5 ISFJ Anime Characters (A Comprehensive Read)

This article will discuss the personality traits of 5 anime characters who are identified as ISFJs or Defenders. The article will also explain what is meant by the term ISFJ and what traits, strengths and weaknesses they possess.

What Anime Characters Are ISFJ Personalities?

Anime characters that are considered as ISFJ or Defenders personalities have been listed below:

  • Luca 
  • Miroku
  • Father Orsi
  • Bakura
  • Sakonji

We will be looking at the above characters in detail. However, before we do that we will take a look at what the Myer Briggs Test and ISFJ personality type are!

What Is The Myer Briggs Type Indicator?

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator is a self assessment psychological tool that assesses one’s personality to determine which of the following four functions they have, either introvert or extrovert, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling and judgment or perception. 

The test demands that individuals answer yes or no to a series of questions that seemingly measure your likes and dislikes and attitudes towards people or things. The result is that the test assigns you a unique personality type out of the 16 major types outlined by this psychological tool. Although it is not scientifically backed, it has gained much fame in today’s world and is used widely.

Now that we have an idea of the Myer Briggs test, we will take a look at the personality of ISFJs so we can better understand which anime characters fall into this category!

Who Is A Defender?

Who Is An ISFJ Personality Type?

The ISFJ personality which has also been given the title of a defender is introverted, sensing, feeling and judging hence they are kind and warm hearted, like to pay attention to the small things and have mastered a number of skills so that they can function smoothly in society despite their nature. Also, they are efficient and responsible beings.

This personality type is very interesting because it has developed skills and qualities that go against its individual traits. For example, this personality type is an introvert but despite that they have very good people skills and can communicate efficiently. Also, they are sensitive hence they can experience their surroundings better as they focus on the outside world but they are very good analytical thinkers! Another important thing to note is that these individuals are receptive to change even though they are generally reserved in their nature. They are truly more than the sum of their parts; they are the whole!

These individuals like to make sure they get each and every detail correct hence they can be somewhat the perfectionists! Also, they are responsible even though they have the habit of procrastination and just at the last moment will snap themselves out of it.

However, the ISFJ personality type does not have the habit of showing off; they will do most of the work but they will end up without the credit as others will take it all! The defender needs to know when to say no and realize that they must take credit for their work so they can be given more opportunities to help the people!

The Strengths & Weaknesses Of ISFJ Characters.

As we will be studying anime characters who have this certain personality type, it is important to know what strengths and weaknesses they are likely to have.

What Are The Strengths Of ISFJ Characters?

What is unique about these individuals is that though they are imaginative and observative which basically means they have a lot going on in their minds, they are still able to take up practical steps. They can  plan well and practically and ensure they execute their plans.

The ISFJ type is reliable, supportive and patient. They know it takes time to get things done and they will also realize that people need support. The defender takes their responsibilities seriously hence they will ensure they can be counted on by others because they don’t want to disappoint anyone.

ISFJs can be passionate about what they do! The enthusiasm may also show and it will be apparent they are working on something they believe in and just love.

What Are The Weaknesses Of ISFJ Characters?

The ISFJ type can be too humble and shy to the extent that other people take credit for what they do! They don’t really speak up about what they do or have achieved until someone asks them about it. People who are selfish or greedy take the chance and fill in the gaps then!

Also, the defender’s personality is very altruistic to the extent that they will not say not to others and take on mounting heaps of burden! They will become very stressed out due to the workload they have which does not only belong to them but others to whom they have committed. They won’t end up not doing the work of others because they believe in being reliable and responsible but they will eventually crumble under the pressure. They need to learn when to say no!

Let’s look for these strengths and weaknesses in the anime characters we will be studying in the next section. 

The 5 Anime ISFJ Characters!


She is one of the characters from the Berserk series where she plays a main role in the lives of the protagonists of the series; she is a carer who looks over the girls in her line of work. She originally belongs to the land of Albion and is a compassionate woman. 

She is the ray of hope for many women who need her help; she runs a village brothel where she looks after many women who are poor, live alone and do not have the means to look after themselves.

Luca believes in protecting others and wants to ensure they are safe. She protects Casca for example who was totally lost and confused when she came across her. She is so compassionate that she can even forgive those who have betrayed her and a good example is that of Nina.

Although she seems to be within herself, she is a strong woman who has taken a stand for those around her.


He is from the series of Inuyasha where he travels as a hoshi with others including Kagome, Shippo, Sango and Inuyasha. His family carries a curse; his grandfather was cursed by Naraku about 5o years ago which created Kazaana. This traveled down all the male descendents including Miruko!

He is a very altruistic individual who wants to be able to help others in need especially women – attractive ones especially. However, he has the same attitude towards men too! He is very compassionate and responsible which is what defines his character. This is not what the demon Inuyasha wants however it is way better than being with an anxious person like Kagome; this is why Inuyash and Miruko do not clash as such.

Father Orsi.

This character from Black Clover series is a very compassionate priest in Hage and also the foster parent of Asta and Yuno. He dresses like the traditional priest who wears a long gown and cross necklace in his neck; he is a middle aged man with grey colored hair.

He has many skills as a magician but he prefers not to go into this field as he is concerned about the safety of his foster children. He is extremely committed to these boys and considers it a big responsibility and this reflects his ISFJ personality very well.


He is a tortured soul who is just looking for companionship! He is one of the anime characters who makes the list of ISFJ characters and has an interesting background story.

One of the interesting elements of this show is the pharaohs puzzle. Bakura’s desire to make friends pushes him to Yugi’s circle where he does meet new people but also finds out about this unique puzzle.

What viewers must know is that his body is host to two entities; one is Bakura himself and the other is a dark entity that suppresses his personality when he rises to the surface to take over and control the body.


Sakonji is the former Water Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. He is now a retired Demon Slayer who trains swordsmen like Tanjiro Kamado & Giyu Tomioka. Urokodaki is a major supporting character during the Final Selection Arc.

The defining characteristic of this character is that he, unlike other demon slayers, is his kindness towards people and the services in humanity’s interest. A great example of his kindness is in Nezuko!


This article listed famous anime characters who are identified as ISFJ personality types. The article not only provided a brief introduction to the concept of the Myer Briggs test but also the ISFJ personality type. Also, the article provided an overview on 5 anime characters who are ISFJs.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 ISFJ Anime Characters.

Who Is An ISFJ?

An ISFJ is a personality type that is kind, responsible and supporting.

Are ISFJs helpful?

ISFJs are very helpful! They actually have a hard time saying no and this is why they have a lot of workload on them!

Do ISFJs Make Good Leaders?

ISFJs are good people who care about others but they may not have the ability to gather people behind a goal like typical leaders do!




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