5 Enneagram 9w1 Anime Characters (A Complete Guide)

This article will not only highlight what anime characters fall into the category of 9w1 enneagrams but will also help the audience develop an understanding of why they are identified as such personality types. The article will attempt to do this by commenting on their strengths and weaknesses and introduce the enneagram 9w1.

What Anime Characters Are 9w1 Enneagrams?

The following anime characters are identified as 9w1 enneagrams:

  • Tohru Honda
  • Wing
  • Tsuyu Asui
  • Shouko Nishimiya
  • Takasu Ryuuji

Now that we have our top 5 list we will take a look at each character in a while. Before that, we will understand what exactly is an enneagram type 9w1 and determine what traits these personalities have and why an anime will fall into this category.

What Is The Enneagram Type 9w1?

The enneagram type 9w1 is an enneagram which identifies mostly with the type 9 enneagram but also shares some traits with the type 1 enneagram. These individuals are pretty much stable in life with an accepting and trusting behaviour. They are friendly and are hence approachable by others; they tend to create relationships easily with others due to their traits of trusting and accepting others as they are.

This enneagram wants everything to be smooth. They make sure they themselves behave and feel as well as think in such a way that there are no hurdles and they expect the same from others. They want to be in a conflict free zone where people have a generally accepting nature and do not let any elements of their thoughts or feelings create any sort of dispute.

People with this personality are usually optimistic and want to think good of others or the events that are going around them. This is necessary to maintain a peaceful state of affairs internally and externally.

What Are The Personality Traits Of Negotiators?

  • Prefer Schedules
  • Optimistic
  • Maintain Peace
  • Idealistic
  • Become Numb 

Prefer Schedules.

These individuals prefer routines over unorganized routines; they want to know what they have to do today and won’t really look for surprises because it may mean they need to let go of a few tasks. This may take away their peace of mind! Generally, the type 9w1 enneagram feels comfortable when they work in a fixed routine because of the sense of control it gives them. They are aware of what they need to do when and thus they can plan accordingly!


These individuals are very optimistic and they give out that glow; they are cheerful and friendly and very much approachable. They will easily trust what you say and not doubt you because they want to give their very best to maintaining good relations with others.

This enneagram type will always hope for the best and they will always convince themselves that good will happen; this helps them maintain peace mentally. If they began to give in to their negative thoughts they would reach a stage where they would lose their mental peace and hence become very disturbed. 

Maintain Peace.

The main aim of these personality types is to maintain peace. They will put in a lot of effort to make sure things work out smoothly and will often invest too much of themselves which takes a toll on them.

They will give the time and energy to make relationships last longer, they will put in the hard work to make a project keep standing and they will give time to people who need it to make sure they get the support they need.

Become Numb.

Like a turtle hides in its shell, the type 9w1 enneagram has the habit of becoming numb to whatever is going on around it if they are not able to control or maintain peace. They will create an unstable reality where they will convince themselves everything is not as bad as it seems and things will eventually become better. This attitude inculcates a false sense of control or security in them. Instead of looking into the matter, fixing or ending it for good, they avoid it and let things run their course.

5 Enneagram 9w1 Anime Characters

Tohru Honda

Like most peacekeepers, this anime character prefers to keep the peace instead of standing up for her rights and complaining. She likes to ensure there is harmony around her and others are at ease. She is generally kind, warm hearted and honest as well as gentle when it comes to interacting with others. 

She also has good emotional intelligence and is very aware of the feelings of others – she is thus empathetic. She can tell if someone is upset or feels off!

Although she is nurturing and kind because of which others are pulled towards her – she can become distant – but why? She is very loving towards her friends but if they get into a fight or clash with others around them she will become distant as this enneagram type anime character avoids confrontation at any cost. 

Despite all that positivity, Tohru can be self critical and suffers from esteem issues sometimes. She lost her mother and is unable to come to terms with this incident however she still carries on! Like caring people, she often puts the needs of others before her!

Tohru Honda is one of the characters in the anime series of Fruit Basket.


Wearing a casual look, Wing is an anime character in Hunter X Hunter series where he has unkempt black hair, wears glasses, has an average height and build and likes to wear a light pink shirt partially tucked into his pants. 

He is one of those people who cares greatly about those around him. He is a teacher who is loving and patient with his students but also very strict when he must be. He is one of those enneagram types who prefer routine and fixed schedules and hence this allows him to keep a check not only on himself but his students too!

Sometimes he goes into his shell and seems absent minded which tends to happen with these enneagram types. He is also modest and has the quality of being patient.

He is focused on what he needs to do and this is why he is so much invested in his students however he does resort to a certain level of violent behavior to discipline his students. Here, it must be noted that he is not confronting them in the sense to create conflict but to ensure there is growth in their learning.

Tsuyu Asui

She is one of the characters in the anime series My Hero Academia where she, like other type 9w1 enneagrams, is very kind and gentle to others. She is highly intelligent when it comes to understanding the needs of others and perceiving their current mental and emotional state hence she can be a source of comfort.

Even in the anime series, her friends consider her their support system because she is able to understand what they go through and offer a genuine and kind ear to hear their concerns.

Also, she is very direct in her communication and is blunt as well as to the point. She is very mature for her age and hence is able to take care of herself in many ways – she usually completes her tasks efficiently.

However, sometimes she gets offended by what others say and may react violently. Soon after, she will apologize to them though!

Shouko Nishimiya

She is a naive anime character who is misled into believing that her hearing impairment is because of something wrong she did in her younger years. Like her typical self, she believes that and possibly believes it because she just wants to accept things as they are and not create conflict.

Like other anime characters who fall into this type, she is friendly and peaceful as well. She can stand up for herself and is determined and disciplined.

Takasu Ryuuji

He is the main character in the series he stars in and has grown up with just his mother; this has caused him to become quite self sufficient. However, he has a naughty look in his eyes that makes him look like a difficult student. He is disciplined and prefers organization to the extent that he likes to cook and clean himself.

He is misunderstood due to his background and looks, however he is selfless and kind as well as a good student who gets good grades.

The Strengths & Weaknesses – What To Look For In Your Favorite Anime Characters!

Here is a list of the traits that describe what these enneagrams are like:

  • Creative
  • Agreeable
  • Complacent
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Motivated
  • Focused
  • Open Minded
  • Distant When Stressed
  • Non Confrontational


This article studied the enneagram type 9w1 by highlighting and discussing its personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. The article also attempted to create a deeper understanding of this type so the audience could understand anime characters falling in this category.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 9w1 Anime Characters

Who is the enneagram type 9w1?

The enneagram type 9w1 is a combination of mostly traits from type 9 enneagram and some traits from type 1 enneagram. These enneagrams are kind and peaceful and like to be organized.

Why are enneagrams 9w1 reserved?

The enneagram type 9w1 is not reserved but may become distant if they sense conflict nearby. They do not want to be in chaotic situations where there is no harmony.

Is enneagram 9w1 good at being helpful?

The enneagram type 9w1 is very good at being helpful as they are caring and want others to be happy as well.



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