7 ENFJ Anime Characters

This article will discuss the personality traits of 7 anime characters who are identified as ENFJs or Protagonists. The article will also explain what is meant by the term ENFJ and what traits, strengths and weaknesses they possess.

What Anime Characters Are ENFJ Personalities?

Anime characters that are considered as ENFJ or Protagonists personalities have been listed below:

  • All Might
  • Emma
  • Uncle Iroh
  • Space Dandy
  • Devilman
  • Maes Hughes
  • Marco

We will be looking at the above characters in detail. However, before we do that we will take a look at what the Myer Briggs Test and ENFJ personality type are!

What Is The Myer Briggs Type Indicator?

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator is a self assessment psychological tool that assesses one’s personality to determine which of the following four functions they have, either introvert or extrovert, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling and judgment or perception. 

  • Introversion/Extroversion
  • Intuition/Sensing
  • Thinking/Feeling
  • Perceiving/Judging

The test demands that individuals answer yes or no to a series of questions that seemingly measure your likes and dislikes and attitudes towards people or things. The result is that the test assigns you a unique personality type out of the 16 major types outlined by this psychological tool. Although it is not scientifically backed, it has gained much fame in today’s world and is used widely.

Now that we have an idea of the Myer Briggs test, we will take a look at the personality of ENFJs so we can better understand which anime characters fall into this category!

Who Is A Protagonist?

A protagonist is the main character or champion of an event, cause or even a movie or series. They advocate for certain beliefs, rights or causes and are often in the spotlight with everyone’s attention on them! They are extroverted, intuitive, feeling and judging! These individuals love to help others, they are warm and friendly and also like to set goals towards which they work.

ENFJ personality types are leaders; they are bold, charismatic and charming as well in that they profoundly influence others hence encouraging them to reach heights and achieve their goals. The ENFJ personality type is someone who wants to guide others and help them grow. They like to lead people and often gather them for various goals to achieve them and create a positive energy in society and people.

Although they are extraverted, they are intuitive and use their emotions, thoughts and logic to assist this function. They are able to understand people at a deeper level and see what it is they want or need; they use these abilities to garner the support they require or push through others to reach goals. This focus that they have on the people shows they put much value on them and believe in them.

However, protagonists sometimes place too much trust on people around them. Although their inspiring personality and positive energy pushes people to fulfill their commitments to them, sometimes they don’t and this can fall hard on the protagonist because they place too much trust in the other person and push them a bit too much; eventually they end up getting hurt.

Strengths & Weaknesses of ENFJ Anime Characters.

Before we highlight the anime characters in this article that fall into the ENFJ category, let us take a look at what strengths and weaknesses they are likely to possess.


The personalities that fall into this category are tolerant which means they respect others’ opinions even if it means little support for what they are championing. Although this requires patience, it will allow the protagonists team to grow in the long term.

Other than being charismatic, these individuals are very reliable because they are driven by a cause and do not want to give it up, and secondly, they believe in living up to the commitments and expectations of others – they do not want to disappoint anyone. 

Finally, these individuals are extremely helpful. They will go into harm’s way to help those who they consider close or affiliated to them or their vision; they will put in all their effort and time to help others even if it means sacrificing their own comfort.

What Weaknesses Do Protagonists Have?

These individuals are so selfless that in the process of trusting others, helping them and bonding with them, they often end up hurt – that too badly. However, they are also sensitive which further adds to any pains they experience. 

Other than being overly idealistic which raises the bar for their performance, these personalities have fluctuating self esteem – they are unsure of themselves to the extent that they will not be happy with how they perform. 

One other defining characteristic of this personality is that they struggle to make difficult decisions. They will weigh the consequences of their actions and worry if they will be too great. They will think over it again and again and hesitate a lot before choosing something.

The 7 Anime Characters Who Are ENFJs – Top 7 Protagonists.

All Might

All Might’s formal name is Toshinori Yagi and is the eight user of the One for All Quirk! His appearance is such that villains fear him from all over whereas heroes from all over Japan consider him as a beacon of light; his vision of peace and justice is what everyone wants and believes in!

He is a good example of a true ENFJ personality because of his inner need to help others even if it interferes with his long term goals. He never ceases to hold his hand back where it can help someone get out of a tough situation. He has embodied the meaning of hope and justice and all of Japan looks up to him; he is a true leader who knows that he must achieve his vision.

He radiates all this positive energy and thought so much so that even the villains of this manga series fear his sight.


She is the young character from the series of Promised Neverland where she is on a mission to rescue every orphan from the Grace Field House! What she does is always backed up by the hope that she can do something for others. Her inner desire to help others arises from her being very altruistic in nature like other ENFJs.

She has the ability to connect easily with others because of her kind and gentle nature; this makes it easier for her to influence others to share her vision. She becomes intimidating if someone dares threaten her loved ones but other than that she is very friendly and nice.

Uncle Iroh.

He is from the anime series of The Avatar: The Last Airbender where he is a mature and kind ENFJ who possesses a strong function of intuition and is family as well as people oriented. 

He has much wisdom and is able to read people well; this helps him mentor others and guide them in their paths.

Space Dandy

Being the captain of his spaceship Aloha Oe and an alien hunter, he is the protagonist of the series Space Dandy. He has an interesting fetish that inspires him to visit all the ‘restaurants’ in the intergalactic arena and satisfy his inner cravings. 

He has an interesting personality where he does contradict himself. He is generally well built and tall but may seem lanky. 

Despite whatever weird things there are about him, he meets our list of ENFJ anime characters because of his desire to help others.


Initially known as Akira Fudo, this anime character fused with a certain dark entity and became Devilman hence increasing his power and strength! Why did he take such a step?

Well, he is one of the ENFJ characters hence he is the hero who wants to protect planet earth from any invasions especially those by demons. He is a true leader who keeps going on despite the grim circumstances and does not lose hope!

Maes Hughes.

He is from the Fullmetal Alchemist series and is very friendly, sweet and kind hearted as well as a great host. However, he is a true ENFJ because outside he may seem warm and furry but inside he is a true leader with a vision.

He is focused and has much insight as a military officer who values honesty. He is able to recognize when disaster is likely to strike hence taking appropriate action and protecting his people at any cost.


Not Marco from Marco Polo! He is from the Attack on Titan manga series who is able to use his intuition to predict future events and study people deeply. He is a man who has earned his regiments’ trust because he always puts the group’s interests first. He is a good leader because he knows how to convince others including the enemy and will be able to secure peace and resolve arguments because of how he thinks and receives information.


This article listed famous anime characters who are identified as ENFJ personality types. The article not only provided a brief introduction to the concept of the Myer Briggs test but also the ENFJ personality type. Also, the article provided an overview on 7 anime characters who are ENFJs.

Frequently Asked Questions: 7 ENFJ Anime Characters.

Who Is An ENFJ?

An ENFJ is someone who is a good leader, connects deeply to people and is wise.

Are ENFJs manipulative?

ENFJs are not manipulative and do not believe in taking advantage of someone.

Why are ENFJs Considered Good?

ENFJs are considered good because they go out of the way to help people.




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