Can an Enneagram 7 be an introvert? (3 insights)

This blog post aims to answer the question, “Can an Enneagram 7 be an introvert?” and explore the concept of Enneagram and its types and their relationship with introversion to help understand the answer. 

Can an Enneagram 7 be an introvert?

No, an enneagram 7 cannot be an introvert in general. However, there are people who believe all of the traits of enneagram 7 apply to them without having the tendency to be an extrovert. 

The following are 3 insights into why an enneagram 7 cannot usually be an introvert –

  • Personality type theories are distinct and limiting.
  • Personality type theories differ from trait theories.
  • Personality type theories can’t account for all of a person’s characteristics.

What are these 3 insights into why an enneagram 7 cannot usually be an introvert?

Personality type theories are distinct and limiting.

The type 7 enneagram cannot be an introvert in general, but there are people who believe all of the traits of the Type 7 enneagram apply to them without having the tendency to be an extrovert. 

This could be due to a variety of other factors in their personalities, such as their MBTI personality type, their environment, or even a possible enneagram wing involving the type 7 enneagram type.

Because of the clearly multifaceted nature of humans, personality research is a complicated area, and personality theorists must keep this in mind when poring over studies to come up with methods to define a person.

Personality typology theories like the enneagram tend to explain distinct kinds with numerous characteristics for each type, and a person is considered to match any of the types by recognising their attributes or completing a personality test.

Personality type theories differ from trait theories.

Trait theories, on the other hand, discuss particular qualities that a person may possess and how those traits may influence their ideas, feelings, and behaviour, with the Big Five personality type being an example.

Because type theories are more limiting and distinct, they eliminate the possibility of someone being more than one type. For example, many type 7 people may be unsure what to do if they are introverts but identify with all of the other traits listed under the Enneagram Type 7, leading to questions like “Can Type 7 be an Introvert?”

However, the enneagram theory differs from other Type theories in that it allows a person to be an amalgamation of their nearby types and their main type, which is done in the form of a wing.

In the enneagram, a wing is simply a personality type crossover that allows the person to associate with some personality types on either side.

In the example of type 7, it’s likely that someone with type 8 qualities, who may be introverted at times, may describe themselves as having a 7 with wing 8 personality rather than a solely type 7 personality.

A crossover between MBTI personality types and enneagram type 7 may be considered in addition to the wing because the cognitive functions outlined in the MBTI personality theory are slightly more open in terms of how they work, and the definition of an introvert in that theory is also slightly wider than it is in the enneagram personality.

Personality type theories can’t account for all of a person’s characteristics.

Finally, it’s important to remember that type theory can’t account for all of a person’s characteristics because it’s impossible to include every nuance of a person’s personality. 

You may always feel like there’s a trait in you that doesn’t seem to fit with the type you most identify with, which is fine; you can still use what you identify with the most as your type, whether it’s Type 7 enneagram or another.

What is an Enneagram 7?

The desire to enjoy everything life has to offer while avoiding suffering and boredom defines Enneagram 7s. Others perceive them as vivacious, carefree, and hedonistic.

Sevens are usually highly active people who go from one activity to the next in order to get as much fun out of life as possible. Enthusiasts are the world’s fun and bustling optimists, wide-eyed and filled to the brim with inexhaustible energy. 

Their insatiable need for new knowledge and experiences is reflected in their (often amazing) stories and their ability to gab. Their thoughts are frequently still humming with fresh ideas to explore at the conclusion of a workday.

They’re engaging storytellers with a wide range of interests who see the world as half full. Enthusiasts, who are bright and expressive, perceive the world as their playground and might be dubbed the Enneagram’s “eternal children.”

Sevens seek pleasure and excitement to divert their attention away from the more difficult areas of life. They, together with Types Five and Six, make up the Enneagram’s “head-based” trio.

The Sevens are driven to suppress and disregard their concerns in favour of pleasurable experiences. On the surface, this thrill-seeking personality appears fearless, but Sevens genuinely mature when they learn to accept their anxieties.

Sevens are upbeat and enthusiastic, and they can quickly transform negative feelings into good ones. They minimise unfavourable events and search for silver linings on the inside. 

Sevens are tremendously motivating and encouraging when they are in good condition. When not in good health, this personality type might appear egotistical or out of touch with reality.

Sevens are known for their imagination and creativity. They are exceptional in generating new ideas and initiating new experiences. They do, however, have issues with attention and self-discipline.

Sevens’ deepest fear is getting trapped in a rut and losing out on life’s pleasures. They deal with their anxiety by continually seeking out new, interesting, and enjoyable activities.

Sevens are mostly motivated by a desire to avoid feeling bored, depressed, or uninspired.

Key Personality Traits of the Enneagram 7.

  • On the go at all times
  • A diverse set of interests
  • The excitement and vigour of a child
  • Eyes that gleam with curiosity
  • Many professional and artistic ventures are still in the works.
  • Optimistic and upbeat; a glass-half-full attitude
  • Peer-recognized and well-liked

Enneagram 7 Wings.

7w6: The Seven wing Six is a Seven that, in some aspects, resembles a Six. Other Sevens are more disciplined and wary than this kind. They are industrious, and devoted, and have a reputation for being great leaders in times of crisis. The tour guide, pilot, investigator, journalist, and travel agent are all common occupations for the 7w6.

7w8: The Seven wing Eight is a variant of Type Eight with many of the same characteristics. The 7w8 has a reputation for being harder and more career-oriented than other Sevens. The Seven wing Eight is self-assured, forceful, and upbeat. Motivational speaking, law enforcement, television news, sales, and management are all popular vocations for 7w8s.

Core Values of Enneagram 7.

  • Flexibility, joy, and novelty are three things that come to mind while thinking about flexibility. The Enthusiast’s bread and butter is variety.
  • Enthusiasts seek eye-opening events and feelings in order to appreciate and understand the worth and purpose of everything.
  • What makes the Enthusiast tick is an open mind combined with a nonjudgmental attitude. They think that everyone should be given the opportunity to discover whatever they can; each moment has its own beauty if you look closely enough.

What is Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality type system that describes patterns in people’s perceptions of the world and emotional management. The Enneagram divides people into nine personality types, each of which is represented by a nine-pointed graphic that shows how they interact.

The word Enneagram derives from the Greek words Ennea, which means “nine,” and Gramma, which means “drawn or written.” Each of the nine personality types is determined by a basic belief about how the world works, according to the Enneagram. 

This basic belief underpins your innermost motives and concerns, as well as shaping a person’s worldview and perspective on the world and the people around them.

Our primary ideas aren’t always wrong, but they can be constrictive and act as “blinders” for people. Understanding our Enneagram type and how it influences our views might help us extend our horizons and more effectively handle circumstances.

Knowing a person’s Enneagram type might help us understand why they act the way they do. Each Enneagram type has a set of basic beliefs that will continuously inspire and guide them to conduct specific actions and make specific decisions. 

When we understand a person’s Enneagram type, we can frequently explain behaviour that appears to be perplexing or contradictory.

The Enneagram also assists us in comprehending how people respond to stress. The Enneagram reveals chances for personal development and gives a basis for understanding others by outlining how each Enneagram adapts and responds to both stressful and supportive conditions.

Enneagram Types.

Here are all the names and basic traits of the 9 Enneagram types –

  • Type 1: Idealist: Reformer, logical, moral, rigid.
  • Type 2: Caregiver: affectionate, outgoing, caring, loving, people-oriented.
  • Type 3: Achiever: driven, focused, ambitious, goal-oriented, optimistic, extroverted.
  • Type 4: Individualist: Romantic, introverted, creative, thoughtful.
  • Type 5: Investigator: Skeptic, curious, investigative, knowledgeable, open-minded
  • Type 6: Loyalist: Loyal, friendly, dependable, keen, engaging, committed
  • Type 7: Adventurer: Funny, outgoing, adventurous, enthusiastic, novelty-seeking
  • Type 8: Challenger: Intimidating, focused, strong-willed, opposing, rigid
  • Type 9: Peacemaker: Calm, relaxed, conflict-avoiding, peaceful, friendly.

Conclusion – 

This blog post aimed to answer the question, “Can an Enneagram 7 be an introvert?” and reviewed the concept of Enneagram and its types and their relationship with introversion to help determine if an Enneagram 7 can be an introvert. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have.

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