5 Enneagram 6w5 Anime Characters (A Complete Guide)

This article will not only highlight what anime characters fall into the category of 6w5 enneagrams but will also help the audience develop an understanding of why they are identified as such personality types. The article will attempt to do this by commenting on their strengths and weaknesses and introduce the enneagram 6w5.

What Anime Characters Are 6w5 Enneagrams?

The following anime characters are identified as 6w5 enneagrams:

  • Tamaki
  • Tomura
  • Mai Sakurajima
  • Crona
  • Kite

Now that we have our top 5 list we will take a look at each character in a while. Before that, we will understand what exactly is an enneagram type 6w5 and determine what traits these personalities have and why an anime will fall into this category.

Who Is An Enneagram Type 6 Wing 5?

An Enneagram Type 6 Wing 5 is one of the personality types in the model of the human psyche which is called the Defender because of their desire to protect their close loved ones who provide them with guidance and support.

The enneagram 6w5 shares most of their traits with the type 6 enneagram (The Loyalist)  but also has some traits of the type 5 enneagram (The Investigator). They are smart, work hard and are careful before they act; they like to think out plans or determine the consequences of any step they take well in advance. 

These individuals strongly believe in ties with friends, family and loved ones. They derive their support, love and security from these relations and will do anything to protect their pillars hence they can become very defensive when required. 

The Strengths & Weaknesses.

Does someone like a Defender have weaknesses or do they just have strengths? We have a few listed below so check them out:

  • Great problem solvers
  • Attention to detail
  • Work well independently
  • Struggle with negative thoughts
  • Difficulty expressing emotions

Great Problem Solvers.

Yes because of their thinking skills and ability to focus their thoughts, the type 6w5 enneagram is great at solving problems! They will discover unique and creative solutions and will do so quickly. Their ideas are usually original and are the workings of their deep mind.

Attention To Detail.

These personality types have the ability to observe things closely and they can pick out the details in things you may not even notice. They notice not only the profound elements of something but the small details others will overlook. However, they are the ones who realize it’s the small things that come together to create the big picture!

Work Well Independently.

Compared to type 6 enneagrams, this hybrid is better off working alone because of the traits they gain from type 5 enneagrams. They are more confident in their abilities and are able to work on the support and energy they have already derived from others.

Struggle With Negative Thoughts.

Unfortunately these enneagrams have a hard time getting away from their fears in their thoughts. They will struggle with thinking patterns that make them feel unconfident and insecure. 

Difficulty Expressing Emotions.

One weakness these types have is that they sometimes find it hard to express themself emotionally and may bottle up whatever it is they feel or think!

5 Anime Characters Who Are An Enneagram Type 6w5!


He is a tall young man with pale skin and indigo colored hair that is a bit messy. He has a tired expression on his face and dislikes making eye contact with others.

He is an introvert who is depressed, aloof and quiet. He gets nervous very easily and would rather run off than face what is making him anxious. He is extremely pessimistic and is unable to recognize the good things in him; he does not think good of himself despite his achievements or skills. He has very low self esteem! He is the typical enneagram under discussion here because of his negative thoughts and inability to express his emotions.

Yet, despite his overall personality, Tamaki believes that others should not undermine their own efforts. Even though he is nervous and probably scared, he shows his brave side when fighting off evil and protecting others. Despite being suspicious and insecure, these individuals prove to be very loyal!


He is from the anime series of My Hero Academy where he has a dishevelled appearance; he has messy grey hair, his eyes are visible in a wide and odd manner showing their red irises and he has a mole underneath his mouth. 

He has a troubled personality and is unable to cope with his emotional side; he has anger outbursts which he is not able to control and may even take it out on others or tear at his own neck! He appears as someone who is arrogant and selfish as well as demanding. Much like enneagram type 6w5, he is not able to regulate his emotions; he may even experience many negative ones that cause him to be like this.

Regardless, he is very loyal to the League of Villains which he leads and wants to prove that his organization has the power to influence others and shake the very fabric of society!

He had a tough childhood that destroyed his dreams of initially becoming a hero. He was abused by and terrified of his father who hated heroes very much. This is the incident in his life that caused him to choose the dark side; this choice has triggered his already prone tendencies to be negative and emotionally unstable.

Mai Sakurajima

While being tall for a Japanese girl, Mai is an attractive girl who is either seen in a bunny costume or a school girls uniform. 

She is a serious individual who is not very cheerful or optimistic. She is seen with Sakuta who keeps telling her that she is not true to herself and does not acknowledge her own feelings. This is true of enneagram type 6w5 because they not only have issues with their thoughts but are unable to regulate, express or control their emotions properly.

She, however, at the same time is very polite and kind to others and is known for her intelligence. She gets good grades and even helps Sakuta study. These types are known for their logical thinking; they are generally introverts who can see the patterns in their surroundings.

She’s also very selfless. She once almost sacrificed herself to save Sakuta from being hit by a car. This also reflects her personality as an enneagram type 6w5 because they are very loyal.

Overall, she can be described as very similar to Sakuta: they’re both quick-witted individuals with a sarcastic streak, yet very kind and helpful, with an immensely good heart and who always do what’s right.


She appears in the anime series of Soul Eater where she is shown to have been raised in an unstable home by a villain; this impacts her negatively and she has issues with her self esteem and self image. She is depressed and gloomy and also experiences negative thoughts.

She is unable to interact with the outside world hence she becomes reserved and withdraws from normal life and tends to stay alone. She deteriorates to the extent that she begins to kill others. However, as soon as she meets Maki her inner good side begins to show!


This anime character is from the series of Hunter X Hunter and appears as someone who is calm and calculated in the decisions they make. They are also cautious sometimes doubting what they do. He is very protective of others especially animals and has a caring side. However, he can appear aloof or even cold at times.

His wisdom is such that he takes much care when entering into various situations.


This article identified which anime characters fall into the enneagram type 6w5 and what traits, strengths and weaknesses do they possess which reflect the enneagram’s personality. In order to help the audience develop a full understanding of the topic, the article also introduced the type 6w5 enneagram.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 Enneagram 6w5 Anime Characters

What Is An Enneagram Type 6w5?

The enneagram type 6w5 is the personality type assigned to individuals who predominantly adopt traits from the 6 enneagram type but also have some traits of the 5 enneagram type.

What would make an anime character a type 6w5 enneagram?

Being logical and reserved but at the same time having negative feelings and thoughts is what makes an anime character a type 6w5 enneagram.

Which anime characters are type 6w5 enneagrams?

Anime characters that are type 6w5 include Kite, Crona, Machi and Izuku!