5 Enneagram 3w4 Anime Characters (A Complete Guide)

This article will not only highlight what anime characters fall into the category of 3w4 enneagrams but will also help the audience develop an understanding of why they are identified as such personality types. The article will attempt to do this by commenting on their strengths and weaknesses and introduce the enneagram 3w4.

What Anime Characters Are 3w4 Enneagrams?

The following anime characters are identified as 3w4 enneagrams:

  • Vegeta
  • Griffith
  • Yato
  • Sebastian
  • Dio Brando

Now that we have our top 5 list we will take a look at each character in a while. Before that, we will understand what exactly is an enneagram type 3w4 and determine what traits these personalities have and why an anime will fall into this category.

What Is The Enneagram Type 3w4?

The enneagram type 3w4 is the personality type assigned to individuals who predominantly adopt traits from the 3rd enneagram type but also have some traits of the 4th enneagram type hence they are in fact called ‘The Professional’ due to this combination.

For these individuals, they are represented by their work and they take it very seriously. They are career driven and ambitious and put much focus into the tasks they are doing. For them work is what defines them hence it is their number one priority. 

Usually these personality types tend to be introverted at least more than type 3s and they like to think and dwell on their thoughts from which they derive quite a lot of power and motivation. They like to develop themselves professional and thus value whatever new things they learn. They want to move forward in their professional lives to obtain success and be an example for those who are following in their steps. This is how they measure their worth.

The Personality Traits Of The Professional.

The type 3w4 enneagram has certain personality traits or behaviors that set it apart and they have been listed below:

  • Excelling
  • Introverts
  • Self Disciplined
  • Grow Professionally
  • Energetic

What Are The Strengths Of Professionals?

  • Focus
  • Small Improvements
  • Analyze Themselves


The type 3w4 enneagram has a number of strengths but we outlined a few relevant ones. The professional is very focused like we said before and this allows them to excel in their work when others may be distracted. They are able to put their concentration in their work and identify patterns, relationships or even exceptions that are not so easily observed and this is what allows them to be a few steps ahead of others.

Small Improvements Go A Long Way

Yes they do! The professional is indeed professional when it comes to improving themselves. They believe in consistency and will take small but frequent and timely steps to improve themselves so they can perform better.

Analyze Themselves.

Enneagrams of this type are able to take a step back and look at their strengths and weaknesses; they can identify what problem areas they have and work on them unlike others who are often blind to their own weaknesses. This is a great tool this type has which it uses to overcome their own faults that keep them back.


  • Self Doubt
  • Perceived As Over Confident
  • Failure Falls Hard On Them

Self Doubt.

They are so bent on success that the very idea of it scares them. They don’t want to fall back and hence may doubt their own steps during the process because of their commitment to be successful. It is not something they show but rather something they feel.

Perceived As Over Confident.

On the outside, type 3w4 enneagrams keep composure even if they have small issues going on inside. This composure is necessary to keep them going on in the face of adversity and obviously to stay in the game; it is important to make others feel you know what you are doing. However, this confidence may be taken negatively even in the form of arrogance. Be a bit open minded and don’t mistake good confidence for something other than itself!

Failure – A Nasty Medicine.

If these people face failure it falls hard on them. In the short term, it will give them much pain or anger because it is what they indeed fear. However, because of their nature they will be able to stand up again and if they are smart they will take some lessons from it! On the whole, this fear of failure is something that makes them doubt their own selves at times and can be very hard on them if they face it.

5 Enneagram 3w4 Anime Characters


He is from planet Vegeta and is a fallen saiyan who lost his entire race to frieza which ends up leaving him ruthless and looking for revenge. Vegeta is one of the main characters from the Dragon Ball Z series where he undergoes many changes in the sense that he is probably considered a villain at the start but soon transforms into another leading hero towards the end.

Vegeta is very focused on what he wants; he wants to avenge his people and destroy his enemy frieza! He is also arrogant and wants to become the strongest saiyan ever and defeat Goku as well! However, over the series he falls in love with Bulma and settles down. This also eats him up inside because he is now distracted from his main goals which is bothers enneagrams like him. 

Vegeta is a victim of self doubt too. He wants to believe he is the strongest and in order to do that he is obsessed with defeating those whom he thinks are a match for him. This is another trait enneagram 3w4 types have!


He is the leader of the reborn Band of the Falcon and supreme Commander of the Midland Regular Army; he and his soldiers were able to end a 100 year war and thus bring peace and stability to the Kingdom of Midland where much damage had been caused by the war. 

He appears in the Berserk anime series where he has whitish blonde hair, a tanned skin and divine like appearance which many are in awe of or are jealous of. He seems like a knight in shining armour because he has a certain aura emanating from him.

Like other enneagrams of his type, he is very ambitious and excels in what he does; from a young age he set high goals for himself in terms of acquiring his own kingdom to rule over. He is unpredictable in the sense that he can be very caring but also very brutal. 

He is very much concerned with his success and afraid of any losses he experiences. Like other ‘professionals’, he can be devastated by loss or failure; this is apparent when he is faced with the deaths of his mercenaries which take such a toll on him that he begins to rationalize their deaths and becomes very apathetic. 


He is from the anime series of Noragami where he is originally known as Yaboku and aspires to be a god who is worshipped so he does whatever he can to reach that goal; he does the small chores of people as a delivery god to win their hearts and is paid as low as 5 yen! 

Although he is sneaky, lazy, greedy and possibly selfish, Yato is very ambitious and focused on his goal. He does anything which can bring him closer to this goal like putting up his cell phone number everywhere so more and more people know him.

He believes in taking small steps and continuous improvement. However, Yato is overconfident in what he believes; he think gods including himself are above good and bad hence they can do whatever they want and still bu justified!


He is an anime character that has a demonic form and is from the series of Black Butler. He is tall and good looking and dresses very formally due to the nature of his profession. He has never been shown in his full demonic form but audiences have had some glimpses. 

Like enneagrams of type 3w4, he is very efficient in how he follows his master’s orders and ensures they are carried out well. He however is not very human at all from the inside; he is sadistic and heartless instead of how cheerful he appears on the outside. 

Dio Brando

He is a very calculated anime character in that he measures everything in terms of the goal he wants to achieve. He is focused and efficient when it comes to his goal; he wants to become the strongest person and richest person in the world! He will do anything to get what he wants.

This character is very manipulative and will do anything to avoid failure in reaching his goal. He believes in excelling and growing.


This article identified which anime characters fall into the enneagram type 3w4 and what traits, strengths and weaknesses do they possess which reflect the enneagram’s personality. In order to help the audience develop a full understanding of the topic, the article also introduced the type 3w4 enneagram.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 Enneagram 3w4 Anime Characters

What Is An Enneagram Type 3w4?

The enneagram type 3w4 is the personality type assigned to individuals who predominantly adopt traits from the 3rd enneagram type but also have some traits of the 4th enneagram type hence they are in fact called ‘The Professional’ due to this combination.

What would make an anime character a type 3w4 enneagram?

An anime character would be a type 3w4 enneagram if they are efficient, hard working and believe in growing continuously in their field.

Which anime characters are type 3w4 enneagrams?

Anime characters that are type 3w4 enneagrams include Vegeta, Sebastian and Griffith.




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