5 ISTP Anime Characters(An Overview)

This article will discuss the personality traits of 5 anime characters who are identified as ISTPs or Virtuosos. The article will also explain what is meant by the term ISTP and what traits, strengths and weaknesses they possess.

What Anime Characters Are ISTP Personalities?

Anime characters that are considered as ISTP or virtuoso personalities have been listed below:

  • Zoro
  • Shoto
  • Saitama
  • Shiki
  • Spike

We will be looking at the above characters in detail. However, before we do that we will take a look at what the Myer Briggs Test and ISTP personality type are!

What Is The Myer Briggs Type Indicator?

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator is a self assessment psychological tool that assesses one’s personality to determine which of the following four functions they have, either introvert or extrovert, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling and judgment or perception. 

The test demands that individuals answer yes or no to a series of questions that seemingly measure your likes and dislikes and attitudes towards people or things. The result is that the test assigns you a unique personality type out of the 16 major types outlined by this psychological tool. Although it is not scientifically backed, it has gained much fame in today’s world and is used widely.

Now that we have an idea of the Myer Briggs test, we will take a look at the personality of ISTPs so we can better understand which anime characters fall into this category!

Who Is A Virtuoso?

A virtuoso is a person with introverted, sensing, thinking and perceiving personality traits. They love to examine their environment closely in order to understand the patterns and relations in it. They are the observant type who uses all of their senses to understand stimuli in the surroundings; they love to watch people and things and get their hands into any mess they have access to. These people usually become engineers or mechanics and hence have the opportunity to use this trait of theirs frequently.

The virtuoso is comfortable sharing their space with others if it means they take an interest in the virtuoso’s work or projects. They will examine things by experimentation, trial and error or observation; they will like to share these experiences with others and don’t mind sharing their space.

These individuals are unique in that they are unpredictable; they can be calm but spontaneous, quiet but outspoken suddenly and curious but also find it hard to focus. So it is necessary to understand that their behavior can change from time to time. These individuals also seem very simple at first glance but they are indeed technical beings who like to study the intricacies of objects.

The virtuoso is not only impulsive but they act too soon without thinking things through properly. They will jump from one project to the other, take up too much time or space of someone else or decide too quickly on a matter and miss a good opportunity. They need to take things slow because often they deal with delicate or technical matters which require time!

ISTP Anime Characters


This character is from the manga series of One Piece and he is known for his impressive swordsman skills! He is part of Luffy’s crew and is very much focused on his physical strength; he is strong and fast and employs his skills with the sword very well. Like any ISTP, he is well versed in his area. 

He knows how to remain cool headed in critical situations and think rationally instead of panicking like most people do! This is another unique trait of ISTPs as they are good crisis managers!

Furthermore, Zoro is not much concerned with the future; he does not take too much time to plan things and would rather start working on what he has in mind. This greatly reflects his ISTP personality. He is also private despite his good skills and maintains some distance when he needs his alone time!

Zoro was not very much interested in joining the crew but when he did he became a good member of it by using his skills. He is not very emotional and can handle himself well when others are overwhelmed by their emotions.

Shoto Aizawa

This character is from the My Hero Academia manga series where he is one of the school teachers who has an interesting appearance; he has messy shoulder length hair, wears dark colored hair and has pale colored skin with a generally slender built.

As a teacher, he likes to focus on practical things rather than spending too much time on theory which is what is expected from most ISTPs! They can’t wait to get their hands into things. Hence, he prefers to focus on their training and practical work.

He is relaxed and casual and this is apparent by the fact that he is often seen taking a nap in class. Also, his demeanor is one that points to the same conclusion! Shoto is someone who is rational and likes to stick to the point. He likes to challenge his students mentally as well.


He is the typical ISTP because of how he behaves! He is laid back and causal and sometimes ends up making remarks or passing comments which seem insensitive to others.

Furthermore, he likes to focus on the now rather than the future. He is irritated by long discussions and it can be seen he gets restless in the series whenever he is stuck in one!

Shiki Ryougi

This is another anime character that is famous for her ISTP personality. She, like others, is not very expressive and does not focus too much on the element of human emotion; she is known to use Mikiya for guidance when it comes to moral issues.

Shiki is also very much focused on the now; when it comes to battles she likes to navigate through them with the flow and quickly loses interest if her opponent is not challenging enough!


From the series Cowboy Bebop, Spike is a laid back and seemingly lazy anime character who just likes to go with the flow! He is seen lounging around and is very sarcastic; he doesn’t mind saying what comes to his mind and may offend others! 

However, what is typical of him in the sense of the ISTP personality is that as soon as he sees something of his interest he jumps to his feet and gets ready to engage in the task!

He likes to be playful and somewhat vibrant when it comes to dealing with people and may even tease them. He is kind of unpredictable – like swallowing a poker chip.

The Strengths & Weaknesses of ISTP Anime.

The ISTP personality does have a number of strengths and weaknesses which we must study so that we understand why certain anime characters are identified as ISTPs or virtuosos!


The virtuoso is a vibrant person who has much energy and is spontaneous at times surprising those around him or her! They will take on tasks enthusiastically and at the same time spread the energy they have in themselves although at other times they will be quiet.

They have the best combination of coming up with creative ideas and applying them. The ISTP personality has a perceiving and sensing function which leads the virtuoso to imagine creative and unique ideas that they will love testing in reality! Hence they come up with unique and practical solutions as well as ideas that are possible to implement and interesting.

The good thing about virtuosos is that they are relaxed. Maybe it is the diverse set of traits they have that makes it possible to finally balance things out that allows them to be hard working but relaxing too. Furthermore they know how to prioritize. The spontaneity helps reduce the commitment on one task; they can step back and move on to another if required.


The virtuoso does have some weaknesses however. They are insensitive and may not understand when they say or do something that could hurt others. They get excited or too focused on something and in the process often end up ignoring others and their feelings or needs. This also makes them stubborn sometimes because they are so used to going with the flow that they don’t like to change how they do things or the direction they move in.

The ISTP personality does not like commitment either; they cannot spend too much time on one thing and want to move from one thing to the other and experience diversity!

The introvert function does kick in and these individuals are indeed private and reserved so don’t mistake their spontaneous behaviour for that of extroverts!


This article listed famous anime characters who are identified as ISTP personality types. The article not only provided a brief introduction to the concept of the Myer Briggs test but also the ISTP personality type. Also, the article provided an overview on anime characters who are ISTPs and highlighted their strengths and weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 ISTP Anime Characters.

Who Is An ISTP?

An ISTJ is a personality type that is creative but practical too. Also, they may be insensitive and like to focus on the logic of things.

Are ISTPs Reliable?

ISTJs are not reliable because they cannot focus too long on something and if they lose interest they will switch to another task or even another person!

Do ISTPs Make Good Managers?

ISTJs are not good managers because they are spontaneous at times and unpredictable. Hence they are not able to introduce the consistency that is required of managers.




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