Can An Empath Feel When Someone Is Attracted To Them?

The following article will look at whether or not all empaths can determine if someone is attracted to them by discussing who is an empath and if there are different types of empaths. Furthermore, the article will look at reasons, if they exist, as to why the empath can feel if someone is attracted to them.

Can An Empath Feel When Someone Is Attracted To Them?

Not all empaths can feel when someone is attracted to them. The ability to determine if someone is attracted to one’s own self is dependent on a number of factors; you need to be a good observer for example to pick up on the small cues that actually matter when it comes to infatuation, attraction or even the feeling of love.

Everyday, we see many situations where one person is hopelessly crazy about a person they met at a coffee shop or attended a class with; it is pretty obvious they fell head over heels. Why is it obvious? Well because of the physical signs; they look dreamy, can’t take their eyes off the other person, want to follow them around and try to get any chance to talk to them! In this case it is pretty easy to determine if someone is attracted to you. The typical personality type may not be observant or emotional enough to notice these traits but an empath will definitely be able to.

However, what if the signs are not that obvious? What if the person who feels attracted to you is good at hiding their feelings. In this case it will be pretty difficult for a person to determine if someone is attracted to them. What about the typical empath? Well, even in their case they might not be able to feel it. 

However, there is a certain type of empath who may be able to feel the attraction. Before we look at this special type of empath, we will describe who an empath is and what traits they possess or do not possess!

Who Is An Empath?

An empath is someone who can actually feel what pain another person is going through. They don’t just sympathize but get into the other person’s shoes and feel what they feel. It is indeed an interesting experience they have but can get overwhelming sometimes!

Empaths are aware of the difficulties people go through and how it affects their thoughts and emotions. These people are strong feelers who are able to understand the full intensity of emotions someone else experiences. They may not be so open or sociable, but they do realize how it feels to be in pain or in a bad situation

Furthermore, most of the empaths are able to connect with others especially if they are extroverted. They will be able to open up more and interact with the other person. They have good interpersonal skills hence they can communicate efficiently and do not become awkward in the presence of the other person especially if they are upset.

Empathetic people have a special ability to connect with others however it is quite overwhelming for them to feel what others feel and may wear them out!

Empaths are aware of how others feel and think in the sense that they can understand them if they gain some sort of access to that person. But what if there is no access? In this case we have a special type of empath who could possibly do the job! However, let us first see what traits a normal empath does not usually possess.

Is Empathy The Same As Intuition?

Empathy is not the same as intuition! Empathy means to be able to feel and understand the emotions of what others go through. Intuition refers to the ability to see beyond what is apparent. It is when a person looks inside to get the answers. Intuition is like your gut feeling telling you what is right or wrong for you in a certain situation and it is instinctive and immediate. It occurs quickly without any effort and is kind of like the answer you never thought you would get for free.

Many people wonder if empaths are born with this ability or develop it over time.

All empaths do not need to be intuitive similarly all intuitive people do not have to be empathetic! This is important to know so that we can understand their differences well. Furthermore, it is possible to be an empath who is intuitive and this is our guy whom we have been looking for!

The Intuitive Empath 

An intuitive empath is someone who can not only understand what another person is going through but can also sense or intuitively tell what feelings a person is experiencing without having the need to ask or confront them. They are the type of empaths who can determine if someone is feeling attracted to them.

These empaths look inside towards their unconscious world and gut feeling to create an understanding of the outside world by absorbing it as much as possible; the understanding they create is internal and not external.

Three are four characteristics of an intuitive empath that allows them to tell if someone is feeling attracted to them:

  • You can differentiate between your own feelings and those of others
  • You can determine the reasons behind the feelings someone experiences
  • You help others understand their feelings
  • People are able to approach you – they sense your friendliness

Why Can An Intuitive Empath Tell If Someone Is Attracted To Them?

The following reasons explain why an intuitive empath can tell if someone feels attracted to them:

  • Are Highly Observant
  • Can Determine Reasons Behind Feelings
  • They Just Know
  • Look At All The Signs
  • You Feel It

Are Highly Observant

These empaths are very observant because they are not only empathetic but intuitive; once they have a feeling that something is fishy it is an automatic signal that they need to keep an eye out for what is going on around them!

The intuitive empath does have that inside voice telling them there is the possibility that someone likes them; they might not be so sure but now they have an idea in their head and they will explore it. Hence, they will start to keep an eye on their surroundings and mostly the person whom they suspect is attracted to them.

They will be careful not to expose their lead; they don’t want the other person to know they are onto them because they realize it puts the other person in an awkward situation. That is why they are so secretive about their feelings right?

Can Determine Reasons Behind Feelings

These types of empaths go one step ahead and figure out the reasons behind the feelings people experience. For them, understanding one’s feelings is not enough. They want more information as to why people have these feelings and this is where their gut feeling comes in handy!

Using their intuition, they are able to sense whether or not someone is feeling a certain way – they are actually bothered or concerned about the feelings others have and want to figure out the reasons! Their intuition helps put ideas into their head and one of those ideas, when the time and circumstances are right, is that the person likes you and this is why they feel this way.

They Just Know

The interesting thing about intuitive empaths is that they just know. They have a powerful combination of traits, being intuitive and empathetic, that hurls them to the finish line; they can easily find out what is up with someone’s feelings or behaviour. 

Look At All The Signs

These intuitive beings are able to connect all the dots; from the ideas or feelings they experience themselves to what is going on with the other person and the environment they both are in, the intuitive empath is able to solve the puzzle well.

You Feel It.

Other than knowing, this empath feels the attraction the other person has for them. Their traits allow them to have these experiences and hence they not only know but can feel the powerful force of attraction the other person emanates.


This article looked at whether or not an empath can tell if someone is attracted to them by discussing the different types of empaths and what traits they possess. The article also pointed out why an intuitive empath is able to sense if the other person is attracted to them. Lastly, the article also described the characteristics of an intuitive empath.


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