Can an INFP become an ENTJ?      (A Comprehensive Overview)

This blog post aims to answer the question, “Can an INFP become an ENTJ?” and explore the dimensions of these two  Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types that will help understand the answer. 

Can an INFP become an ENTJ? (Yes/No)

No, because MBTI type does not change, an INFP cannot become an ENTJ. However, an INFP, or any type, may work on their flaws and achieve the positive characteristics of an ENTJ.

How to tell if you are an INFP or an ENTJ?

INFPs are creative idealists who are guided by their primary ideals and beliefs. A Healer who is preoccupied with possibilities; the actuality of the time is merely a fleeting concern. They see the possibility of a brighter future and seek truth and purpose in their own unique way.

INFPs are sensitive, loving, and compassionate people who are highly concerned with their own and others’ personal progress. INFPs are individualistic and nonjudgmental, believing that each person must forge their own path. 

They like spending time investigating their own ideas and ideals, and they gently encourage others to do the same. INFPs are creative and frequently artistic; they like discovering new ways to express themselves.

ENTJs are strategic leaders who are driven to organise change. They are fast to spot inefficiencies and devise innovative solutions, and they like creating long-term strategies to achieve their goal. They are typically eloquent and quick-witted, and they excel in logical reasoning.

ENTJs are analytical and objective, and they enjoy creating order to their surroundings. When a system has problems, the ENTJ notices them and appreciates the process of identifying and implementing a better approach. 

ENTJs are forceful and love being in control; they perceive themselves as leaders and managers, arranging people and procedures to attain their objectives.

Can an INFP become an ENTJ? (Detailed Discussion)

The working styles of INFPs and ENTJs are quite different, and they’re often a source of conflict in relationships. An ENTJ is more focused on pursuing goals and projects, while an INFP is more flexible and open-minded.

Both types like a shared experience, but they can work well together. An ENTJ is more decisive and analytical, while an INFP enjoys being surrounded by others.

As an ENTJ, you’ll likely find it easier to lead groups than an INFP. While a lot of INFPs like to follow orders and be the leader of the team, an ENTJ values logic above feelings. 

As a leader, an ENTJ can make tough decisions, and their cold-heartedness is often admired by their followers. If this trait is a good fit for you, an ENTJ is an excellent choice.

As an ENTJ, you’ll find that you are more assertive and like to question authority. ENTJs can be won over with a simple statement: “I believe that I’m right.” Then, you’ll have the chance to develop your relationship further. The ENTJ will also be more interested in people than in things.

In addition to their differences in social style, the ENTJ and INFP can be compatible if they have a common ideal. The ENTJ’s drive to achieve their goals and the INFP’s creative process makes them appealing to both types. 

If you’re an INFP, you can try to find areas of common ground. However, you should know that there’s a lot of differences between them.

The ENTJ is a powerful leader. Their passion for organising meetings, decisions, and plans will keep others under control. They will be a great group leader. 

They’ll be able to make the right decisions and help the group accomplish their goals. They are good managers and leaders, and will be able to delegate roles to others. But despite the many differences between the two, they will still have some similarities.

The ENTJ and INFP tend to be opposites in some aspects. Oftentimes, the ENTJ will be aggressive and pushy. Both ENTJs and INFPs have very different personalities, with distinct strengths and limitations.

The ENTJ is more dominant in a few areas and the INFP will have an in-betweener personality. The ENTJ is more likely to lead others than an ENTJ.

While the ENTJ and INFP can be compatible in terms of their goals and lifestyle, their personalities are very different in other ways. 

Despite the similarities between the two, the ENTJ and INFP are not compatible in all areas, and the ENTJ tends to have high expectations and values that are incompatible.

It’s important to make sure the ENTJ and INFP values are in sync in your relationships and work toward a common goal.

The two personalities differ in some other ways. While the INFP is an empathic person, the ENTJ is more direct and assertive. The ENTJ is a leader, but he is not the one to talk to other ENTJs. 

The INFP prefers indirect communication. While an ENTJ tends to be more direct, an INFP prefers to avoid conflict.

ENTJs tend to be ruthless and decisive, and an INFP is prone to taking charge of a group. Despite the differences between the two personalities, both are prone to putting their energy into bringing things to fruition. 

ENTJs will find it difficult to understand an INFP and vice versa. If they’re not in a position to understand each other, they’ll have difficulty relating to each other.

However, their strong sense of leadership and determination make them a great match. An ENTJ may be attracted to an INFP’s compassionate nature and creative ideas. The two have a lot in common. The two personalities are often drawn to one another, but their strengths are very different. 

Conclusion – 

This blog post focused on answering the question, “Can an INFP become an ENTJ?” and reviewed the features and functions of the introverted and the extroverted Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types to help determine if an INFP can become an ENTJ. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can an INFP become an ENTJ?

Do ENTJs and INFPs get along?

In Real Life, ENTJ and INFP Lifestyle is an underappreciated, yet crucial, aspect of compatibility. Your goals and aspirations may be completely aligned, but if you can’t agree on how to handle day-to-day issues, your relationship will always be strained.

Do ENTJs naturally have a soft spot or weakness for INFPs?

Yes, however I would argue that ENTJs have a weakness for INFPs and INFPs have a weakness for ENTJs.

Are ENTJs naturally protective of INFPs?

Yes. ENTJs see in INFPs what they lack in themselves: soft compassion and an openness to their emotions. ENTJs, being self-assured and forceful, will not hesitate to defend their loved ones, especially those they understand and get along with well.

Can INFPs be dominant?

INFPs are theoretically dominating judges, despite the fact that they do not have a judgement preference in their four-letter type. They lead with Introverted Feeling (Fi), a judgement function that is oriented internally toward the self.

What do INFP think of ENTJ?

INFPs are frequently drawn to the ENTJ’s energy, ambition, confidence, and leadership skills. The ENTJ’s vision is enthralling to them because of its driven character and great energy, and their ability to bring ideas to fruition makes them believe that they, too, can achieve their goals.


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