7 Enneagram 2w3 Anime Characters (A Complete Guide)

This article will not only highlight what anime characters fall into the category of 2w3 enneagrams but will also help the audience develop an understanding of why they are identified as such personality types. The article will attempt to do this by commenting on their strengths and weaknesses and introduce the enneagram 2w3.

What Anime Characters Are 2w3 Enneagrams?

The following anime characters are identified as 2w3 enneagrams:

  • Lucy Heartfilia
  • Tenten
  • Monika
  • Tamaki
  • Futaba
  • Yamato
  • Ochaco

Now that we have our top 7 list we will take a look at each character in a while. Before that, we will understand what exactly is an enneagram type 2w3 and determine what traits these personalities have and why an anime will fall into this category.

Who Is An Enneagram Type 2w3?

An enneagram type 2w3 is a person who can be described as caring, possessive and demonstrative. These individuals are approachable; they are warm, friendly and kind so that people can ask them for help. They want to be there for others and go to the extent that they sacrifice their own needs. 

However, people with this enneagram type are extremely flattering and may be labeled as ‘people pleasers’. They go the extra mile to assist others and sometimes this can irritate people because they become too nosy!

Being genuine helpers, people who have this enneagram type want to be involved in the life of others that too deeply; they want to know the details and what the other person is experiencing so that they can help them more properly. What is it that promotes such a behavior? What is it that creates this powerful drive in helpers to help others? Let us find out in the upcoming section in this article.

The Strengths & Weaknesses Of Anime Characters – Enneagram Type 2w3

It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of enneagram 2w3 so that we can justify the anime characters who fall into this category. Also, most of the anime characters we point out will have the following strengths and weaknesses.

The Strengths of Enneagram Type 2w3 

  • Optimistic
  • Effective Communication
  • Good Relationship Managers


These individuals like to look at the greener side of life and want to instill this same outlook in others! They strongly believe in adopting a positive outlook in life so that we can identify the good things and focus more on them. Similarly, these individuals will not focus too much on the bad things in life unless they need attention; they will save their energies for productive work.

Effective Communication

The enneagram type 2w3 communicates effectively as they have good interpersonal skills. They are able to clearly communicate their message to others and also understand what it is the other person wants to say! 

People with this trait are able to understand and connect with others at a better level because they make the other person heard and understood. This fits in with their overall personality!

Good Relationship Managers.

People with this enneagram type put much time and effort in their relations. They understand that a long term relationship with someone they love requires much work; they are able to understand their own needs and those of others and shape the relationship in such a way!

What Are The Weaknesses Of Anime Characters – Enneagram Type 2w3

  • Obsessive Tendencies
  • Sensitive To Criticism

Obsessive Tendencies

This can be a bit creepy but these enneagrams look forward to a lot of appreciation from others and will go to extra lengths to get recognized and appreciated by others. They are not satisfied with simply helping someone but want to be appreciated verbally or rewarded in some manner as they require a bit more assurance.

Sensitive To Criticism

As much as they want appreciation they hate criticism and maybe it’s because they are angry that people do not realize the hard work they put in to be there for others. After all that work if they are only going to listen to criticism they will surely get annoyed and may become distant or aloof!

7 Anime Characters Who Are Type 2w3 Enneagrams

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is from the anime series of Fairy Tale where she is seen to be a helpful and cheerful character who is always ready to lend a helping hand! She is empathetic and believes in being there for others especially when they are in need. What makes her happy is when the members of the Fairy Tale group accept her and go the extra mile to help her out. 

Lucy has effective communication skills which are apparent in the series. She is a strong believer in what is right and wrong and also does not give up her view so easily so she can be quite stubborn.


Tenten is depicted as naturally inquisitive and observant, with a personal dream to become a legendary kunoichi like Tsunade. She is from the Naruto series where she is aspiring to be as skilled as men; she does not want to be left behind in the sense that she is weak or not good enough to develop skills or compete with others. This makes her a bit stubborn like enneagrams of this type and she is also very competitive.

However, despite being competitive, she is a good friend who is helpful and has good communication skills.

This character is very interesting; she has an obsession with the world of the supernatural and loves to collect ninja tools to the extent that she opens up a shop!


She is the president and poster girl of the Literature Club in the anime series Doki Doki Literature Club. This anime character has green eyes, long brown hair, is tall and wears the typical school girl uniform!

She has an interesting character and role in the series. She discovers that she is in a game where she can control certain things. Initially, she is very caring about her club members and encourages them to grow their skills and polish them. However, once she learns about her reality, she makes her members unappealing or unlikeable instead of deleting them immediately because h=of her attachment to them.

She is also shown to have obsessive or manipulative tendencies as the series progresses and matures.


Tamaki is the founder and president of the Ouran host club and is quite extroverted, flirtatious and dramatic! He is energetic and vibrant as well as sociable. However, he is also sensitive to criticism and may become stubborn at times. 

He has good traits too where he genuinely cares about others and is willing to adopt an altruistic attitude in his approach to others.


Her full name is Futaba Yoshioka and is the main character in the anime series Ao Haru Ride where she is a second year high school student who falls in love with Kou Tanaka.

She is a people person who wants to gain recognition or appreciation from others and fit in! For this, she changes from her girlish personality to a different and unfeminine one to gain acceptance from others at her school.

Despite what is going, she is someone who is empathetic and can understand people and situations at a deeper level.


Not the protagonist but the protagonist’s trainer, Yamato is wise and cautious in his actions. He is the trainer of Naruto in the Naruto Shippuden series where he works hard and is committed to his students’ learning. 

Being a dedicated and dutiful person, he takes his tasks seriously and strives to protect his people from whatever harm he can! He is also able to bond well with others.


Ochaco Uraraka  also known as Uravity  is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. She is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia.

This anime character is sociable and likes to say what comes to her mind. She is empathetic and friendly as well. Also, she likes to have a positive outlook in life but also sees everything in an objective manner and does not ignore anything that requires much attention.

She is cheerful and likes to interact with others!


This article identified which anime characters fall into the enneagram type 2w3 and what traits, strengths and weaknesses do they possess which reflect the enneagram’s personality. In order to help the audience develop a full understanding of the topic, the article also introduced the type 2w3 enneagram.

Frequently Asked Questions: 7 Enneagram 2w3 Anime Characters

What Is An Enneagram Type 2w3?

An enneagram type 2w3 shares most of its traits from the type 2 enneagram but also a few traits from the type 3 enneagram. This type is also known for their helpful behaviour and are quite motivated to do the right thing.

What would make an anime character a type 2w3 enneagram?

An anime character would be a type 2w3 enneagram if they have good interpersonal skills, aim towards perfection and have issues with being stubborn or self critical.

Which anime characters are type 2w3 enneagrams?

Anime characters that are type 2w3 enneagrams include Luna, Yamato, Tenten and Monika.



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