Are Empaths Born Or Made?

This article will look at whether empaths are made or born and will look into a number of studies to help the audience develop more understanding on either of the two possibilities. Furthermore, the article will look at the definition of an empath and what could be the possible causes of these individuals being present in our society. The article will also present reasons to support both of the stances; are empaths made or are empaths born?

Are Empaths Born Or Made?

Empaths can be born and made; it does not have to be either way! In some cases people are naturally empathetic and that is how they are. They are more sensitive not only to how stimuli in their environments affect them but also to other people’s feelings. Furthermore, people who are born empaths naturally are the type of individuals who have always been the caring sort; they cannot bear others getting bullied and like to support those who are the left out ones.

On the other hand, there are some people who develop this special trait. They are not initially too aware of the concept of feelings in the sense that they do not give them much importance in their life. For these individuals most things are in black and white and they like to keep it that way. However, due to some factors, they develop empathic traits that allow them to be more sensitive to those around them. Hence, they are not born empaths but are made empaths!

Now how is it that we determine whether someone is a born empath and made empath? Science is a long way from there; a lot of research still needs to be conducted as to whether we can tell the difference. What we do know or at least have an idea about is what factors come into play when it comes to making an empath type. 

Before we look at these factors in detail, we will look at who can be categorized as an empath.

Who Is An Empath?

An empath is someone who:

  • Readily receives or perceives others feelings
  • Is sensitive to their environment
  • Can feel what others feel
  • Gives great important to emotions

These are the major defining factors of an empath. Have you ever seen that person at work who drops by to say hello or share their lunch when you seem to be having a bad day? That doesn’t happen by chance! These people are usually empaths who not only observe their surroundings especially if they are extroverts, but also realize when someone is upset or overwhelmed by their emotions.

An empath is someone who can actually feel what pain another person is going through. They don’t just sympathize but get into the other person’s shoes and feel what they feel. It is indeed an interesting experience they have but can get overwhelming sometimes!

Empaths are aware of the difficulties people go through and how it affects their thoughts and emotions. These people are strong feelers who are able to understand the full intensity of emotions someone else experiences. They may not be so open or sociable, but they do realize how it feels to be in pain or in a bad situation

Furthermore, most of the empaths are able to connect with others especially if they are extroverted. They will be able to open up more and interact with the other person. They have good interpersonal skills hence they can communicate efficiently and do not become awkward in the presence of the other person especially if they are upset.

Empathetic people have a special ability to connect with others however it is quite overwhelming for them to feel what others feel and may wear them out!

Discover if An Empath Can Feel When Someone Is Attracted To Them.

Empaths are aware of how others feel and think in the sense that they can understand them if they gain some sort of access to that person. But what if there is no access? In this case we have a special type of empath who could possibly do the job! However, let us first see what traits a normal empath does not usually possess.

How Is An Empath Made?

When it comes to making empaths, we will look at two factors at play:

  • Traumatic Events
  • Parental Upbringing

Traumatic Events

Sometimes it takes a life event to trigger what was already inside you! Some empaths, as we already said, are made and not born. They go through a series of events that brings their emotional side out if there is one in them that is!

Traumatic events are defined as events that cause emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual harm hence the person experiences anxiety, fear and even depression because of these. In this manner, people not only become aware of their own feelings but they develop the capacity to not only sympathize with others but actually feel how they feel.

Childhood trauma plays a big role in affecting one’s sensitivity levels. Many empaths have experienced this type of trauma where they are adversely affected by parents who were either alcoholic, narcissistic or depressed and abused them emotionally, verbally or even physically. These individuals have their self defense mechanisms deteriorate early in life hence becoming extremely sensitive.

Parental Upbringing

Yes many kids do have a great childhood where their parents actually give them time and help develop necessary traits in them such as empathy. Parents realize that they need to bring up children who do not only recognize their own needs but those of others too. They will teach them the importance of recognizing others feelings from a young age; they will tell them the signs of how to tell if someone is saf. Also, by becoming aware of such concepts at a young age, they stimulate those elements within their body that are able to catch others’ emotional state.

Empaths Are Born – But Why?

Yes empaths are born and there are a few reasons why we claim this that have been listed below:

  • Temperament
  • Mirror Neuron System
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Synesthesia
  • Emotional Contagion


Temperament is someone’s nature which is broadly independent of one’s learning, values and attitudes. It is just how someone is and also affects our ability to recognize emotions especially those of others.

Have you ever noticed a baby when it is born it does not react the same as other babies do! Some babies are extremely sensitive to the light and sounds of the room they are born on while others are least bothered; they come into the world with the ‘I Don’t Care’ attitude. Hence, temperament does play a role in empathy and it is something that occurs naturally.

Mirror Neuron System

We have a special group of brain cells that are able to mirror the emotions of others; we feel what they feel and hence we are an empath! Empaths are said to have highly responsive mirror neuron systems which means they strongly feel what others feel. 

Psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths, who are basically considered apathetic, have low responsive mirror neurons. 

Electromagnetic Fields

According to the Heartmath institute, the brain and heart are able to produce electromagnetic fields which convey the emotional state of an individual. Empaths may be particularly sensitive to this type of incoming information.


It is the ability to relate two different senses; you can see a color and think of how it would taste! This is an extraordinary concept that may explain how empaths function. It is like empaths can feel the emotions and sensations of others as if they were their own. 

Emotional Contagion

Why do they say that smiling is contagious? Have you ever seen how one person laughing makes other people start laughing too? Well that folks, is called emotional contagion. You begin to experience what the other person is experiencing merely by looking at them. Researchers say that we have the ability to synchronize our moods to those of others so that we can live in harmony.

Even animals are drawn to empaths.


The article looked at whether empaths or born or made and what reasons support either theory. It came to conclude that empaths are not only born but also made and provided examples. Furthermore, the article explained who an empath is and what major characteristics they have; apart from that the article cited reasons as to why empaths are born and not just made.