7 Enneagram 2w3 Anime Characters (A Complete Guide)

This article will not only highlight what anime characters fall into the category of 2w3 enneagrams but will also help the audience develop an understanding of why they are identified as such personality types. The article will attempt to do this by commenting on their strengths and weaknesses and introduce the enneagram 2w3. What Anime … Read more

Enneagram Type 2w3: The Host (A Complete Introduction)

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This article will investigate the personality of the enneagram type 2w3 which is also called the ‘Host’ due to their caring and people pleasing nature. The article will look at what traits, strengths and weaknesses these enneagrams have. After you enjoy the post below, take a look at ”5 Enneagram 2w3 Anime Characters” too. Who … Read more