Enneagram 9W1 VS 9W8 Test (5 differences)

This blog post aims to explore the concept of the Enneagram tests and study the various characteristics, functionalities, and dimensions of and the similarities and differences between Enneagram 9W1s and 9W8s with regard to the different aspects of life. 

Enneagram 9W1 vs 9W8 Test.

The differences between Enneagram 9W1 and 9W8 tests lie in the following 5 areas –

  • Dealing with anger.
  • Work ethic.
  • Morality and ethics.
  • Independence.
  • Impression on others.

What are these 5 differences between Enneagram 9W1 and 9W8 tests?

Dealing with anger.

Both Enneagram 9W1s and 9W8s are really irate. However, the way Enneagram 9W1s and 9W8s deal with their rage differ.

Type 9 holds back their rage. While type 1 internalises this rage, type 8 is more aggressive in their wrath. Because of their internalised rage, Type 1s are their harshest judges. 

Enneagram 9W1s attempt to correct this by making sure everything is flawless on the outside and adheres to a specific sequence or system. So while both will first try to contain their fury, 9W8s are more likely to blow up. 

Enneagram 9W8s will not be frightened of conflict and will deal with it head-on if their wing is robust. Enneagram 9W8s may come out as rough and scary as a result.

Even when pushed against the wall, 9W1s will seldom address the problem. Enneagram 9W1s will internalise the issue and put the responsibility on themselves. 

When this occurs, kids start to expect greater perfection from their surroundings. For 9W1s, this can result in a vicious cycle.

Work ethic.

Type 9s are notorious for being laid back. Type 9s adore a simple existence. Type 9s can also believe that any further effort could disturb their inner tranquilly. Despite this viewpoint, each has a different method of working.

9W8s are more engaged in their work than other groups. Enneagram 9W8s make every effort to assist when they are a part of a group or team. Enneagram 9W8s are responsible for this.

9W1s are unique. Enneagram 9W1s are more concerned with ensuring that their behaviours are flawless and faultless. The issue in this situation is that perfection is unachievable. 

Type 1s are not also 9W1. Enneagram 9W1s will thus never even come close to meeting the expectations they have set for themselves.

Accordingly, 9W1 will experience problems with complacency and a sense of worthlessness. Enneagram 9W1s could think they never perform anything correctly.

Morality and ethics.

Ethics and morality are not important to 9W8s. This does not imply that Enneagram 9W8s are necessarily morally or ethically wrong. 

Simply put, Enneagram 9W8s don’t care enough to incorporate it into their basic principles. Another key element is their wing. As a result, 9W8s may be less rigid about their principles.

9W1s take a unique approach to issues. Enneagram 9W1s have higher moral standards and want to act morally. Many 9W1s practise religion. When Enneagram 9W1s depart from their ideals, it has a significant impact on them as well.

Wanting perfection is 9W1s’ main weakness. Like other characteristics, 9W1s strive for moral perfection. However, Enneagram 9W1s simply lack the consistency to carry it off. As a result, 9W1s could intend to act morally upright yet end up doing the exact opposite.


The 9W8s are adamantly independent. Enneagram 9W8s have achieved a balance between independence and harmony with others. While this is true, Enneagram 9W8s won’t actively seek out disputes in order to demonstrate their independence. 

But this quality will come through when the going gets tough. It directly results from their wing’s desire to be in charge of their life. Therefore, 9W8s won’t ever give in to manipulation or submission.

9W1s make every effort to stay out of confrontation. Their wing aspires to have a positive reputation. Enneagram 9W1s are persistent people-pleasers as a result of having both desires.

Enneagram 9W1s  have a greater desire to stay out of arguments and follow the opinions of others. 9W1s are humans, which is the issue here. Enneagram 9W1s have opinions and vices they desire to explore.

Enneagram 9W1s’ wants may drive them to become mired in a cycle that prevents them from ever genuinely living.

Impression on others.

There are significant differences in how 9W8s and 9W1s are seen. 9W8s are seen as strong, threatening, and difficult to deal with. 9W1s are regarded as kind, courteous, and decent individuals.

9W1s are also more inclined to adhere to the accepted social standards. Rebellion is more common in 9W8s. People are hence drawn to 9W1s. Enneagram 9W1s simply come out as friendlier.

What is Enneagram 9W1?

The main characteristics of type Enneagram 9W1 and certain characteristics of type 1 are present in this person, who may value peace but is also certain of their beliefs and goals and may want to use peace to address the most pressing social problems.

Due to their tendency to be exceedingly self-assured and their ability to achieve their goals without raising too many eyebrows, 9W1 is also known as the Negotiator.

The majority of the time, 9W1s avoid fights of any type unless they are provoked particularly aggressively. In these situations, Enneagram 9W1s may be genuinely wounded and utter some somewhat unpleasant remarks, but they are more likely to keep the hurt inside.

The 9W1 is idealistic and serious due to their wing 1 personality qualities and has relatively fixed beliefs of right and wrong, but they also dread solitude and bad luck.

As the 9W1 personality prefers to maintain a delicate harmony in both their internal and external worlds, they will do whatever it takes to keep peace and balance intact. This may cause them to internalise their problems rather than externalise them and share them with the people who care about them.

The 9W1 may occasionally have unhealthy coping mechanisms for dealing with negativity since they may find it difficult to discuss their main concerns, but on the whole, they are pretty upbeat and their wing 1 makes them quite ordered in their outlook on life.

Fundamental Fear of the Enneagram 9W1.

Losing loved ones is the 9W1’s greatest dread. Additionally, Enneagram 9W1s fear losing crucial beliefs and aspects of their existence. This might include customs, ethics, or ingrained convictions. Such items are precious to 9w1s, who have this firm belief.

Fundamental Desire of the Enneagram 9W1.

Living in peace is 9W1’s primary goal in life. Enneagram 9W1s want inner tranquilly and a life that is consistent with their values and beliefs. In order to fulfil this urge, 9W1s may employ the primary defence strategy of type 9s, which is to block off unpleasant feelings.

What is Enneagram 9W8?

The Enneagram 9W8 type, also known as Type Nine with Eight-wing, is made up of people who exhibit fundamental features of Type 9 as well as certain aspects of Type 8. This personality type is known for its flexibility, agreeableness, and outgoing inclinations, as well as a need for internal and outward calm.

The type 9 personality, which is often calmer, may have a strong will, confidence, and an aggressive demeanour, all of which are traits that may originate from the eight wing.

The 9W8 personality type is also known as the Advisor because of its members’ propensity for independence, socialisation, and some degree of regularity in their lives.

Enneagram 9W8s could be more daring than the other 9 personalities or 9 wings, and they might not have the same calm, restrained demeanour. The 9W8 may not value introspection very much and may have much more extroverted characteristics.

The 9W8 is social and adaptable because they combine traits from the numbers 9 and 8, and Enneagram 9W8s typically seek balance and peace in life like other nines, but they also do so consciously and want to be left alone free from other people’s control.

Enneagram 9W8s might go to considerable measures to prevent disagreement and discord, as do the majority of type 9s since they wish to preserve a sense of unity with both the external world and their own internal values and beliefs.

Fundamental Fear of the Enneagram 9W8.

9W8’s primary worry is having an unstable internal state. Enneagram 9W8s want to live lives under control just enough to maintain harmony with others. When their equilibrium in life is in danger, 9W8s will take action to restore it.

Fundamental Desire of the Enneagram 9W8.

The 9W8’s primary goal is to live in harmony with others while maintaining control over their life. Additionally, Enneagram 9W8s seek freedom from pessimistic thoughts and emotions. Enneagram 9W8s make use of type 9s’ defensive mechanism in an effort to do this.

What are enneagram tests?

Don Riso and Russ Hudson developed the most widely used and verified enneagram test after developing the Enneagram theory of personality, which speculated about the presence of stages of development and is responsible for the possibility of growth or disintegration in personality types.

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) is an enneagram test that may be taken by a clinician since it is designed to be delivered in a formal context, unlike the widely available internet enneagram tests, which are not as accurate or valid but are more accessible.

The Instinctual Variants Questionnaire is a supplement to the RHETI I Enneagram exam that serves to further deepen understanding of the Enneagram subtypes and centres.

Conclusion – 

This blog post attempted to understand and explore the concept of the Enneagram tests and study the various characteristics, functionalities and dimensions of and similarities and differences between Enneagram 9W1s and 9W8s with regard to the different aspects of life. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Enneagram 9w1 vs 9w8 test

How do I know if I’m 9w8 or 9w1?

The main difference between the 9w8 and the 9w1 is that the 9w8 achieves their fundamental goal of inner peace by pushing themselves and being more combative, whereas the 9w1 fulfils their core desire by building an ordered and tranquil atmosphere.

What personality type is 9w1?

The Negotiator. People who have an enneagram type nine personality with one personality tend to identify more with the type nine, but they also share some features with the one type. They exhibit qualities such as hard effort, creativity, and friendliness.

What is a 9w8 Enneagram?

An Enneagram type nine wing eight possesses all of the characteristics of a nine while variable degrees of influence from a type eight. As a 9w8, you are the peacemaker while also being combative. An Enneagram 9w8’s deepest wish is to be balanced and tranquil.

What MBTI is 9w8?

The Eight are referred to as “The Leader” by Riso and Hudson. In Myers-Briggs terminology, the Eight is defined by a strength of extraverted Judgement (think CEO), as represented by the ENFJ and ENTJ types. As a result, we could anticipate to see more IFJs than IFPs typing as 9w8s.

Can you be a 9w8?

Nine wing eights are terrified of being cut off from the rest of the world. They avoid this by avoiding conflict; nevertheless, their eight wing drives them to be aggressive, which can cause internal conflict. Their overarching goal is to be inwardly balanced.


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