How an INFP shows love

An INFP may not always be straightforward about showing their love to someone. They are inherently introverted people, who do not open up in front of just anybody. Public declarations, and parading their love around is not their thing. But it can get a little difficult for people, at times, to detect when an INFP is showing love. It comes from them always having a mysterious persona around the general public. So, how do we find out how an INFP shows love? We read the list given below, provided to all of you wonderful readers by yours truly. 

Yes, I am also an INFP, so I think I know what I’m talking about. Here we go:

They try to spend quality time with you. 

That’s right. An INFP will show love by making the time they’ll get to spend with you, special. It definitely doesn’t mean that they want to constantly be around you. In fact, it states quite the opposite. INFPs don’t force their presence on to people, because they don’t appreciate it when it is being done to them. 

What they actually do, however, is make sure that they time you have with them is memorable and incredible. They do spontaneous things that will make any amount of time with them exciting and fun. And that is how they do it. 

They express their feelings and emotions to you.

You know an INFP is comfortable around you if they begin to open up in front of you. It shows that they trust you, and deem you worthy of getting an inside scoop into their life. They show their love by letting someone into the deep and dark metaphorical cave that they are. They open up, express their emotions, and share with you details they’d never share with just anybody.

They use physical touch to show love. 

The love language for most INFPs is physical intimacy. This does not mean sex. An INFP will show their love for you by giving you some of the warmest hugs, cuddling with you, holding hands when the two of you are out and about, and making sure you’re comforted by their touch. They will also give you wonderful massages to help relieve your stress, press their hand against your cheek, run their fingers through your hair, and make you feel the warmth that often emanates from the core of an INFP.

They create art for you. 

INFPs are extremely creative people, who have a way with expressing their deepest of emotions through their art. They channel all their creativity and unique ideas into their work, and often leave people in awe with themselves. They have away with the written word, and can write the most beautifully narrated stories and poems alike. They can paint excellently, and their work is more often than not abstract, as it seems to encapsulate a part of their soul.

When they need to show their love, and they struggle with expressing their feelings to your face, they do so through their artwork. It is important to pay close attention to what they create in your presence, or after they’ve just met you. 

They bring you food. 

Yeah, INFPs tend to love their food. They have very specific types of foods they associate different emotions with. They have food they like to eat when they’re happy, food that they turn to when they feel stressed, and then there’s comfort food, of course. And when an INFP cares about you, they show you love by bringing you food. It is always catered to the needs of the specific person they’re bringing it for. 

They do not bring their own favourite food to other people, no. INFPs devote their time getting to know everything there is to know about a person when they decide to get close to someone. And they do that, so they can help make the lives of those they love, better, easier, and more comfortable. So, they find out about your general relationship with food, if you have any associations with specific types of food, etc. 

For example, when one of my best friends lost her father, I would bring her donuts from the place he always brought some home for her, because she once mentioned – while he was alive – just how easily her father helped fix her mood, every time she’d had a difficult day at school. To this day, she often mentions how surprised she was that I would remember something she once randomly mentioned in passing, and use that information to help her heal. 

They show you that you matter. 

INFPs may not always be the best at outwardly expressing their feelings, but they use their actions to display their love for the people they care about. They do things for them that other people usually wouldn’t even care to think about, they keep the promises they make, and they prioritize their people over other things that they care about. 

You may witness an INFP delaying their work to talk to a friend going through a break up, or give up their sleep because their partner “just missed them and wanted to chat”. They come through for their people, and that’s what makes INFPs some of the best people to be loved by.  

They keep in touch with you.

Another way for an INFP to show their love is by remaining in touch with you. They don’t always show up at your door, at the risk of seeming too clingy. But if an INFP cares for you, they will check up on you through texts, or send you memes and videos that they think you may like. It’s their way of remaining a part of your life, even when there aren’t many meet ups. 

They check in with your physical and especially emotional health. 

INFPs show concern about their people, it is their way of showing love. You may often have the INFP in your life, checking in every now and again, making sure you’re healthy and are not dealing with any major problems. Even though there are rarely any INFP medical experts, they are especially gifted with being natural counsellors. They give great advice, and are the best listeners, and the people who really know them, occasionally reach out to them for help. 

They notice and remember little things about you. 

INFPs are selectively observant. They may not have noticed any important landmarks near your house, despite having been there countless times, but they will notice that flicker of sadness that you thought you were efficient enough to hide. They remember the things you may not remember sharing, but they become engraved into their minds. 

They actively and intently listen to you.

It’s the truth that INFPs are some of the best people to talk to. When somebody opens up to them and shares something deep, an INFP ensures that there are no distractions keeping them from being available for them. They give you space to share your strangest and darkest of thoughts, and are always willing to lend an ear to the people they love. 

They always manage to find ways to make you smile. 

INFPs may not always feel good about themselves, but they are always up for the challenge of making people smile. They see it as their responsibility to make the lives of the people they care most about easier, and they do everything that is in their capacity to make it happen. Be it making lame jokes, to taking you to a theme park to let go of all your worries, an INFP knows just what their people need in order to be able to find their happiness again. 

They believe in your dreams and encourage you.

INFPs can be the best cheerleaders for the people they care about. They show their love by being supportive of the dreams of their people. They will always be seen encouraging people to live up to their potential. They always guide their loved ones in the right direction, because they pay attention, and know just what someone needs in order to be happier, or become more successful. They don’t let fear get in the way of people’s goals, because they know just what it means to let fear cripple them. So, they make sure that they stand between their fears and protect the dreams of the people important to them, from being infested with self-doubt.

It is their way of showing how much someone means to them.  

They open up to you. 

This one may be the last point, but it is also the most important one. INFPs do not allow everyone into their lives. They are highly intuitive, and keep a safe distance from most people. If they begin to trust you, however, INFPs recognize the potential that someone has of making a place in their heart, and so, they begin to reveal parts of their identity, one by one. Know that it is a way for the INFP to show their love, when they begin to feel safe enough to open up to you, and share with you the thoughts and feelings that very few people get to hear about.