5 INFJ Anime Characters (An Overview)

This article will discuss the personality traits of 5 anime characters who are identified as INFJs or Advocates. The article will also explain what is meant by the term INFJ and what traits, strengths and weaknesses they possess.

What Anime Characters Are INFJ Personalities?

Anime characters that are considered as INFJ or advocates personalities have been listed below:

  • Norman
  • Izuku
  • Naomi
  • Yuki
  • Mayuri

We will be looking at the above characters in detail. However, before we do that we will take a look at what the Myer Briggs Test and INFJ personality type are!

What Is The Myer Briggs Type Indicator?

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator is a self assessment psychological tool that assesses one’s personality to determine which of the following four functions they have, either introvert or extrovert, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling and judgment or perception. 

The test demands that individuals answer yes or no to a series of questions that seemingly measure your likes and dislikes and attitudes towards people or things. The result is that the test assigns you a unique personality type out of the 16 major types outlined by this psychological tool. Although it is not scientifically backed, it has gained much fame in today’s world and is used widely.

Now that we have an idea of the Myer Briggs test, we will take a look at the personality of INFJs so we can better understand which anime characters fall into this category!

What Is An Advocate Like?

The INFJ personality type, also known as the advocate, has an introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging function. Hence they like to focus on their values and beliefs while adopting a very imaginative and creative thought process that guides them in their life. 

What is unique about these individuals is that though they are so creative with their thoughts, they still adopt a practical and careful approach to life. They are indeed idealists and want to do the best they can but they are, at the same time, wise in what they choose to do.

Another unique thing about these individuals is that despite being of a certain nature, they can be very flexible and adaptable! They will understand the requirements of the surroundings and give in to those. So for example, the advocate is quiet and reserved by nature, however, if required they can speak up for themselves and others in a very passionate, confident and even convincing manner!

The special thing about the INFJ personality type is that they can form deep and meaningful relationships with others. They bond well with people and connect at a deep level which is appreciated and cherished by others as well! However, they still need time for themselves hence they will, from time to time, retreat into that cave of theirs. 

There are two types of INFJs, INFJ-T (Turbulent) and INFJ-A (Assertive).

At times, the advocate personality will be so focused on others and achieving their mission that they will forget about their own health and interests to the extent that they might experience a burnout! This will leave them with no energy to do anything at all!

The Strengths & Weaknesses of INFJ Personality Types!

Now that we have a general idea about advocates, it is important to know what strengths and weaknesses they have so we can know why a certain anime character is identified as an INFJ personality type! Let’s take a quick look!


Apart from being creative and coming up with so many ideas that they just love to experiment with through their imagination, the advocate is one who is principled. They know their limits and boundaries as well as what values and beliefs they must abide by.

What drives these individuals is the passion inside them. They have this energy that pushes them to good and work for the welfare of others. It is so strong that, as we said before, they often forget to take care of themselves hence they might miss out on sleep, meals or time for their own self!

An interesting thing about these individuals is that they are insightful hence they go beyond what the eyes see and try to understand things as well as people at a deeper level!


They are obviously prone to burnout if they don’t find a way to balance off their commitment to help others and their need to rest and have time for themselves! Furthermore, these individuals themselves are very reluctant when it comes to opening up. Why? It’s possibly because of their fear that they might face criticism. They are very sensitive to this because they have worked so hard and the last thing they want to face is criticism. 

They are the typical perfectionists who are looking for ways to improve things. They must be careful because if they are not then they won’t appreciate what they have!

INFJ Anime Characters.


He is from the manga series of The Promised Neverland and is an orphan who lives with his siblings – he is only 11 years old. He is waiting to become part of the perfect family who will keep him forever! However, things do not go as planned and now Norman must look out for his siblings.

His desire to protect others first is evident of his INFJ personality. Also, he is very insightful because of which he can come up with very good plans; they are not only good but practical and can be executed!

He is a student of the Grace Field House and is extremely smart and known for the strategic plans he comes up with! As soon as he realizes the truth behind the orphanage, he teams up with others but soon realizes he must sacrifice himself. He is not killed but transferred to a far away experimentation plant!

Norman is a young boy who has blondish white hair, blue eyes and thick eyebrows which are his defining feature!

Izuku Midoriya

He is from the My Hero Academia series where he is dedicated to bringing peace and prosperity to all; in the process he wants to become that hero everyone looks up to! He, like other INFJs, likes to take the time to carefully plan their next move but soon realizes that he needs to be way more efficient to make things work. 

He is very kind and wants to help others; he has vision which he works towards with all his might and strength! 

Unlike others, Izuku was born quirkless but still, he caught the attention of All Might. This was possible because of his heroism and innate sense of justice hence he became a student of the latter!


She is the clever detective from the manga series Death Note where she is portrayed as a character who is very insightful and feels strongly. It is this trait of hers which Light Yagami takes advantage of. Although she does not appear much in the series, she has a very significant role. 

Why she is a good detective is because of her intuitive nature about people and their true intentions. She is also intelligent and she uses this to guide her decision making skills and determining how something must have happened.

She has a tough past because her fiancee is killed and she wants to avenge his death hence she embarks on a unique investigation.


He is from the manga series Fruit Basket where he is a young and attractive man who has many admirers. However, inside he is quite broken and suffers from self esteem issues due to an abusive childhood and broken family. He is so popular that there is a fan club at school about him. Instead of making him feel any better, this only makes him feel more isolated.

What bothers him is his inferiority complex. He desires to have friends of his own and this is what Yuki envies about others; how easily they can socialize. This is one of the challenges the INFJ faces where he has issues of self esteem and fears criticism.


She is Mayura Shiina from Steins;Gate where she is portrayed as childish and quite innocent. She may seem aloof but she is actually very much aware of how people are because of her insightful nature; hence she can create detailed understandings of the people she meets.

She has the desire to maintain harmony and prevent any sort of conflict. She is much aware of Okabe’s state and can easily tell what another person truly intends. 


This article listed famous anime characters who are identified as INFJ personality types. The article not only provided a brief introduction to the concept of the Myer Briggs test but also the INFJ personality type. Also, the article provided an overview on 5 anime characters who are INFJs.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 INFJ Anime Characters.

Who Is An INFP?

An INFj is a personality type that is insightful, caring and sometimes overwhelmed by tasks.

Are INFJs manipulative?

INFJs are not manipulative! In fact they can be easily manipulated into doing work for others. 

Why are INFJs Reserved?

INFJs are considered quiet because they are! They tend to keep a distance because they do not want to face any sort of conflict or criticism.




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