Pewdiepie’s personality type (3 point guide)

The following article will shine light on Pewdiepie’s personality who is actually named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg by discussing his major personality traits, mbti type and strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, this read will apprise the audience about the psychological functions of the famous Swedish Youtuber as well!The article will also comment on the Myer Briggs Test and what it is.

What Is The Personality Type Of Pewdiepie?

The personality type of Pewdiepie according to the Myer Briggs Type Indicator is the ISTJ type which is also called the Logistician. This personality type is very careful in their approach to life; they prefer to take logical steps and focus on evidence backed material rather than theory and opinions. They are generally introverts and like organization rather than too much flexibility or spontaneity in their lives.

When it comes to planning, these individuals like to make sure they are aware of everything that will or might happen so they can be prepared. They do not like ‘surprises’ or last moment things. They adopt a rational and willful outlook to life where they are careful in the steps they take. As they are introverts, they prefer to maintain a distance from others in the sense that they do not open up too easily or require some time and space to themselves and themselves only.

It is important to note that people who fall into this category are very committed to what system they are a part of; in this case, the ISTJ personality may be part of a home, community, organisation or department hence they will ensure they uphold these institutions by upholding relevant and significant norms and values as well as beliefs associated!

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Who Is Pewdiepie The Swedish Youtuber?

Pewdiepie is a Swedish Youtuber who is famous for introducing the now known trend of streaming one’s own experience of video gaming! He started out by streaming himself while he was playing scary games where he would keep his viewers entertained with his somewhat funny and sarcastic commentary! Hence, this genre of live streaming can actually be considered his ‘brainchild’. 

Pewdiepie is from Sweden and he was born on 24 of October 1989 and his real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg however he is popularly known online by the name of Pewdiepie! He currently has 108 million subscribers and a total whopping 26.9 billion views! The Youtuber is 31 years old and is married to Marzia Bisognin.

His Lets Play series is quite famous where he compiles his experiences while playing various types of video games and is much enjoyed by the online community. He has an interesting way of commenting on video games which people find humorous and entertaining!

The Strengths & Weaknesses Of Pewdiepie.

Now that we have a general idea of who this Swedish youtuber is and what his personality type is, we will now take a closer look at his character traits; we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of his personality type!


  • Responsible
  • Realistic
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Focused
  • Dutiful


Pewdiepie is a very responsible young man and this is evident by the fact that he prefers to wake up early in the morning and get his work done! The ISTJ personality type does not want to wait all day to get their chores done; they want to start with work early so they don’t face too much pressure or don’t get enough time to complete their tasks. These individuals like to work in a consistent and responsible way. This way, they manage their work and get it done timely!


Yes people who are Logisticians want to think in practical terms. They have the habit of setting realistic goals and objectives rather than aiming too high to reach. They do this by judging their situation and resources available at hand in a logical and practical manner. These people won’t be seen stressing too much over their work or the burdens they have on their shoulders. They know how much work to take on and when to say no!


The ISTJ personality type is reliable because they do not want to break promises or let others down. They understand the need to fulfill people’s expectations and it goes against their logic to not keep to their words. Hence, this personality type will put in all the effort to make sure they come through. Their other traits like being responsible and realistic help ensure they can be depended on. They only take as much work as they can get done!


Yes the ISTJ personality type is one you can trust but why? Even for themselves they do not want to be lied to or cheated. It is another thing that they can easily tell when they are being deceived. Hence, what they like for themself is what they like for others and they don’t want to lie to or cheat someone else.


Another strength of the logistician personality is that these individuals are able to concentrate on a single task and complete it properly. This is because they don’t like chaotic situations where they are juggling too many things at once. They want to get done with one thing then move on to the other.


Logisticians are dutiful which means they take their job seriously! They will do it in the best manner possible not because they have to do it but because they want to do it. Being part of a bigger system is what they appreciate and cherish; they take their duty seriously and ensure it is done properly.


He has some weaknesses such as:

  • Stubborn
  • Insensitive


Like ISTJs, Pewdiepie is stubborn and won’t be easily convinced. He prefers facts over theory or opinion and won’t really buy into what you are selling unless you provide hard facts or prove it!


No wonder Pewdiepie is pretty sarcastic or open in terms of his comments! Yes he has been pointed out for certain remarks he has made. It is not that he is mean but it is just that ISTJs like him do not realize the element of emotions like others. They are more focused on what is observed and keep facts in front of them rather than emotions or opinions.

The Psychological Functions of Pewdiepie.


Pewdiepie is definitely an introvert and there is no question about that. It’s obvious why he prefers talking to people through a camera and not in person. In one of his videos while talking about himself, the famous Youtuber clearly states that being around people is too much work! Also he prefers to work alone and stay inside. This is what defines introverts; they need alone time and usually they are more productive at these instances.


Pewdiepie definitely falls into this category because he is all about what he experiences; the video games he plays and how he feels or thinks about them shows he uses his function of sensing frequently. He is not the type to really reflect deeply on what is going rather he is just concerned with what is actually going on! These individuals are more of the type that like to experience their environment with their senses.


Pewdiepie is logical. He doesn’t like dramatic people and he can be sometimes critical; this shows he is more influenced by what seems to make sense rather than just emotions. He is the type who would give more weightage to a small fact compared to a number of people insisting something happened and that he should believe them because they would not lie. Hold it right there! You can’t emotionally blackmail Pewdiepie! He is a thinker and not a feeler!


The Swedish Youtuber is definitely someone who uses his judging function because he prefers routine and schedule to a more flexible and spontaneous routine where anything could happen. People with the ISTJ personality type are more into organization where they know what and when they have to do something. They like to plan and keep things simple!


This article looked at the personality type of Pewdiepie the famous Youtuber, outlined his personality traits including his strengths and weaknesses and shone light on his psychological functions. The article also gave a brief introduction to this Swedish Youtuber!

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Frequently Asked Questions: The Personality Type Of Pewdiepie.

What personality type is Felix Kjellberg?

Felix Kjellberg who is also known as Pewdiepie on his Youtube channel has the personality type of ISTJ.

What is Marzia Bisognin’s Personality type?

Marzia’s personality type is that of an INFP.

What is the INFP personality type?

The INFP personality type describes people who are less outgoing, creative, idealistic and driven by their values!


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