An INFP Falling in Love

An INFP falls in love swiftly and hard. Love, for an INFP, is an absolute necessity. Without love, as they believe, life seems dull and stagnant. INFPs are extremely passionate people, who think that being in love is the most important thing in life. To them, love is the one thing that inspires everything else in life. Their idealism is what keeps them expecting the best from love, and their optimism and faith in humanity is what allows them to continue to look for their perfect person. 

Here’s a few things that will help you navigate how an INFP falls in love. 

They are sure from the beginning. 

It is true, that when an INFP first comes across an individual, they can tell right away from their initial interaction if they can fall in love with said person or not. Their intuition allows them to sense the vibe a person gives off, and if it is the right kind of feeling, they’re automatically drawn to the person. INFPs don’t have fun and sit around wasting time if they don’t feel an instant connection with someone. 

This is why I said that when they fall for someone, they fall swiftly, because if they feel a connection with someone, it is because they know that they can create a bond with this person on a deep, meaningful level, so they don’t force themselves to slow down. 

They don’t hold back. 

Once they do feel that instant connection with someone, INFPs are not subtle with what they feel. They take a deep dive into what the relationship has the potential to turn into. They do not hold themselves back, or limit interaction with the person they are falling for. They want to fully submerge themselves in what they’re feelings and let their emotions take the wheel.

They prioritize love over everything else. 

This may sound a little obsessive, but it’s true. INFPs do not allow other things to force their way into what they’re feeling for someone. And is it so bad for them to expect the person they’re falling for to reciprocate the feelings and prioritize the relationship too? Again, their passion is what drives an INFP who is falling for someone. For them, if they are lucky enough to actually find love, they shouldn’t be nonchalant about their feelings or the person they feel them for. 

But them giving their love story the utmost importance does not mean that they become obsessive and forget all of their responsibilities, and let go of everything else they ever felt passionate towards. They are still the same good friends, siblings, children, and employees that they were before falling in love. What changes is how they prioritize things. 

For example, if a workaholic INFP falls in love, they will no longer be putting work before everything else. They will simply be prioritizing their relationship to being stuck at work after hours. 

They let love inspire them. 

That’s right. Since INFPs are often artists due to their endless supply of imagination and creativity, they allow their romantic feelings for someone to be what inspires them to create great art. For them, love is the greatest muse. A writer in love can write the best love story, a painter in love can create the world’s greatest of masterpieces, inspired by their beloved, a poet can write gut-wrenchingly beautiful poetry, and a musician whose been struck by love can create incredible music to share how unbelievable being in love is, with the world.

They believe for love to be the best kind of inspiration to be better people, make better choices, and hold better hopes for the future.  

They sacrifice their alone time for their love.

Despite how important being on their own and recharging their emotional as well as social batteries is for an INFP, when they fall in love, they are willing to give it up for the person they love. They spend their time being around them, give them importance and attention, hold deep conversations with them, act silly and do pointless, spontaneous things with them, and feel absolutely in love and at peace. 

That being said, once they are farther along in their relationship, INFPs do require their independent time. But they never make their partner feel unwanted. 

They are hopeless romantics. 

When in love, INFPs can be super cheesy, romantic to the point of being filmy, and eccentric. A nickname for the INFP type that is commonly used is “The Dreamers”, and dare I say it, it’s absolutely fitting. They live and breathe their dreams, and often fearlessly go down the path which leads them to the fulfilment of said dreams. They live to inspire their hearts and make decisions which ultimately bring a sense of bliss to their souls. 

Once a dreamer, always a dreamer, is what they say about an INFP who falls in love. Even if they have had their heart broken in the most terrible of ways, INFPs don’t let the darkness take over their hope. Their imagination and an ability to come up with countless ‘what if’ scenarios allow them to be extremely romantic, to the point that they bounce back from heartbreak like champions. No matter what, an INFP can never put out the flame of hope that burns inside their chest. 

INFPs tend to idealize. 

INFPs are also known as “The Idealists”. That is because they tend to expect the best in all situations. They project perfection on to anything and everything that belongs to them. They idealize everything, from their career, to their homes, to their own selves, and especially their soul-mates. 

They look for the ideal partners, according to their beliefs, preferences, and expectations from the relationship. INFPs like to live their lives always needing perfection, which can be damaging at times. 

They can become oblivious to the flaws in their partner. 

Due to their idealistic nature, when INFPs first fall for someone, they tend to not notice the flaws that their partner may have. They project their idealism on to the person they fall for, and not only fail to register that this person isn’t perfect, they also assume that their partner must have a certain traits that seem perfect to the INFP. They see only what they want to see, and are not always aware of it. However, once the relationship moves past the honeymoon phase, the INFP begins to notice the holes in their tightly knit fantasy, and they don’t always take it well. They begin to think that they were being lied to, or that their partner has actually changed now that they’re more comfortable with one another.

This idea of a perfect life with the perfect person that the INFPs have, causes them to see the potential of what the relationship or their partner can become, and they accept it to be the reality, which leaves them exposed to getting their heart broken, or hurting someone they’ve fallen so deeply in love with. 

They wear their heart on their sleeve. 

And this doesn’t change, even after an INFP has had their heart broken. They hold on to the same sets of beliefs, and continue their advocacy for love. They may have their faith in human beings shaken at times, but their devotion to love never falters.

And this is why, when a new opportunity to be in love and have it all comes knocking at an INFP’s heart, they are more than ready to take a deep dive, yet another time. They are always honest and open about their intimate emotions, and this is what allows INFPs to always be able to love in a deep and meaningful way.   

They care deeply about their partners. 

Once in a relationship with someone they have fallen for, INFPs are fully concerned with their lovers. They focus on their partner’s likes and dislikes, ensure their comfort and avoid causing them discomfort, and they are always looking out for their needs. They make it their life’s purpose to take their partner’s pain away from them. They help them with anything and everything, whether it is expected of them, or not. 

Apart from their beliefs, which, hopefully, their partner shares with them, an INFP will compromise and even sacrifice on any matter. They forgive their lovers more easily than an average person, and are happy even if they’re being given the bare minimum in the relationship, as long as their partner acknowledges that that is the case. 

They become their lover’s biggest cheerleader and fan. 

It is true that INFPs are generally supportive beings. But when an INFP falls in love with someone, they become obsessive about ensuring that their lover is being told as well as shown how incredible they are. INFPs root for the success of their partners, and are not above bragging about them to other people. 

They are proud of everything that their partner does, and are often in awe with how unreal and beyond magical they are, even when they’re doing absolutely nothing magical in particular. INFPs look at their partner’s actions with rose-coloured glasses on, so this isn’t particularly surprising. 

When an INFP falls in love, they are romantic, and nurturing, they live to help the love of their life solve all their problems, and they are sensitive to the needs of their partner. Being good listeners in general, INFPs become all about being there for their lovers, without even being asked. They are fiercely loyal to the one they fall for, even when the two aren’t together. 

Really, an INFP falling in love is a rare and exquisite sight that very few people get the chance to witness first-hand.