Percy Jackson Personality Types(Top 7 Characters)

The following article will look at the personality types of famous characters from the Percy Jackson series by highlighting their main traits in light of the MBTI. It will also shine light on what the Myer Briggs test is and explain each personality type associated with the characters under discussion.

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The Personality Types In The Percy Jackson Movie Series.

  • Percy – ESFP
  • Annabeth INTJ
  • Jason – ISTJ
  • Piper – ENFP
  • Frank – ISFJ
  • Hazel – ENFJ
  • Leo – ISTP

Now that we know which character is what personality type, we will take a look at each character in detail along with their personality type’s explanation. However, we will first examine what the Myer Briggs test is!

What is the Myer Briggs Type Indicator?

Are you familiar with an INTJ or an ETSP? Do you have any idea what they mean or who they could possibly describe? These are not some secret codes but terms that are used to describe the personality types of people who have taken the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator is a self-report questionnaire based on Carl Jung’s theory that individuals experience the world using four psychological functions namely sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking with either one of these being the dominant factor. The personality test determines which of these functions best describes a person hence detailing their personality, strengths and attitudes; it assigns one of the 16 personality types (just like INTJ or ETSP) to the individual taking the test.

Now that we have developed an understanding of the MBTI, let us now look at why the Myer Briggs Type Indicator is totally meaningless!


The 10 Personality Types From Percy Jackson Movies!

Percy Jackson – ESFP

The consul is a personality type with the extroverted, sensing, feeling and perceiving function hence they enjoy taking part in their community and are people focused and like to pay attention to the details. Also, these individuals like to follow what they believe in and are quick to offer help and support to others.

These individuals are the ones who make sure things are good for everyone! They are also very much concerned about their social standing and are concerned with their image. These people are the ones that keep the party going and will like to keep their plans flexible.

Percy has many of the above traits. He is very dedicated to improving his fighting skills and he is also very curious to know who he truly is so that he can develop a strong identity in society. When he first comes to the ‘other world’ and sees people training he is very impressed and wants to take part immediately. Furthermore, he is open and approachable to others and likes to help out!

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Annabeth Chase – INTJ

INTJs or the architect are very calculated! They are introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging. They prefer to focus on things that are backed up by facts and will not pay much attention to theories people pose! They are careful and wise in the steps they take and believe in hard work. 

Although they like to act in a calculated manner, they are creative and innovative in whatever they do! These individuals are clever and quick as well as rational.

Although she is very close to Percy, she has a different personality. She is analytical and likes to study things closely before actually coming to a conclusion. Unlike Percy, she is quiet, reserved and careful when interacting with others while he may be a bit reckless. The lady is also very good at making plans that her team can act upon!

This personality type is hard working, innovative and independent as well but she can be over critical, arrogant and dismissive of emotions!

Jason – ISTJ

Logisticians are introverted, sensing, thinking and judging hence they have a rational and willful approach to life. They like to experiment with whatever comes across them and tend to be reserved.

These personality types are very much committed to what they do and will not back out until they are done with a task! They put in a lot of time and effort to complete whatever it is they have taken up!

Jason is smart and a good fighter because of his ability to think out things and plan them well while at the same time being able to use his sense to guide him in the battle field. He does not express himself emotionally too much and likes to have things planned well!

Piper – ENFP

Piper is an ENFP personality type that has extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving functions hence she is a campaigner who is vibrant, cares for others and wants to do good while looking at the bigger picture.

These individuals are very energetic and love to be sociable – however, it is the connections they make with others which makes things worth it! They are very intuitive hence they are able to create relationships at deep levels as they understand what motivates a person.

Piper is enthusiastic and passionate and wants to do that which makes her feel happy and complete. She is emotionally expressive and is quite insightful hence she can understand the needs of others. However, like other ENFPs, she has poor practical skills so she is not good at executing her plans!

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Frank – ISFJ

Frank is an ISFJ personality type which makes him introverted, sensing, feeling and judging hence he is friendly, responsible and pays attention to the details which others may seem to miss out!

The ISFJ personality type is generally one that is unique; they are quiet but have good people skills, they are sensitive but are good at analysis and though they are reserved they can adapt to new situations or ideas! They truly know how to get around in life.

Frank is another demigod who is the son of Mars and Emily Zhang. Frank is generally very emotional and this is evident by his anger tantrums. He is also very attached to his friends and can do anything for them. Furthermore, he is kind and friendly but can be self conscious!

Hazel – ENFJ

The ENFJ personality type is also known as the protagonist who is ever ready to help others. They like to lead from the front with an inner desire to achieve their goals with much energy! They have strong values and are charismatic too!

These individuals are natural born leaders who radiate positive energy, charisma and authenticity! They are very helpful and want to make sure others around them are safe and progressing in their lives. They can easily rally up people behind themselves to achieve a certain purpose!

Similarly, Hazel is empathetic and hence emphasizes her feeling function. She recognizes the needs of others and what they feel; she is also altruistic and has an inner desire to help those in need. Not to mention, the character is intuitive and can understand people beyond their physical appearance. She is also able to garner the support of people like a true leader by inspiring them.

Leo – ISTP

The ISTP personality type is also known as a virtuoso! These individuals have the introverted, sensing, thinking and perceiving function hence they come up with many ideas that they love to test out. These individuals tend to approach life with much curiosity and a thirst to learn more.

The ISTP personality type loves to experiment with what they have. They often learn through trial and error and enjoy taking out insights even from the mistakes they make! They desire that others also take an interest in what they do so as to learn as well! If you want to see more ISTP characters, take a look at 5 ISTP Anime Characters.

The virtuoso is also difficult to predict; sometimes they are friendly but may become quiet also they may seem very simple but in reality they are very technical individuals

Leo is the perfect example of an ISTP type because he is impulsive and can get bored easily. Also, he loves to experiment and has an energetic approach! Furthermore, his skills and creativity allow him to stand out like a true ISTP!


The article took a look at the major personality types of characters from the movie series of ‘Percy Jackson’ and highlighted their MBTI personality types all while commenting on their strengths and weaknesses and unique traits.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Percy Jackson Personality Types

Is Percy Jackson Good?

Percy Jackson is the good guy and the protagonist of the series who is keen on protecting himself and his loved ones from harm’s path!

Who does Percy like?

Percy is fond of Annabeth whom he meets after he discovers he is a demigod.

Is Percy the lightning thief?

Percy is not the lightning thief; Luke is the real lightning thief!