When an INFP likes you

So, you’ve met an INFP and now you’re wondering if they like you. I’m going to answer your question in detail too, but first, let us take a look at the kind of people INFPs end up liking and befriending.

INFPs value authenticity

Above everything else, INFPs are attracted towards people who aren’t afraid to reveal their true selves. Self-identity matters to INFPs, so when it comes to choosing people for their very small circle, they go for people who know who they are and are not afraid to show it. 

They prefer ‘real’ over ‘made up’ 

INFPs are suckers for genuine people. They would take a real, raw conversation over something fake and smooth any day. Like I said, authenticity matters to them, and so, they wish to be told the truth about a person’s identity before they let them in.

INFPs appreciate sensitivity

If you’re a person who is sensitive to the feelings and needs of other people, an INFP would definitely find you to be worthy. They don’t like insensitive people who go through life like they’re at war with everyone else.

Extremely loud people spook INFPs

INFPs are introverts. They do not like to be present at a lot of social gatherings. And when they do attend one, they prefer to be sitting in a corner, in their tiny bubble of bliss, eating something, observing people, reading a book, or even talking to someone they love. The last thing they want is to be around an excessively loud person who not only brings all the attention to themselves, but also forces an INFP into it too.

INFPs gravitate towards caring people

You know that INFPs are empaths. They care about other people’s needs and like to take care of them. They are naturally helpful and are attracted towards other people who show the same care to other human beings.

INFPs like deep conversations

It is true. What an INFP loves more than anything is to have someone they can indulge into deep conversations with. Someone who would entertain their never ending ‘what ifs’ and their imagination. Someone with whom they can discuss the meaning of life and its many mysteries. 

INFPs like to laugh

Yes, the INFPs love deep conversations. But an ideal person for an INFP is someone with whom they can laugh. They like light-hearted conversations, roleplaying, joking around, and just being their true, fun selves with the people they trust and keep close. 

INFPs appreciate kindness

Most importantly, INFPs are drawn to kind souls. People who stand up for the underdogs, try to make the world a better place, help others without having any ulterior motives, etc. Bullies and people who harm other people are heavily despised by INFPs. 

If you have a personality that matches three to four of the above given points, chances are, the INFP you’re thinking of while reading this, likes you. But how can you be sure, as INFPs are generally complex creatures, right? Here are some signs you can look for in order to find out if an INFP likes you.

They are giving you their time.

If you didn’t know this, now you do; INFPs value their personal, alone time above all else. But if they would spend their time with you, rather than being by themselves, or if they especially take time out of their day to be with and around you, it’s a very clear sign. Because they are introverted, and they reenergize by having their alone time. And if they like you, they will happily sacrifice that time for you, and get their energy by making efforts for you. 

They share their activities with you.

INFPs have a dominant Fi function. Which means that they experience their strong emotions internally. They do not like to share their inner feelings with just about anyone. So, if they are willing to share with you, say, their playlist, or want to show you a movie that moved them, or simple want you to be a part of any activity they would otherwise part take in, individually, know that you’re not just any other person.

Stepping out of their comfort zone.

INFPs dislike joining other people in their activities more than they do sharing their own ones with them. However, if you find an INFP especially taking time out to spend it with you, and engage in activities that you enjoy, they’re essentially stepping out of their comfort zone simply to be around you. That means a great deal to them, and they wouldn’t do it for just about anybody.

Socialize with you after a long day of being social.

Socializing generally drains an INFP. Originally, if they’ve had a long, hard day of being around other people and were forced to socialize, an INFP would absolutely need time off to sit around, read or watch a movie, and recharge. But if they like you, and you send them a text that you need them, they will gladly drop by and spend time with you. 

Be shy around you. 

INFPs are usually a quiet bunch, but they are not shy. They can hold intellectual conversations and are usually in control of their bodies and minds in social settings. However, if they’re around someone they like, they’re more likely to blurt out things they don’t mean to say out loud, overshare, become more of a klutz, be awkward, and get embarrassed very easily. So, if you know an INFP, and they often seem flustered when you’re around, there is a chance they might like you. 

Make eye contact or stare at you a lot. 

That’s right. They are shy around the people they like, but at the same time, they’re also not exactly in control of their bodies. Despite how much they want to appear not to care, INFPs are highly likely to stare at the people they like, to the extent that they will often end up making a lot of eye contact. 

This eye contact then suddenly turns into them pretending to focus on a different person in their general direction, or noticing something else that just happens to be in their vicinity. 

Be really talkative. 

This has more to do with the feeling flustered part. When an INFP likes you, they don’t always have control over their mouth and are often heard talking way more than they usually do. This is what causes the blurting out random things, rambling and even saying stupid words. No wonder they’re more often than not embarrassed around the people they like. 

Treat you indifferently. 

See, this is where things get tricky. But this happens usually when an INFP first meets you, and isn’t sure if you’re worthy of their attention. They try to treat the person they like the same way they would anybody else, because they are still in the process of getting to know who they are. 

They act all distant and mysterious, like they couldn’t care less about you being present at a gathering. But really, all their energy is being spent on them trying not to talk to you or continuously glance at you from the corner of their eye. 

And maybe this will help: even when an INFP is not giving off any obvious signs (even though this, to them, is a pretty clear sign they like you), if they keep on bringing you up in a conversation, or nonchalantly asking other people about you, well… you know. 

Try to get to know you. 

If an INFP like you, they will go out of their way to find ways to have a conversation with you. Once they realize they like someone, it becomes a mission for them to get to know everything there is to know about them. 

The best way for them to communicate with you is social media and/or through texts, but even if you’re present at a gathering, they would find a way to start a conversation. They will ask questions, bring up different scenarios to ask you how you’d react if they were to happen to you, and even engage in small talk, if that’s what it takes to have your attention. And INFPs hate small talk, so that’s really saying something. 

They would send you texts asking how you are, be caring towards you and will be more than willing to lend you an ear to help you with anything you may be struggling with.

INFPs are all about feelings, so they ultimately just wish to feel more connected to the people they like. And if they get a green light from them, they would eventually be more than happy to open up and allow you into the deep cave that is their personality.

They will notice the small things. 

INFP are very observant people. If they like you, they will notice every minute thing about you that others can easily oversee. For example, they might notice that you like to put ketchup in your burger and not on the side, and then they will do small things for you to let you know they noticed. They will remember your favourite colour, how you like your eggs, how you like to be treated when you’re sick etc. and just go the extra mile to make your life easier if they like you. 

So, there you have it. Some ways to know if an INFP likes you. 


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