5 ENFP Anime Characters (A Guide)

This article will discuss the personality traits of 5 anime characters who are identified as ENFPs or Campaigners. The article will also explain what is meant by the term ENFP and what traits, strengths and weaknesses they possess.

What Anime Characters Are ENFP Personalities?

Anime characters that are considered as ENFP or Campaigner personalities have been listed below:

  • Son Goku
  • Kamina
  • Monkey D Luffy
  • Touta
  • Camie

We will be looking at the above characters in detail. However, before we do that we will take a look at what the Myer Briggs Test and ENFP personality type are!

What Is The Myer Briggs Type Indicator?

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator is a self assessment psychological tool that assesses one’s personality to determine which of the following four functions they have, either introvert or extrovert, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling and judgment or perception. 

  • Introversion/Extroversion
  • Intuition/Sensing
  • Thinking/Feeling
  • Perceiving/Judging

The test demands that individuals answer yes or no to a series of questions that seemingly measure your likes and dislikes and attitudes towards people or things. The result is that the test assigns you a unique personality type out of the 16 major types outlined by this psychological tool. Although it is not scientifically backed, it has gained much fame in today’s world and is used widely.

Now that we have an idea of the Myer Briggs test, we will take a look at the personality of ENFPs so we can better understand which anime characters fall into this category!

Who Is A Campaigner?

A campaigner is an ENFP personality type that has an extroverted, intuitive,feeling and perceiving function hence they are very vibrant, creative and have big dreams they aspire towards!

These individuals want to roam free and value the social connections they make especially at a party or any gathering they attend! They won’t enjoy the party as much as they enjoy creating valuable networks with others. They are also very intuitive hence they can understand how others are like and what they are driven by which allows them to connect even better with the other person.

The ENFP personality believes everything is strongly connected however they view these connections not only through a rational explanation but in terms of emotionality, relations and even a touch of mysticism. They want to understand the deeper meaning in life. 

Yes these personality types know how to relax unlike others. At one moment they will be working very hard driven by an idea that demands passion, hard work and idealistic thinking! However, the very next moment these personality types are ready to chill and attend a social gathering where they can sit down and talk to others over numerous topics! They can switch easily between these two modes because they realize the need to rest and give in to those inner cravings! 

The ENFP personality is very invested in understanding how others operate – what they think or feel about and what motivates them? However, sometimes if they expend too much energy in trying to understand others they will get exhausted especially if they interpret the signals wrongly. So take it easy ENFJs! Sometimes a simpler approach is sufficient too!

The Strengths & Weaknesses of ENFJ Anime Characters!

It is important that we understand what types of strengths and weaknesses ENFJ personalities have so we can relate them to the anime characters we will be looking at shortly!

The Strenghts!

Curiosity killed the cat! The ENFP personality type is very curious and they want to know the what, where, when and how of everything as well as the who! This also drives them to be good observers hence they notice what is going on in their surroundings especially with regards to people and their body language.

People with this personality trait tend to be popular as they know how to relax and chill and have a good time with others. They are also very popular and like to mingle with others and learn more about the people they meet. All in all, they are approachable individuals whom people like to spend time with!

They are vibrant and energetic as well as enthusiastic; this is how they push themself to get the job done and motivate others to work towards their goals too!

The campaigner is one who has good communication skills. They can easily initiate a conversation and keep it going either with small talk or long meaningful conversations where they are able to form good relations with others!

What Are The Weaknesses of a Campaigner?

These are sensitive people who take emotions very seriously hence they can easily get hurt. They also want to be there for others and if they can’t they feel very bad and often get stressed when deciding how to help others and if they actually can!

Because of their perceptive function, these individuals find it hard to focus on routine tasks or jobs they must get done. They also overthink on many things because they want to understand it deeply! Another weakness they possess is that sometimes they can become too independent and are not very practical.

The 5 Anime Characters Who Are Campaigners!

Son Goku

He is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball Z series; he is extremely carefree as he is not worried about the opinion of others and is very friendly, talkative and optimistic. He likes to laugh over whatever he can and enjoys the company of others.

Goku is initially sent to earth as a saiyan to destroy it however there is some interference in faith when he experiences a head injury that changes things for the good – at least for mankind. He is very much committed to protecting earth and works very hard, striving to be the best warrior but at the same time he knows how to have fun.

He may seem as someone who is carefree and doesn’t prefer to have any sort of deep, meaningful conversation however he can! He knows when his friends or family is upset and can automatically switch into a person that understands their feelings.


He is a young man from the village of Jeeha. He is also the founder and first team leader of Team Gurren. He is an undeterred idealist who can be stupid sometimes. He has also declared that it is the nature of a man to stare at beautiful women.

However, despite all that, he is extremely ambitious in that he does not let anything keep him down for much time. He has fun times but he is also very intuitive and this allows him to plan well for future battles and decide his moves.He cares about others and this is apparent when he admits that the reason he started the war against the beastmen was to provide the future generations a safer future.

Monkey D Luffy.

This anime character hails from the popular manga series One Piece. He has two sides like ENFPs; one where he is very ambitious about his dreams and rally others towards it and the other where he is very carefree and just wants to relax or go about matters without caring what others say.


He is another anima character from the manga series of Death Note and people argue that he can also fit the ENFP personality although sometimes people do disagree. Nonetheless. He is driven by the dream to do good and justice and end crime in whatever way he can. Although he appreciates the input from others he will eventually go with what he believes in!


Camie Utsushimi is from the manga series My Hero Academia where she plays the role of a confident hero who loves to interact with people and learn more about them! She like other ENFPs, has a good heart and wants to do work for the greater good!


This article listed famous anime characters who are identified as ENFP personality types. The article not only provided a brief introduction to the concept of the Myer Briggs test but also the ENFP personality type. Also, the article provided an overview on 5 anime characters who are ENFPs.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 ENFP Anime Characters.

Who Is An ENFP?

An ENFP is someone who is concerned with the greater good of their people.

Are ENFPs Strange?

ENFJs are strange in the sense that they can be extremely hard working at one moment but relaxing in the other!

Why are ENFPs Considered Good?

ENFJs are considered good because despite their overall behavior, they have the inner desire to work for the welfare and protection of others.




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