Are Animals Drawn To Empaths?

This article will explore if animals are drawn to empaths and cite the possible reasons as to why this could actually be the case! The article will not only explain how animals behave around empaths but also introduce who an empath is in order to ensure the audience has a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Are Animals Drawn To Empaths?

Yes animals are drawn to empaths for various reasons that will be discussed in this article such as:

  • Ability to detect fear
  • Calm and friendly nature
  • Patience of empaths

Before we look at why animals are drawn to empaths and avoid others, we will describe who an empath basically is!

Why Are Animals Drawn To Empaths?

There are a number of reasons why animals are drawn to empaths which we will discuss in this section of the article.

Ability to Detect Fear

Animals have the ability to detect if a person is fearful or anxious around them. A persona can experience negative feelings like this when they have either done something wrong or consider the animal a threat. In either case, the animal will become cautious and avoid them or even attack to defend itself from future harm. Why does this happen?

Most animals have very strong senses. Take the dog for example and it’s sense of smell. The sense of smell a dog has is so powerful it can detect the adrenaline that is secreted within our bodies. We as humans cannot smell this very substance that is produced in our own bodies however the dog can. Through association, the dig has come to realize that adrenaline is secreted from individuals who have either done something wrong or consider it an enemy.

Hence, the dog will either coward away or attack the individual. Empaths, however, feel strongly for humans and most of the time animals too. They do not consider them a threat and actually recognize them as living creatures who too have feelings. So they are not fearful or anxious and the animal senses them to be calm rather than nervous or tense.

It is important to realize that animals also look at body language and eye contact to determine the state of the person.

Calm and Friendly Nature

The empath is calm and friendly. They prefer to respect others by not influencing their emotions negatively. They themselves realize that human body language or communication can hurt others feelings which is the last thing they want. Hence, the empath is one who avoids behaviour that seems threatening.

Even when around animals they will behave in a calm and friendly manner. They will not speak in a loud manner or move quickly to surprise or alert the creature. They, as humans, realize people and animals are both sensitive and one must act around them carefully.

This behaviour of the empath is what makes the animal comfortable in their surroundings. Hence, it does not consider the empath and will not attack. It may be even drawn to the empath because of its curiosity. Why? Animals are indeed curious creatures. Once they have realized a certain person or thing is not a threat, they will waste no time to investigate it. If they were somewhat like us, they would make better scientists!

Patience of Empaths

Empaths are generally understanding of others and can realize they may need time to process a difficult situation or emotion. However, they do not apply this behavior to humans but animals too! They understand that animals need time to get used to their surroundings as well as creatures, including humans, in it! The empath is one who understands and employs this tactic with animals.

Have you realized how frustrating it is when you badly want to pet your neighbor’s yellow cat but he just keeps running away mostly because he is scared. Try and act like an empath. Take your time with the cat and sit in its surroundings. Let him perceive you as part of his environment and study you for some time so that he realizes you are not in any way a potential threat to his existence. Yes this can be a frustrating and time taking process. Not to mention you need to have the appropriate body language that gives out messages of calmness. 

These things come naturally to an empath. They are kind hearted and calm as well as patient. To be honest, it is as if something resonates from them that informs animals they are the type of people which can be approached without any fear!

How Do Animals Behave Around Empaths?

Let us take a quick look at how animals behave around empaths!

Sit Nearby

The animal realizes that the empath is not dangerous hence they, being their own curious selves, will prefer to stay near the empath and observe him or her or possibly even come up to sniff her. They want to learn more about this person who not only seems harmless but one who has no problem being scanned for whatever it is that animals look for when they keep sniffing you.

Animals will sit close if not next to you and will ensure they can keep an eye on you to learn more about you as a person and possible element in their environment.

Carry On With Routine

Once animals realize you are that type of person they can trust – an empath – they will become their own normal selves too! They will go on with their daily routine and just get busy! They will actually show you that they are comfortable to the extent that they can focus on what really matters – basically eating grass or hopping around right?

With empaths around, they feel safe and unthreatened hence they do not think you require their attention.

Friendly and Interactive

Animals can sometimes get over their heads if they get too comfortable. Often, you will notice people who are empaths will get snuggled by animals or even attacked in a loving manner by your dog! Animals are able to sense how a person feels and they will show love if they want to! So don’t be surprised if you see your friend get along quite well with your empath friend.

Who Is An Empath?

An empath is someone who can actually feel what pain another person is going through. They don’t just sympathize but get into the other person’s shoes and feel what they feel. It is indeed an interesting experience they have but can get overwhelming sometimes!

Empaths are aware of the difficulties people go through and how it affects their thoughts and emotions. These people are strong feelers who are able to understand the full intensity of emotions someone else experiences. They may not be so open or sociable, but they do realize how it feels to be in pain or in a bad situation

Furthermore, most of the empaths are able to connect with others especially if they are extroverted. They will be able to open up more and interact with the other person. They have good interpersonal skills hence they can communicate efficiently and do not become awkward in the presence of the other person especially if they are upset.

Empathetic people have a special ability to connect with others however it is quite overwhelming for them to feel what others feel and may wear them out!

This is why empaths are able to connect with animals because they realize they need to be calm and friendly around them and be patient until the animal learns to trust them and become comfortable!

Frequently Asked Questions: Are Animals Drawn To Empaths?

Why do Empaths like animals?

Empaths like animals because it is easier to connect with them in the sense that they openly express their feelings. If an animal is excited or depressed it is clearly visible. A human however may hide their true feelings or lie.

Do empaths experience anxiety?

Empaths experience anxiety because they may be affected too much by the pain others feel and may even associate with them to the extent that they become emotionally attached.

Are empaths made?

Empaths are made and this is a trait one can learn through socialization or even practice. Though some people are better at it.


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