakers.

Why are they so desperate for such harmony? They become greatly stressed when there is conflict in life. They are also scared of the fact that they might end up on the side that is separated from others. They do not want to lose anything they have due to a stupid fight like friendship or love. Most of all, they do not want to lose their peace.


The enneagram type 9w8 is very social and outgoing. They are comfortable talking to people, attending social gatherings and participating in events. They feel refreshed meeting new people as it helps them learn about what is going on. They feel more attached to their surroundings when they can talk to peace. 

Such interactions harbor a sense of belonging in these enneagrams and also allows them to discuss different topics with people; if they get acceptance they feel even more relieved. 

You will see these people actively chit chatting with others, contributing profoundly to ongoing conversations and keeping everyone involved so no one feels left out! They want to make sure nothing unpleasant happens; other than that they are good with everything!

Balanced Individuals

People who have this type are very balanced; they want to maintain an easy to manage routine that complements their environment and their internal state. They like to do things that do not demand too much of them and will allow them to gain the peace they so badly desire. They prefer to follow routines or schedules that help them balance multiple tasks.

Value People & Things

Keeping in mind their fears, these individuals greatly value what they love and one of their fears is to lose it! They value the possessions they have and especially the relations they have built over the years and will ensure they keep them nearby and close to their heart. They will go a long way to ensure what they have is well with them.


This article discusses the personality of the enneagram type 9w8 by describing its fear and desire, the major personality traits it has and by outlining the strengths and weaknesses this interesting personality possesses.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 9w8: The Advisor

What is meant by 9w8?

The term 9w1 is a term that is used to describe an enneagram which has traits predominantly from the type 9 enneagram but also some traits from type 1.

What makes an enneagram type 9w8 go into stress?

The type 9w1 enneagram goes into stress when they feel as if things are not going as planned and they are experiencing conflict internally or externally.

What is an enneagram type 9w8 good at?

The type 9w1 enneagram is good at staying consistent with routine work, pacifying people in tense situations and managing balance in their life.