Being Liked by an INFP Girl

Disclaimer: INFP women are not always shy, but they definitely are socially awkward. 

It is true, INFP women like to be by themselves, because when they hang out with people, they are more than likely to say something that will embarrass them to their very core. The chances of that increase by a hundred percent, when they are at a gathering with someone they like present.

Maybe you’ve somehow developed a crush on a clumsy, nervous mess of a woman that an INFP can be, and now you wish to find out if the feelings are reciprocated. Here’s how to know if an INFP girl likes you.

She may never say it. 

First thing that you need to know about the INFP female that you’re crushing on, is that you may never actually say that they like you. They feel inwardly, and it isn’t usually possible for an INFP to express what it is that they’re feeling. It’s almost as if they believe that feelings are to be felt and not spoken about. 

INFP women feel emotions with a great depth. But if you’re holding out hope for them to actually come up to you and confess, it may not happen. 

Do not expect for her to make the first move.

INFP women are highly introverted. They don’t usually like to interact with people unless they’re really close to them. They do love to talk to people, and get to learn more about them. INFPs are generally very interested in human beings and are extremely compassionate towards other people.

However, it is a rare sight for an INFP woman to reach out to someone and start a conversation. And when it comes to a person she may actually like… Well, never gonna happen. So, it is best if you’re the one to make the first more. 

There are INFP women who may shoot their shot, but it will most likely be online, and chances are, they’re probably going to throw their phone away, switch it off, or flat out block you out of awkwardness after having confessed they like you.  

She may hit you jokingly on occasion. 

INFP women are physically expressive, even if they can’t get the words out. So, if an INFP girl actually likes you, she may find excuses to get physical with you. For example, if someone makes a joke, and she laughs really hard, and ends up “needing” support, so she leans against your shoulder. If you tease her, she may hit you jokingly. 

Giving high-fives, resting her head on your shoulder, sitting close to you so your hands or legs touch, put her hand against yours to check whose hand is bigger, placing a hand against your chest to “see if you actually have a heart”, and touching your face with the back of her hand to check if you’re warm, because you “look kinda flushed” – these are some of the things an INFP woman may try, in order to express herself physically, so you may want to keep an eye out.

Keep in mind, that this isn’t something she is going to do if the two of you have just met. Her getting comfortable like that may take a lot of time. And according to her, these are all signals from her that she likes you, even though they’re rarely ever obvious to anybody. 

She will laugh at all your jokes, even the unfunny ones. 

So, yeah. This could be a pretty clear sign. Especially if you’re self-aware and know which of your jokes deserve a laugh, and which don’t. If an INFP girl likes you, she will laugh at all the jokes you make. Even the ones nobody else laughs at. And when she realizes that other people aren’t as impressed, she will get awkward immediately, and either stop, or try to convince people that it really was funny.

She listens intently to what you have to say, and seems to ignore others a lot in your presence.

INFPs, in social gatherings, are kind of not very attentive. They have a rich inner world that they find to be much more interesting, so you may spot them drifting off into an imaginary world while sitting in a group of a lot of people talking. 

When they’re not lost in fantasy world, they may also be trying to formulate a proper point that they can add on to the conversation, because they struggle with talking publically without preparing for what it is that they wish to communicate. So, it is possible that while concentrating on their words internally, they become somewhat detached from the outside world, and end up not focusing on what is being said currently by other people. 

So, it’s not that they intentionally ignore other people, it’s just that when they’re around someone they like, INFP women tend to become extremely focused on everything about them. Their entire focus shifts to one person, and they want you to continue to talk and share more about yourself and your life. 

She gives you compliments. But, like, really deep ones. 

Here’s one thing you need to know about an INFP woman: they feel at ease mostly while having a one-on-one conversation with someone. Because that allows them to speak from the heart, as they’re not overly self-conscious. So, this may happen when the two of you are alone together, or on text, but if an INFP girl likes you, she will give you really specific, deep compliments that are bound to make you feel amazing.

They’re people with substance – their depth knows no bounds, and it shows when an INFP talks. So, if you receive really heartfelt, truly genuine compliments from an INFP that are about your heart, your soul, or who you are as a person, along with other signs, they may actually like you.

She will notice every little thing about you.

The reason why compliments from an INFP woman are so heartfelt and deep is because they are extremely observant when it comes to the people who matter to them. When she is around you, she will notice every little crease on your face, the way your eyes sparkle when you smile, that one crooked tooth that is visible only when you laugh real hard, the way you move your hands when you talk, that little freckle on your right pinkie finger, when you really laugh, and when you laugh just to be polite, your real smile, versus the smile you give but your eyes don’t comply because there’s something bothering you – every single thing.

Make a move and see how they react.

This may not be a possibility if you’re someone who is shy, but if you can, go ahead and make a move. I once read a really amazing comment from an INFP woman on Reddit, who said that INFP girls are more reactive than proactive. This means that they’re not very good at expressing their feelings, but if someone shows them that they might be interested, it is nearly impossible for them to hide their reaction.

There will be staring. So. Much. Staring. 

If an INFP woman likes you, she will sneakily stare at you, like, all the time. And upon getting caught, she will never be able to play it coy. She is always going to start looking around frantically until she can disappear from your sight, or she will suddenly pretend as if she’d been looking at someone or something in your general direction. However she may react, it will become very obvious each time. 

Text you or respond to texts right away. 

So, since they aren’t always the best at talking face to face and expressing their feelings instantly, INFPs are really good at texting. Texts give them the time to think, reflect on what is being asked or said, and then respond very smoothly. Okay, not smoothly, they may still sound like a complete mess, but it will definitely be better than if they were to say the same thing to your face. 

And they will always respond to your texts right away. More often than not, they wouldn’t care to play games and wait before texting back.

She is going to shoot meaningful questions your way. 

As you may have realized already, INFP women are quite profound, compassionate, and are always trying their best to be good people. So, if they like you, they’re going to try and make sure that they are falling for a good person too. 

In order for her to like you in the first place, you must have done something out of the ordinary to have grabbed her attention. She would want to make sure that it is for real. 

So, expect to be asked lots of questions to get you to reveal your real self. Expect a lot of scenarios being thrown your way, hypothetical situations you may be put in. That sort of stuff, you know?

She will do little things for you.

This one is really special, because if an INFP girl likes you, she will do things that you may never even find out about. She may put in a good word for you for a job you really want and she knows the employers, for example, or  you may receive gifts from her that have meaning to you. Like, get you a perfume that you told her reminded you of your mother, or buy an electric hot water bottle for you because you once mentioned, a year ago, that your feet take really long to get warm during winters. 

INFP girls are all about you when they like you. So, even though they may not be the best at sending you clear signals, if you look close enough, you may realize, the signs had been there all along.