INFJ T: The Turbulent Advocate(A Complete Guide)

This article will look at the INFJ T personality which is an interesting version of the INFJ personality type in the Myer Briggs personality inventory. The article will describe the INFJ T personality type and its major traits. It will also comment on the INFJ personality from which the INFJ T stems. The article will cite some strengths and weaknesses of the type under discussion as well.

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What Is The INFJ T Personality Type?

The INFJ T which is also known as the turbulent personality which is a version of the INFJ personality type however it is more aware and critical of itself and what is going on in the surroundings. Individuals with this personality type are more likely to notice the little problems in life and take action on them before they grow into bigger ones!

Turbulent personalities are more likely to compare themselves to others and may hence be under the pressure to do more and better – which they are! These individuals are hard to predict. Sometimes they are focused on scanning their environment to look for potential problems which is a good thing; however, if that is what they do then they are likely to stick to the negative sides of things and only look for problems. Also, they are always aiming to become better – they think they are not doing enough. However, this thought about themselves can demotivate them greatly to the extent they become unproductive.

However, turbulents are in the end INFJs and they are mostly motivated by the thought that they must work towards a better future for others and themselves hence they will not only work to point out problems but change things for the better.

Before we go on to take a more in depth look at the INFJ T personality, let us look at what exactly is an INFJ personality type.

What Is An Advocate Like?

The INFJ personality type, also known as the advocate, has an introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging function. Hence they like to focus on their values and beliefs while adopting a very imaginative and creative thought process that guides them in their life. 

What is unique about these individuals is that though they are so creative with their thoughts, they still adopt a practical and careful approach to life. They are indeed idealists and want to do the best they can but they are, at the same time, wise in what they choose to do.

Another unique thing about these individuals is that despite being of a certain nature, they can be very flexible and adaptable! They will understand the requirements of the surroundings and give in to those. So for example, the advocate is quiet and reserved by nature, however, if required they can speak up for themselves and others in a very passionate, confident and even convincing manner!

The special thing about the INFJ personality type is that they can form deep and meaningful relationships with others. They bond well with people and connect at a deep level which is appreciated and cherished by others as well! However, they still need time for themselves hence they will, from time to time, retreat into that cave of theirs. 

At times, the advocate personality will be so focused on others and achieving their mission that they will forget about their own health and interests to the extent that they might experience a burnout! This will leave them with no energy to do anything at all!

The Traits Of INFJ Ts – Turbulent Advocates

These characteristics can be found in Turbulent personalities:

  • Concerned About People But Focus On Parts Of Problems
  • Fueled By Worries & Concerns
  • Affected By Drama In Life More
  • Stress And Regrets More Common 
  • More Likely To Learn From Mistakes
  • They Need People 

Concerned About People But Focus On Parts Of Problems

Turbulents are very much concerned about people and want to do the most they can for them; they usually do this by attempting to focus on problems people face. They will try and understand where these problems are coming from and how to dismantle them from the root which is very important for long term impact. 

However, they can ignore other important factors in the environment like the person themself because all their focus is on the problems. Also, sometimes growing in new directions or looking towards the future is more important than the problems themselves. 

Fueled By Worries & Concerns

The turbulent personality type is fueled by their worries and concerns! They do not want to fail in achieving their vision nor do they want to let down others. This fear is what drives or motivates them and keeps them at work. They will put in a lot of effort and energy to avoid what they fear most. INFJs are all about being the advocates of others, the last thing they want to do is let them down.

Affected By Drama In Life More

Compared to other types, the turbulent INFJ is more affected by the drama or tensions they face in life. They are not only more sensitive to it but think about it more. They are more likely to perceive the issues they face and magnify them not to be dishonest or lie but that is how they generally are.

Other personality types are more likely to focus on the opportunities and way outs in a difficult situation. However, the turbulent INFJ will only be able to see the bad in the situation. It will keep going on and on in their head and they will not be able to ignore it so easily.

Think of a person who has just realized that their best friend was actually talking behind their back. They have other friends and have just saved themselves from continuing a bad relation they were not even aware of. There are so many goods to see in this situation like the fact that they found out who was their true enemy and how they could harm them. Also, this very same person has more friends to rely on. The person is an INFJ T; they are unable to stop thinking about the situation, they are fearful that more problems will erupt, they want to find out more about this so-called problem they are going through and they are not able to focus on other things. So instead of seeing the good and moving on, the turbulent INFJ will focus or stick to the problem which may slow down their progress.

Stress and Regrets More Common

These types of INFJs are more likely to remember the negative things in life and maybe it is because they are more emotional and always desire to do better and better. They may focus on past memories where they did not do so well when facing a present situation. Furthermore, they experience more stress as well because yes they think about the past.

More Likely To Learn From Mistakes

Unlike the other INFJ type, this type is more likely to learn from their past mistakes because they actually analyze problems and focus on them in order to do better. Other INFJ types may not learn as well as the turbulent one does; in fact they may not even notice problems that ever existed hence they will go on making the same mistake.

They Need People

As the turbulent INFJ is high on emotions, they are in need of others whom they can share their feelings with. It is not to say that the other INFJ type does not like people; they are more likely to say they want people which means they enjoy their presence and want to spend time with them. However the INFJ T personality type is one notch higher and hence they feel and think more deeply. They associate strongly with others and feel as if they need them in their life and not just want them.


This article looked at the turbulent type of the INFJ personality type. It generally discussed the turbulent personality type as well as the INFJ personality type by commenting on their traits. The article then looked at the INFJ T type and described its major characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions: INFJ T: The Turbulent Advocate

What is an INFJ type?

The INFJ personality type is one of the personality types identified by the MBTI and is strongly associated with other people; they work for others rights and are emotionally involved.

What is the difference between a type T and type A INFJ?

The type T is more emotional in the sense that they easily get stressed out or are more sensitive however the A type likes to focus on how exactly they can help others without emotionally involving themselves too much.

Are turbulent INFJs aggressive?

Turbulent INFJs are not aggressive; the word turbulent refers to their internal emotional side which may be a bit unstable at times or too sensitive.


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