7 ESFP Anime Characters (A Comprehensive Overview)

This article will list down 7 anime characters that have ESFP personalities. Also, the article will discuss what the Myer Briggs test is and what exactly is an ESFP personality. Furthermore, the personality of each anime character will be discussed in detail.

7 ESFP Anime Characters

The following is a list of popular anime characters who are identified as ESFP personalities:

  • Gold
  • Ty Lee
  • Natsu Dragneel
  • Major Alexander Louis Armstrong
  • All Might
  • Femio
  • Minako Aino

Before we look at each of the personalities in detail of the above listed anime characters, we will take a quick look at what the Myer Briggs is all about and what an ESFP personality type basically is!

What Is The Myer Briggs Type Indicator?

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator is a self report questionnaire that has a number of questions trying to discern between your likes and dislikes, interests and traits in order to determine what four psychological functions you have. After you attempt the test you will be assigned a personality type that is one of the following categories:

  • Extrovert or Introvert
  • Intuitive or Sensing
  • Thinking or Feeling
  • Judging or Perceiving

The Myer Briggs test is widely known for the categories of personality types it has highlighted which are in total 16. They are a different combination of the above types mentioned and are based on one’s attitudes, interests and personality traits. The ENTP personality type is one of the 16 personality types of the MBTI.

The Entertainer Or ESFP Personality!

People who fall under this category are extroverted, sensing, feeling and perceptive. These individuals are full of energy and love to socialize with others and take part in the experiences life has to offer them; they are indeed vibrant and joyful!

Yes this is the personality type that is very generous with their time and energy. They don’t mind spending their time with friends and family while at the same time ensuring things are alive and fun; they will keep the party alive and make sure everyone is having fun because they want others to share in life’s experiences.

ESFPs love to be at the center of all the attention in the room. They want to be in all the conversations and gossip going on and be part of the games or activities around them. Hence they have a strong concern for how they are perceived by others. They like aesthetics not only in terms of their own outlook and appearance but what they own. These people will be the tip top part of the crowd that is dressed well and always makes sure they have matching accessories.

However, ESFPs do not like to think over things much. They prefer short cuts or simply luck to help them get where they want to be and this is not a good strategy for the long term.

Also, the entertainer personality is conflict averse and will try to avoid any type of disagreement or fight as much as they can to the extent they will simply deny something that gives them stress. They also get bored easily and look for constant stimulation. This also makes it difficult for them to stay focused on one thing.

At the same time, these individuals are more of the doing type rather than their thinking or saying type and will be bold and practical as well as original in their actions. They have very good people skills as they are extroverts and are quite observant for the small details.

Which Anime Characters Are Entertaining? The ESFP Personalities In Anime.


He is one of the characters from the anime series Pokemon, who grew up in New Bark Town. He is seen usually with a pair of goggles skateboarding. He is different in that he does not throw his pokemon balls but uses a billiard cue to call them out and hence can better maneuver them. 

He wants to show off and get people’s attention so has the habit of exaggerating himself or even lying; his mother also describes him as careless. Professor Oak also states that he is reckless and a bit stubborn.

What unique skill he has is that he has grown up with baby pokemon and hence has learnt how to harbor their energy and skills to a very high extent thus he is termed as a hatcher or breeder. 

He has some very positive traits apart from his obvious skills; he is very good with making smart and practical plans which he will immediately execute. Also, he may seem selfish but he is willing to go a long way to sacrifice for those whom he loves.

Ty Lee

This character is from the TV show series of ‘Avatar’ and belongs to the fire nation. She is very cheerful and vibrant and has attended the Royal Fire Academy for girls as her father was a nobleman.  What is interesting is that she and her six sisters share identical appearances. 

She, as a result of her sisters, did not feel like she had a unique identity and wanted to be seen in the crowd and have a distinct and recognizable identity. Hence she ran off to the Fire Nation Circus where she became an acrobat!

During her time there, she gained immense skills and this allowed her to gain the recognition she had always desired. She had brown hair and her fighting style was that of Chi Blocking however, she is said to have died only at the age of 16 years.

Natsu Dragneel.

With black eyes, pink hair and the mark of his guild on his right shoulder, this anime character belongs to the series of Fairy Tale. He belongs to the Fairy Tail Guild and is a part of the Natsu Team. He often gets into fights with other team members but is very caring and loyal to them especially people like Gray, Lucy and Erza.

This character is bold and will take part in risky behaviour when the times are tough and resources are little. He is smart and clever but energetic, jolly and childish with a touch of naivety. 

Major Alexander Louis Armstrong

One of those who is very concerned about his image – to be specific his body image – this major is always finding it hard to put a shirt one and enjoys making the entry. He perfectly represents the aesthetics trait of the ESFP personality because he likes to give a good show. 

He may seem somewhat scary and intimidating but he is actually very observant of his surroundings and has a caring heart. He can be a bit childish but can be clever too. He is artistic.

This character is in his 30s and is so strong that people wonder if he is a human; his special weapon is the steel gauntlet with an array and his bare fists.

All Might

He is the 8th holder of the One for All Quirk which was passed down to him by Nana Shimura; after receiving it, All Might passed it down to Izuku Midoriya. 

He is a very interesting character with a secretive past and even a secret love child. He puts on the mask for others that gives him the look of being very powerful, in great shape and an energetic fellow who is looking forward to life. This shows he is very concerned about his self image. However, he is broken and has been deeply injured because of which he is actually losing himself and his qualities.

He is a symbol of peace for his people and a hero which he is greatly proud of.


He is from the TV series of Princess Tutu and is enrolled at Gold Crown Academy where he is on probation. He seems to be in a trance where he believes he is supposed to be the young prince after whom all the girls are crazy about. He is so concerned with how he makes an impact on others that he has roses scattered around him. He, like other ESFPs, is concerned about how the world looks at him.

Minako Aino.

She is from the Sailor Moon manga where she is also known as Sailor Venus and she aspires to become a pop idol. She is another ESFP personality from the anime series. 


This article highlighted the famous anime characters that are classified as ESFPs. The article initially commented on the Myer Briggs Test and what an ESFP personality trait is. After that, it detailed the personalities and backgrounds of various anime characters.

Frequently Asked Questions: 7 ESFP Anime Characters.

Who should the ESFP marry?

Any well developed personality can enter into a good relationship but for the ESFP the ideal partner is the ISTJ or ISFJ.

Does Gold gamble in the pokemon series?

Gold is said to be fond of skateboarding and gambling.

Who are ESFPs attracted to?

ESFPs are attracted to individuals who are outspoken and will go after what they want.




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