What is extraverted thinking?

In this blog we will explore what extraverted thinking is.  We will also briefly touch upon the characteristics of an extraverted thinker, the personality types that use this type of thinking, healthy and unhealthy kind of extraverted thinking, and also how it differs from introverted thinking.  What is extraverted thinking? Extraverted thinking also known as … Read more

Pewdiepie’s personality type (3 point guide)

The following article will shine light on Pewdiepie’s personality who is actually named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg by discussing his major personality traits, mbti type and strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, this read will apprise the audience about the psychological functions of the famous Swedish Youtuber as well!The article will also comment on the Myer Briggs … Read more

Percy Jackson Personality Types(Top 7 Characters)

The following article will look at the personality types of famous characters from the Percy Jackson series by highlighting their main traits in light of the MBTI. It will also shine light on what the Myer Briggs test is and explain each personality type associated with the characters under discussion. If you want to see … Read more