How to help INFPs with depression?

This blog answers: How to help INFPs with depression? Do INFPs experience depression? Who are INFPs?What are the characteristics of INFPs?What is depression? What are the symptoms of depression? What are the treatment options for depression? How to help INFPs with depression? Some tips to help INFPswith depression are: While dealing with depression in an … Read more

What are INFPs known for?

Want to know what INFPs are known for? Then continue to scroll down and learn more about the INFP personality type.  Introverted feeling.  Beginning with their dominant cognitive function, INFPs are known for their ability to navigate the world internally. They feel emotions very deeply, but struggle with expression of their thoughts and feelings outwardly. … Read more

Things INFPs are good at

INFPs are interesting, oddballs who possess many a talents. Based on their personality type and characteristics, let’s take a look at some of the things that INFPs are good at. Understanding and reading people.  People who belong to the INFP personality type are known empaths. These people have the ability to sense what someone is … Read more

Was John Lennon an INFP?

To all the people interested in finding out if John Lennon was an INFP, I just want to give a disclaimer: John experienced some major trauma in his lifetime, especially during childhood. He had serious abandonment issues, which he would frantically try to avoid. There was an observed pattern of unstable interpersonal relationships which alternated … Read more