What is an INFP female? (5 characteristics)

This blog post aims to answer the question, “What is an INFP female?” and explore the various dimensions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality type named INFP that will help understand the answer. 

What is an INFP female?

An INFP female is a woman with the following 5 INFP personality characteristics –

  • INFP females appear distant and unemotional.
  • INFP females feel everything deeply.
  • INFP females can be awkward.
  • INFP females don’t follow conventional ideals.
  • INFP females are often misunderstood.

These 5 characteristics of an INFP female will be discussed in further detail below after taking a deeper look at what INFP means. 

Who is an INFP?

The INFP personality type was developed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers, the authors of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). INFP stands for Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Perceiving, which are four key personality qualities based on C.G. Jung’s work.

Each of the four letters of the INFP code represents a significant personality feature of the INFP personality type. 

INFPs are stimulated by alone time (Introverted), focus on ideas and concepts rather than facts and specifics (iNtuitive), base their decisions on feelings and values (Feeling), and like to be spontaneous and flexible rather than planned and structured (Perceiving).

Because of their empathetic idealism and gentle concern for others, the INFP personality type is often known as the “Healer.” The INFP is also known by the following nicknames:

  • The Thoughtful Idealist (MBTI)
  • The Mediator (16Personalities)

An INFP prefers an unstructured and free-spirited lifestyle. INFP is an introverted and ultra-creative Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality type. The INFP is sensitive, creative, and loyal to their values.

INFPs are creative idealists who are guided by their primary ideals and beliefs. A Healer who is preoccupied with possibilities; the actuality of the time is merely a fleeting concern. INFPs see the possibility of a brighter future and seek truth and purpose in their own unique way.

INFPs are sensitive, loving, and compassionate people who are highly concerned with their own and others’ personal progress. INFPs are individualistic and nonjudgmental, believing that each person must forge their own path. 

INFPs like spending time investigating their own ideas and ideals, and they gently encourage others to do the same. INFPs are creative and frequently artistic; they like discovering new ways to express themselves.   

INFP Personality Type Characteristics Are –

  • INFPs are introverts who are quiet and reserved. INFPs find that being in social situations depletes their energy, thus they prefer to connect with a small number of close pals. While they like being alone, this should not be mistaken for timidity. Rather, it simply implies that INFPs get energy from alone time. INFPs must, on the other hand, devote energy to social circumstances.
  • INFPs rely on intuition and are more concerned with the overall picture than the finer points of a situation. INFPs can be quite thorough about things that are important to them or tasks they are working on, yet they tend to overlook little or insignificant details.
  • INFPs value personal sentiments above everything else and their actions are affected more by these concerns than by objective data.
  • INFPs prefer to keep their choices open when it comes to making decisions. INFPs frequently put off making key judgments in case the circumstance changes. The majority of judgments are made based on personal ideals rather than reasoning.

What are these 5 characteristics of an INFP female?

INFP females appear distant and unemotional.

Female INFPs have a tendency to feel out of place.  They are very aware of how differently they think compared to many other people due to their social abilities and empathy, and they can be rather awkward at times.

Despite the fact that they feel everything intensely, female INFPs might appear distant and unemotional since they tend to keep their feelings to themselves.

INFP females feel everything deeply.

INFP women typically try to look self-assured, which might come out as defensive to others who don’t understand them. They simply do not want their sensitive areas to be exposed too much.

INFP girls are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and are generally intensely attached to the environment. They care about others and typically wish to help them in any way they can.

They have feelings that many others don’t comprehend, and they don’t do things in a superficial way. Because of the manner in which they communicate themselves, their compassion and warmth might sometimes go undetected.

Female INFPs do not always articulate their feelings in a way that others can fully comprehend. Their inner world is so rich that it doesn’t always transfer to the outside world.

This might be challenging for them at times, particularly when they are seeking to express themselves verbally. Taking the time to write down one’s feelings or ideas might be the most effective approach for an INFP girl to express herself.

INFP ladies require a lot of alone time to assimilate information, which might be misinterpreted by others. They require downtime to re-energize, and during this time, they frequently reflect on their loved ones.

They may not express their thoughts overtly, but being alone gives them time to digest their emotions. Many introverts struggle with this, especially when others interpret their desire for alone time as “mean.”

INFP females can be awkward.

Some people believe that because the female INFP is in touch with her emotions, she must be the epitome of femininity. While some INFPs are in touch with parts of their feminine side, this does not imply they aren’t uncomfortable at times.

INFP ladies frequently believe they are bad at flirting and will do things that look to be exceedingly uncomfortable. This aspect of oneself is typically viewed as lovable by those around them, but it may be off-putting to others.

INFP girls are clever and charming individuals, yet some aspects of their personalities drive them to react in unexpected ways. INFP ladies may appreciate a frilly side of themselves now and again, but they may also like being tomboys.

In many social circumstances, an INFP female may not know how to behave in expected ways, and may even react in ways that others may not understand.

INFP girls are not only uncomfortable with complying to what others anticipate, but they are also unable of doing so. They must be allowed to be themselves in order to be happy. INFPs are typically unconcerned with their discomfort, and will even embrace it.

INFP females don’t follow conventional ideals.

Despite the fact that INFP girls are aware of their emotions, they aren’t usually the most traditional people. They reject society’s definition of “feminine” and choose to follow their own set of values and norms.

INFP women have a strong sense of what is right and work hard to follow their instincts. They don’t want to do anything that may cause harm to innocent people, thus they will always endeavour to follow the route that they feel is correct.

They may make errors along the road, but they will remain true to themselves. INFP girls don’t always believe in taking the road that others expect them to take, which might be perplexing to some. They just know what they believe in and will not allow others to push them to compromise their values.

INFP women frequently reject the concept of what a woman “should be” and instead develop their own way of expressing themselves. Because of her independence, the INFP lady is frequently misinterpreted by others.

Female INFPs just need to meet partners who understand and love their distinctive personalities, as well as their strong inner principles and caring nature.

INFP women have their own methods of expressing their feminine side, but because of their propensity to remain to themselves, this may go unnoticed by others.

INFP females are often misunderstood.

INFP girls have incredibly rich inner imaginations, which drives them to daydream more frequently than other people. They may become lost in their own world, which may be seen as strange by people around them.

They have a lot going on in their heads at the same time, which makes them exciting to be around. INFP ladies may be amazing companions for those who are closest to them. They are exceedingly caring and supportive, as well as excellent listeners.

The INFP female’s sensitive side is sometimes misunderstood, leading to a perception of weakness. Their sensitivity is not a weakness, but rather a strength in many aspects.

They can readily connect with and comprehend people since they can relate to a wide range of concepts. They are sympathetic individuals who are capable of really feeling emotions.

People may take advantage of INFP ladies’ sensitivity and susceptibility, but INFP females are frequently skilled at sensing those people. They do get harmed from time to time, but they are far more powerful than they appear.

INFP ladies are comfortable with feeling pain in their lives and recognise that it is a necessary part of existence. INFP ladies recognise that they wouldn’t be able to fully experience joy if they weren’t in suffering. They are more often than not capable of finding beauty in the midst of misery.

Because they are distinct from the norm, INFP ladies are among the most misunderstood people. This makes it difficult for them to locate individuals who actually value them.

INFP ladies will cling to someone who accepts them for who they are once they find them. Because they do not form these relationships carelessly, they will offer everything they have to the ones they love.

INFP women do not believe in short-term relationships and prefer to devote their time and attention to something they feel will last. They may find themselves single for a long time or with only a few close pals.

This is just because the INFP lady is looking for people who will stay with them for a long time. They despise superficial connections and only seek real ones in their lives.

INFP women are often misunderstood, although their close friends and family members value them much. They have a whimsical demeanour that is frequently accompanied by a great sense of humour.

They like laughing a lot and are adept at dealing with life’s ups and downs. Although the INFP female appears to be delicate and flighty, she is actually powerful and menacing. It would be a huge error to overlook a lady who is INFP.

Conclusion – 

This blog post aimed to answer the question, “What is an INFP female?” and reviewed the features and functions of the introverted and extremely inventive Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality type named INFP to help determine what an INFP female is like. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have.


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