How to console an INFP?

Since INFPs, also known as the Mediators, are highly compassionate, empathetic and observant of other people and their feelings, a better question would be how do you empathise with an empath? It is true that when it comes to helping other people feel seen, and guiding them through different things they might be feeling, INFPs … Read more

How smart are INFPs?

Very.  I mean, wouldn’t it be fun if that was the whole article? It is true, though, if it’s a simple answer you’re looking for. A more complex answer would obviously require for us to get into an in-depth analysis of several factors, including “how would we define intelligence?” to be the first question that … Read more

INFP-T: Are they rare and does that even matter?

Although, it cannot be concluded with absolute certainty how rare the INFP-T personality type is – especially when it comes to the world population – it can be said with surety that the INFP-T personality type is more commonly observed than their counterpart, the INFP-A personality.  INFP personality type, in general, is observed to be … Read more

How an INFP shows love

An INFP may not always be straightforward about showing their love to someone. They are inherently introverted people, who do not open up in front of just anybody. Public declarations, and parading their love around is not their thing. But it can get a little difficult for people, at times, to detect when an INFP … Read more

When an INFP flirts

Truth be told, INFPs are not particularly good at flirting. Okay, scratch that. Most INFPs don’t know that they know how to flirt, so they appear to have no clue as to how to respond when someone asks them about their moves. “Moves? What moves? I just talk to people.” It is mostly true, actually, … Read more